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Are you buying a new 3DS or 3DS XL? [poll]
Yes, 3DS (6/39 votes)
Yes, 3DS XL (20/39 votes)
Yes, both (2/39 votes)
No (11/39 votes)
I'm pretty excited for it! I'm getting the small version and a few faceplates.

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Posted: 08/31/14, 04:08:40
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I might, but right now I'm leaning towards no. Xenoblade is very tempting, but I don't do much handheld gaming outside of my apartment so it really doesn't server much of a point.
Posted: 08/31/14, 18:07:08
I'll probably get the non-XL version but I would like to see if the new XL can fit comfortably in my jeans pocket before deciding.
Posted: 08/31/14, 18:54:08
I can't see myself buying one anytime soon. I don't play my 3DS that much these days, so unless there's a game that I must have that only works on the new 3DS, I'll probably never buy one.
Posted: 08/31/14, 19:57:12
Showing my ugly face to participate in this poll & say that I intend to buy the XL one.
Upgrades on my favorite system are always most welcome.
Posted: 08/31/14, 23:42:14
Probably an XL because apparently my pockets are unnaturally large or something.
Posted: 09/01/14, 00:18:13

You should show up more often! How you been?
Posted: 09/01/14, 01:22:21
Getting both, probably the smaller one first.
Posted: 09/01/14, 02:15:15
I'm heavily leaning towards buying the New 3DS because of the hardware refinements and expanded library of games led by Xenoblade Chronicles. I'm a big fan of the handheld, so I don't think I'd stay behind as it evolves.
Posted: 09/01/14, 02:47:55  - Edited by 
 on: 09/01/14, 02:48:06
I'd love to get the 3DS XL at some point, it looks really nice and I am in need of a new 3DS anyways by now.
Posted: 09/01/14, 02:58:30
I've been waiting for a remodeled 3DS to come along, so yeah now I'll finally be able to pick one up, and I'll get the XL.
Posted: 09/01/14, 04:15:37
DrFinkelstein said:

You should show up more often! How you been?
-I should. I will. I've been through a long relationship & I'm currently in the moving process for the next 2 weeks. Otherwise, I've been great. Missed you guys.
Posted: 09/01/14, 05:55:52

Yah! We gotta TCG again!

Some goons might be getting into it now there's an.. (shudder) *iPad* version. We should start a league.
Posted: 09/01/14, 06:20:31

I wish I truly understood how to play and handle that damn game on iMac. I mean, I know I can... but like... how do you build decks? Is it all free or do you buy digital cards? Etc etc
Posted: 09/01/14, 06:26:36
I want to get into the Pokemon TCG, but also don't because I fear I would become obsessed.
Posted: 09/01/14, 06:38:47

All of the above I think

I haven't played in a while & I only just downloaded the new PC client. But from what little I dabbled in before, creating an account will net you a handful of starter decks & winning games against the AI challengers can net you some new cards with which you can customise your decks. All that is available for free along with PvP.

As I understand it though you can buy physical decks & boosters, which come with a code that you can use to unlock the cards in your online collection. I'm not sure if you can choose to buy online stuff only or not- I would think you could, but again I've only really dabbled in the free to play side of things. Davoid can probably elaborate more.
Posted: 09/01/14, 06:43:24
TriforceBun said:
I probably would if I didn't have an XL, but I really like my XL and the benefits aren't quite enough for me to upgrade.

This exactly.
Posted: 09/01/14, 18:12:19
I can't vote until I see a price. If I like the deal, I'd get the XL.

Twould be hard to justify ANOTHER 3DS (I could pass off my old one to the boy in 5 years...)
Posted: 09/01/14, 18:37:55
Will be buying the smaller of the two for sure. Day one, most likely.
Posted: 09/01/14, 23:29:37

Why the standard instead of the XL? (just curious)
Posted: 09/01/14, 23:46:56
I want to get the XL version to play Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate, that is if the system is even out in America before the game's release...
Posted: 09/01/14, 23:49:49
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