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Super Smash Bros. for Nintendo 3DS Discussion (Nintendo 3DS) [game]
9.08/10 from 22 user ratings

Welcome to the official discussion thread for Super Smash Bros. for Nintendo 3DS on the 3DS!

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Nintendo's favorite fighter franchise makes its first foray into the handheld world. Here is the place to post your impressions and discuss your favorite modes, characters, strategies and anything else related to Sakurai's baby.

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Posted: 09/14/14, 01:35:08  - Edited by 
 on: 09/14/14, 02:34:16
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w00t for StreetSmash! Got all custom moves for Wii Fit Trainer thanks to the daily StreetPasses I get with this game! It's a slow burn, but it works!


I know, right? To be honest, I had no business winning that match. But I'll take it! I need all the wins I can get!
Posted: 05/05/16, 19:55:55
I reset my cart because I lent it to a friend once and my records on For Glory went downhill (yes, I used to care about that). Now I gotta unlock all the customs again because of that! It's a pity, since I used the 3ds version to copy fighters over to the Wii U so I wouldn't have to unlock moves there if I just wanted to play a specific custom fighter set. DK's third Up Special is so good.
Posted: 05/05/16, 23:06:44
I know everyone doesn't win ALL their matches online. But...man. Has anyone got OBLITERATED like this online before? I (Mewtwo) got absolutely destroyed by this random online (Ness). Made me feel like a complete noob.

Man, that PK Fire is so cheap.
Posted: 05/06/16, 02:58:17

Pretty sure you can smash-DI (repeatedly tap the analog stick away from the hitbox) out of PK Fire. You can also avoid PK Flash if you recover low, since Ness can't reach far with that move. He didn't use a single grab, which is odd for someone using Ness, the grab-to-win character himself, so you could have used shield more often (although noticing that on the spot is kinda difficult). There's a 20-30 frame window of time on the beginning of a dash when you can't activate your shield and that is why you got hit by PK Fire the first time, so only do a dash if you are sure you'll hit your move, because if you do it in mid range without a plan, you're getting punished for it. This applies to any move that will outrange yours, not only projectiles (but it's mostly projectiles).
Also, you use smashes on the neutral game (when both players have their ground and are looking for openings), but they aren't reads. You simply throw them around (maybe by accident, but I don't know). Anyone can avoid that if they just stay away. You got hit by PK Fire again on the second stock because he read your roll. Experienced players on for glory expect you to roll away from them and behind them once you reach a ledge. And still, you had time to shield that, but you chose to use a move that leaves you wide open and for no bigger reward at that percentage (Ness) than a couple of hits from tilts or aerials would give you. You died later because you chose the wrong move to punish Ness' PK Thunder 2. It didn't hit and gave him time to use his ridiculously strong baseball bat. A dash grab from you would've been wiser.

You did more work to make this defeat happen than he did to win this round. Besides f smash, he wouldn't let go of the B button.
But it's not like you played horribly as he did splendidly. You just made the wrong bets against a stranger, that is all.
Posted: 05/06/16, 06:57:35  - Edited by 
 on: 05/06/16, 07:00:52
Got this the other day thanks again to StreetSmash!


Yeah. My bigger (biggest?) mistake was misreading him jumping over me. I could have at least hit him ONCE if I just did a straight smash to the right. Oh well. Onwards and upwards!
Posted: 05/12/16, 02:05:24
Posted: 08/02/16, 04:24:46
Man, I think this game has become the #1 most StreetPass'd game I've ever owned. I think it's even overtaken Mario Kart 7! Not counting the actual StreetPass Plaza, that is.

How many StreetPasses do you guys typically get in this game?
Posted: 09/10/16, 14:59:56
I get a goodly amount of StreetPasses. Smash might be my most Streetpassy game. I wonder how the 3DS version sold compared to the Wii U version?

I've been rolling through Smash Run to unlock the remaining special moves. I feel like they made it significantly easier in some patch. It doesn't feel quite as maddening anymore.
Posted: 09/10/16, 15:42:08

Wikipedia said:
By the end of June 2016, the 3DS version had sold 8.23 million copies worldwide, while the Wii U version sold 4.90 million copies worldwide.

With both versions combined, they just narrowly beat out Super Smash Bros. Brawl which sold 13.10 million copies worldwide.
Posted: 09/10/16, 19:17:54
It's awesome that even two versions put up a good fight against the beastly Wii userbase.

I wonder how Mario Kart and NSMB fared against the Wii/DS juggernauts. (I'm not stealthily asking you to look it up, by the way.)
Posted: 09/10/16, 22:23:20
I'm still StreetPassing people with this game, and I'm glad! Got this unlocked last night! Boo-yah!

Posted: 11/18/16, 18:35:04

Not to step on your toes, but your posts reminded me that I 100%ed this puppy the other day! At least, all Challenge Board stuff cleared--I think I might still be missing a trophy or two.
Posted: 11/18/16, 18:49:31
@GameDadGrant I'm still disappointed how restricted the Custom Specials are in Smash 4 (on both systems). They really should be unlocked much faster, or even all available from the start. The other Equipment I could take or leave...
Posted: 11/18/16, 19:27:29
@nate38 Yeah, totes agree. It's a neat feature that goes underused, feels a bit of a waste.
Posted: 11/18/16, 20:31:43

Congrats to you! I've cleared almost everything...just gotta get the rest of the Custom Moves and some equipment. Guess I should put some more time into Smash Run!
Posted: 11/19/16, 13:51:26
Yeah, Smash Run seems to be the best way to get the last custom moves and equips. I highly recommend making a custom character for it with your best equipment, then getting the Spinning Blades power on them.
Posted: 11/19/16, 14:48:29
It's been an extremely slow burn, but I got all of Olimar's stuff unlocked yesterday:

I'll 100% this game. Eventually. Slowly but surely.
Posted: 04/12/17, 15:38:10
This match happened the other night. The only thought is...the other player must have been drunk while playing? It was pretty late at night.

Posted: 12/03/17, 19:39:32
@GameDadGrant It could have been the player's first time using the character. Zero Suit Samus is one of the trickier characters to use well, I know that I'm pretty awful with her and that's about how I do, hee hee.
Posted: 12/04/17, 01:14:25
The first portable Smash game is 4 years old today (in Japan). Still think the game looks fantastic on the tiny 3DS screen. Frankly I'm not crazy about Ultimate's more dramatic lighting and shadowing effects, as opposed to Smash 3DS (and Wii U's) more consistently colorful look. But I suppose it'll look a lot better in person.
Posted: 09/13/18, 23:30:36
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