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Azure Striker Gunvolt Discussion (Nintendo 3DS) [game]
8.13/10 from 6 user ratings

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Anyone give this a shot yet? I've played for about an hour and a half, and I've cleared five stages. I think I'm just under halfway through the game.

And it's good! It feels a lot like Mega Man Zero/ZX in movement, with a few exceptions: Gunvolt's dash is continuous and, while he can wall-kick, he doesn't slide down walls slowly, making wall scaling a bit treacherous.

The tag-and-zap attacking style feels pretty fresh, too. Tag up to three enemies with the buster, then hold out an electrical field that saps away their health (and reduces Gunvolt's falling speed when in the air). This also plays into the game's combo/points system, which also has a risk/reward dynamic where you can keep building a combo throughout each stage, but you have to bank the points at a checkpoint (or by using a super attack) before you get hit or you'll lose them all.

Other thoughts:

- Stages are very linear and selected from a menu. Can't say I miss the open worlds from Mega Man Zero and ZX at all.
- The sprites are fairly detailed while also being somewhat small. It can be a bit tough discern characters and objects when the game is moving quick.
- The story is sort of thin, yet still feels overwrought somehow. And the tone of the game is kind of hard to pin down, but it's definitely not the cheerful fun of Mega Man.
- It's also got a bit of customization, with EXP-based HP upgrades and equippable gear to craft that tweaks Gunvolt's movement.
- Difficulty seems pretty forgiving so far, other than one stage where I was underwater for some time and I think that was slowly draining my health? I didn't quite figure that out.
- Bosses are pretty good so far, they each have a unique feel to their attacks and patterns.

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Posted: 08/30/14, 06:26:00  - Edited by 
 on: 08/30/14, 06:45:58
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Guillaume said:

Awesoooome. Kind of surprised that only a handful of us here played the first game. It really scratched that Mega Man itch for me, with its own cool twist.
Posted: 02/28/15, 17:43:20
IntiCreates is updating the first game for New 3DS, allowing to cycle weapons with ZR/ZL, shortening load times, and adding a boss rush mode.
Posted: 03/02/15, 21:00:58
@Guillaume Wow, unexpected. Not that I'll get a New 3DS, and the final stages are already sort of a boss rush. But I certainly didn't expect any updates at this point, so that's cool that they're doing anything at all.
Posted: 03/02/15, 21:09:26
Wonder if that update comes with a European release date.
Posted: 03/02/15, 22:03:12
@r_hjort European ratings have been obtained. Release should be soon.

Also, the game has reached over 100k total sales, which I guess is good?
Posted: 03/16/15, 20:20:38
Hey! Thanks for the heads up! Should be interesting to finally try this out.
Posted: 03/16/15, 21:04:02
All this new news is awesome! I'll definitely get the sequel, and I'll download the update for the N3DS as soon as I can.
Posted: 03/17/15, 15:20:14
Perfect excuse to revisit the game!!
Posted: 03/17/15, 23:37:23
Steam port coming next week with new features.

-- Adjustable dual-screen layouts (even though they could probably drop the bottom screen entirely and be fine).
-- "Speedrun mode" where you can save/load at any point. Seems kinda cheesy to me, but okay.
-- The Japanese 3DS version had mid-level dialogue, cut from our eShop release. These have been localized for the Steam release.
-- Steam trading cards and wallpapers obviously. Microtransactions!
-- Monthly updates promised, including online speedrun rankings, Extra Hard mode, Endless Attack mode, and more.

Probably not enough to make me double dip (at least not until the game goes 75% off in a year or two), but I'm glad Inti Creates is getting this game to more people. I do hope this isn't holding up the sequel or Bloodstained, though.

Mighty Gunvolt also free to those who buy ASG within the first month, same deal as on 3DS.
Posted: 08/21/15, 18:01:59  - Edited by 
 on: 08/21/15, 18:03:23
@nate38 That is only for the first month the game is available on a platform, right? Like I can't do that now on 3DS?
Posted: 08/22/15, 22:16:12
@Zero Correct. Honestly, you're not missing out on much. I found Mighty Gunvolt to be really bland. You should pick up ASG anyway, it's great!
Posted: 08/22/15, 22:40:56
Yeah, Mighty Gunvolt is fairly "by the numbers" and isn't nearly as good as the NES games it's trying to mimic. Which actually makes it the perfect freebie, IMO. Not sure I'd pay money for it, tbh. Especially when they gave away "extra" games like this before, like Mega Man a (ancient) as an unlockable in Mega Man ZX Advent.

Azure Striker Gunvolt is a blast, though. Definitely worth buying. Very much looking forward to the sequel.
Posted: 08/22/15, 23:12:41
Despite saying earlier that they probably wouldn't, Inti Creates is going to go back and add the mid-mission dialogue (with Japanese voiceover work) to the 3DS version of the game, not just the Steam version.

Not that I really care about this feature -- I'm not confident that the extra dialogue is worthwhile, judging from the rest of the story -- but it's seriously cool to see Inti Creates repeatedly coming back to add little things to the 3DS version of the game, like the New 3DS update in March. I won't hold my breath, but it would be great to see more of the Steam version's features hit the handheld.
Posted: 09/02/15, 16:21:52  - Edited by 
 on: 09/02/15, 16:23:52
That's awesome! What a class act.
Posted: 09/02/15, 22:29:08
Finished the game. Was pretty fun. Not really Mega Man X level but a decent game that was clearly inspired by X.

That ending though. Are there multiple endings or was that it?
Posted: 09/25/15, 07:57:30

I heard that if you play really well there's an ending that locates your iPhone?

(Sorry Zero, couldn't help myself)
Posted: 09/25/15, 08:56:38
@Zero You have to collect a gem in each of the six main stages plus Sinners Row. A jewel icon should show up on the stage select when you've collected the gem there. Get all seven and you'll get an equipment item. Equip it and play the final stage to get the second ending / final boss.
Posted: 09/25/15, 16:41:00
Hmm, maybe I'll go check a FAQ for locations, no interest in running all over the place looking.
Posted: 09/25/15, 20:07:09
I heard this game makes phones go missing. NO THANKS.
Posted: 09/25/15, 21:55:50

What? Is this game even on phones? Am I not getting some sort of joke?
Posted: 09/26/15, 05:30:37  - Edited by 
 on: 09/26/15, 05:30:55
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