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Are you buying a new 3DS or 3DS XL? [poll]
Yes, 3DS (6/39 votes)
Yes, 3DS XL (20/39 votes)
Yes, both (2/39 votes)
No (11/39 votes)
I'm pretty excited for it! I'm getting the small version and a few faceplates.

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Posted: 08/31/14, 04:08:40
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DrFinkelstein said:

Why the standard instead of the XL? (just curious)

XL is too big. I like my handhelds small.

It'll fit into my pockets easier, and the images on-screen are sharper, since the resolution isn't stretched out.

Plus, hey! Changeable faceplates! And different colored buttons...assuming that doesn't get changed when it hits NA, LOL.
Posted: 09/02/14, 00:43:35  - Edited by 
 on: 09/02/14, 00:44:04

It's ok. You guys will get these:

Posted: 09/02/14, 01:01:50

I honestly wonder if that's what they will do. But they went so far as to give the "LL" version color-coded letters on the buttons, which makes me think that they are planning on making games or features that have commands that correspond to certain colors, rather than letters or something.

Or maybe we'll just get purple buttons because, Nintendo of America.
Posted: 09/02/14, 03:52:08
I def want one now
Posted: 09/02/14, 07:12:30
Shadowlink said:

It's ok. You guys will get these:

Nooooooooo! I want the Super Famicom colorsssssss!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Posted: 09/02/14, 08:05:40
I'll get the XL. Probably two of them so my girlfriend can have one too.
Posted: 09/02/14, 14:45:45
Not right now, no...but I hope to. Probably just the regular, not the XL.
Posted: 09/02/14, 17:43:45
I'd love to get Amanda the smaller one but I'd like to buy a lot of things haha.
Posted: 09/02/14, 17:55:35
The smaller 3DS buttons are gorgeous. But sadly I don't think I can go back to gaming on a smaller screen. Besides, you spend more time looking at the screen than the buttons, at least I do.
Posted: 09/02/14, 18:31:15

Posted: 09/02/14, 18:36:42
Did I see something like "3.5-7 hours of battery life" on the small one? That seems like...quite a range?
Posted: 09/02/14, 19:10:27

Probably depends on several factors - if you're using the stereoscopic 3D or not, the screen brightness, Wi-Fi, if the game uses both screens, the volume of your audio, etc.

But yeah, that's quite a range. I suppose if you're traveling, turning off the Wi-Fi switch and not having the screen at FULL BLAST would make the system last longer, which would make for a good travel companion on a flight or something. Of course, even 3.5 hours would be more than enough, unless you're traveling across the entire WORLD or something, ha ha.
Posted: 09/02/14, 20:51:30
So the New XL will have better battery life than the small one or are they both in that range?

I'm mostly curious to see how well this improved 3D screen technology functions... it tracks your head using the camera and adjusts on the fly? Sounds pretty complicated but really impressive if it works under various lighting conditions and such.
Posted: 09/02/14, 22:31:41
Haha, I was thinking that your wife already has your next four presents picked out.

That said, I kind of want both, as well. Those faceplates and colored buttons look kind of awesome.

I hope that it gets more retail support than the DSi. At least enhancement stuff.

How could it work in the dark, even? Gyro?

I just hope that the tracking is fast enough to completely minimize the loss of the 3D effect in normal lighting conditions. Even that would make me pretty happy.
Posted: 09/05/14, 14:59:59  - Edited by 
 on: 09/05/14, 15:02:24
I define a new console as: if you can't play the games on the old console then its a new console. So the New 3DS is
practically a new console. Why is Nintendo releasing a new console only 3 years after it last one? It not as if the 3DS is
selling bad, hell, it one of the best selling consoles of all time (#Long live the 3DS).

@Pokefreak911: the Game Boy Colour didn't come out until years after the Game Boy.
Posted: 09/10/14, 02:20:02
If a game comes out that is exclusive to the new 3DS and I really want it, I'd buy one. Xenoblade is an amazing game, but playing it on a handheld doesn't appeal to me.
Posted: 09/10/14, 02:58:39
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