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Ogre Battle 64: Person of Lordly Caliber Discussion (Nintendo 64) [game]
9.02/10 from 9 user ratings

Welcome to the official discussion thread for Ogre Battle 64: Person of Lordly Caliber on the N64!

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Ogre Battle 64 is a game that I must confess isn't a game that's very easy to explain so you'll have to bear with me.

Published by Atlus in North America and developed by Quest (Quest was later bought out by Square Enix who is responsible for the Wii Virtual Console release,) Ogre Battle 64 is a sequel to the first game in the Ogre Battle Series, which has a thread on here already so I don't have to explain basic gameplay because I can just copy/paste the description used to describe Ogre Battle: March of the Black Queen on SNES so we're going to do that.

Mr_Mustache said:

A brief overview of Ogre Battle. It is a Strategy RPG where you control an army of characters. Within this army is groups, formed by you, consisting of 5 (or less) characters. Large characters count as 2. The game consists of your stereotypical Fantasy classes; knights, wizards, dragons, wyms, griffons, fairies, golems, etc. They gain experience points, and levels, and can change class at a certain point. The battles are automated, but depending on where you set them up in their group, they perform a certain attack, a certain number of times. You'll encounter enemy groups on each map similar to your army, and whoever deals the most damage wins the battle. The loser is bounced back, but will return until they are obliterated.

Now with that in mind those who are interested should probably listen to the episode of Radio Free Nintendo where they spend about 80 minutes having James Jones give his slightly spoilery discussion of the game.

You can also go here for more in depth descriptions of various mechanics.

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Posted: 08/30/14, 05:09:06  - Edited by 
 on: 08/30/14, 06:10:07
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I love this game. As much as I loved the SNES game, this one not only blows that one out of the water, but vaporizes/evaporates everything around it with its hot hot heat.
Posted: 08/30/14, 06:30:29
I'm actually a bit annoyed because, well I just got Ainkseth and he comes with his full unit that he used while helping you in the last mission but another character, Liedel also has a little group for when you face her as a scene-end boss but her group just runs for the hills no matter what.
Posted: 08/30/14, 06:40:30  - Edited by 
 on: 08/30/14, 06:41:48
Why annoyed? The allure of the games, FOR ME, was always making it MY army. I usually kept some groups together for a bit, but as I aged I got way more into group chemistry. You can probably find good places for all of those characters mentioned. I'd tell you what I did with'em, but I can't recall if they'd be spoilerish.
Posted: 08/30/14, 06:47:40
True story: this is the only Nintendo 64 game on my backlog.
Posted: 08/30/14, 07:26:21
I like how there's an item for slowing down time, because clearly ogre battle is well known for it's fast paced action (sarcasm)

Also having a unit with two fully grown dragons in the back row is hilarious because everything ends up either dead or paralyzed/power-debuffed
Posted: 09/01/14, 04:07:43  - Edited by 
 on: 09/01/14, 04:10:03

EC it! The moment YOU'RE ready is the moment we roll. I'M excited, yes, but I can't run another club to only play through alone..


I like the 3x3 grid. Really seemed to change things!
Posted: 09/01/14, 09:14:42
Cockratices make me want to strangle a kitten.

My favorite one now is I'm just about to reach the enemy fort and two freya's show up, one of which is that one unit the game pulls almost every chapter now with two of them.

So good old freddy got dragged out of the home base with two his two golem friends to go deal with pain in the neck stuff like that.
Posted: 09/07/14, 06:10:32

I like the rock, paper, scissor elements of Ogre Battle, though not as evident as a game like Fire Emblem. Being a little bit older and a little bit wiser, I think my next trek through this game will be even sweeter. Freyas, theres gotta be a weakness for them. Vicious black magic? Trying to remember what the Valkyries in Ogre Battle were weak to.

I'm gonna have to find a suitable walkthrough for when we do the Epic Center run. I liked the way the guys did our Ogre Battle and Secret of Mana pages, but I just found out that the Ogre Battle site has evaporated, and the Secret of Mana guy didn't cover any N64 games. Bummer.
Posted: 09/10/14, 12:43:44
I'm getting stonewalled pretty early on in this game. I'm only a handful of missions in, yet I'm getting smoked no matter what I do.

Any tips/tricks? Might have to go to GameFaqs soon...this is getting frustrating.
Posted: 09/15/14, 17:32:05
We can't really tell you what you're doing wrong if we don't know what you're doing.
Posted: 09/16/14, 21:00:01

Whats the problem? Do your groups suck? Did you wipe everyone and start fresh?

I can DEFINITELY help you if you tell me what you're doing, like pokepal suggested.

If you're making your own groups, know that Amazons don't work well with guys (seriously), and it brings the whole group down. See "Yoko Ono and The Beatles." You should pair similarly ranked characters together in terms of Alignment. Dark Characters should be with other Darktype Characters. Beastmen work well with Dogs. Dragoner type things work well with Dragons.

When Liberating a town, you'll want to send a group who has a similar group alignment. I don't remember EXACTLY, but I think it town Morale is "High," you'll want to send a group with VERY good characters. I generally use Magnus and Co. to Liberate cities. Think of it as..how excited people get when the President comes to town, or something. Be that guy. If the Morale is LOW though, I think they want to see Wizards waltz into town flanked by a bunch of creepies. If it says "Captured," you missed it, one way or the other. That doesn't really hurt you town to town, but it affects your game end bottom line.

If that's not what you're talking about at all, whats the problem? Are you losing towns? You should secure a perimeter of sorts, and leave some guys behind. Generally, enemy units will travel the roads, but flying units will go there directly. Your units will only spot them if they're close enough, so if you have mountains bisecting a map, or something, theres a good chance you're going to miss someone flying right up the middle. OH, and try to have your units hang out / travel the type of terrain they work best on. I always enjoyed "Beastman w/ 2 Hellhounds in the Mountains." WATCH OUT, ENEMIES.

So yeah, get specific, brother! I want to help -- I NEED TO HELP.

I've got the fever now. I think I'm putting my full backing and support behind Ogre Battle 64 for a December - January Epic Center campaign.
Posted: 09/18/14, 07:31:30

Yes you can! Figure it out!

I keed, I keed


Thanks dood!

Okay, so....here's the situation. I'm on Scene 6 - "The Revolutionary Army." The enemy has attacked ALL of our strongholds in one unified strike, and now I have to track down some guy named "Fredrick" and bring down this army by taking their leader. Problem is, their army is EVERYWHERE. For the previous 5 missions, I split my team fairly evenly and had some teams just capture towns, and the others attacking foes as they head toward the goal. It worked out fine.

But this mission? Scene 6? Nope. Enemies come from both the North and South at the same time, and they curb-stomp me at nearly every battle. It's like I'm hilariously under-powered somehow, despite not having a single issue with any other mission up to this point. And my old-guy tactician person is all "oh don't worry, the enemy won't really come at you until you cross the river" or some junk like that, but that's a BALD-FACED LIE. They close in on me as soon as I leave my home base.

Maybe my units aren't diversified enough, or something. Or maybe I need to do some pairing as Rob mentioned before - dogs with beastmasters and such like that. I dunno. I gotta change something up, because man. The game was at a nice, even pace up until now. But I hit a brick wall, and I can't seem to get past.
Posted: 09/18/14, 18:23:31  - Edited by 
 on: 09/21/14, 17:32:53
You may be able to promote some of your Soldiers/Amazons.

positioning is a big thing I find... hmm..

What exactly do you have for units anyway... I assume you have leia's unit which is basically
x x x
V x V

amazon=A, Valkyrie=V Leia=L

and my immediate suggestion would be to move Leia to the front because she's way better at stabbing things then she is at throwing lightning at them.

the beast unit you mentioned should look, probably something like this.
S x S
x x x
Bt x H

S=soldier Bt= beast tamer H= hell hound

and have you set all of your units to attack leader? Because that's generally wise.

Also go for promotions ASAP, and probably don't have more then two sets of soldiers per unit (preferably only one)
Posted: 09/19/14, 08:01:04  - Edited by 
 on: 09/19/14, 08:03:48

Based on what you just told me, I'd create a perimeter around your home base and let them come to you, or if they aren't coming until you get to a certain point (ie: the river), I'd send a High Sky / Low Sky unit out there to taunt them, and then retreat. Get them in an awesome pincer attack (I like to think of it as a pocket on a pair of jeans!) so they can't fully retreat. I think that was a lot of the issues people were having in Ogre Battle, guys losing their leader and heading back to base to recoup. Eliminate them on their first turn, and dust 'em.

--Yeah, pokefreak is going even more basic than I was. Are you checking for guys upgrading after each mission? About what level are your guys? I think in that game, Lv10 or Lv8 (or Lv6?) is an important one where you get extreme diversity. Something I liked doing way back when, and it isn't TOTALLY suggested unless you're sure about what you're doing, but every once in a while I'd drop ALL of my guys back to Fighters and then RE-promote them. The deal is, some guys would start on one path, and then lose their way and get stuck going the wrong direction. Liiike, a Knight who has fallen in ALI, or a Wizard who goes the other direction. I remember almost crapping my pants when I "discovered" NINJAS in Ogre Battle. I'd always upgrade my guys at Lv4 or Lv5 to a Wizard or Knight or something, so I'd rarely see a FIGHTER at Lv7 or 8. Rad. See whatcha got!

And yeah, definitely get specialized units. It doesn't need to be super-involved.

--ALSO know that you can RECRUIT at towns. Each character type can recruit different types of characters. I can't remember offhand what the options are, but look around and experiment. I've always been attracted to the..freedom? of the Ogre Battle series. You can really "make it your own." In my last run I had one of everything employed in a group, but YOU don't need to play that way. If you want tons of Wizards, get tons of Wizards. Just remember that certain types of units are weak/strong against others, so having a diversified portfolio is important in that sense.

Yeah, I think we need to play this in December..


I like:

I'm assuming that's Front on Top and Back on the Bottom, right? Those 6 Smashes from the Hellhound really add up!

And that "Attack Leader," my last run through on Ogre Battle I got REALLY active throughout the fights. Start out attacking a certain guy, and I'd know when a certain attack was coming from my team (ie: Wizard was going to attack), and based on how the fight was going, I'd shift my attack to favor the Wizard, and especially so if its a Mage. I think 64 works a little different though?
Posted: 09/21/14, 07:45:44
@Mr_Mustache no I went front on the bottom.
Posted: 09/21/14, 08:30:30
Thanks for the tips fellas. Weekend got busier than expected, but I'm going to try out these new tips soon enough. I'll let you know how it turns out!
Posted: 09/21/14, 17:33:23

Ah, alright.

--Doesn't a Beast Tamer do 2 attacks from the Back, which is what he does in the Front? I can't remember, but yeah, definitely have the dogs in front of the guy. If they dropped it to 1 attack from the back for 64, I might have him on the middle row.

(Right now, Ricky Steamboat has stripped Ric Flair down to his undies and socks. Hilarious. Clash of the Champions V, check it out!!)
Posted: 09/23/14, 00:39:06
MAN. I've been getting excited thinking about this again. We're running it in December in the EC, if you guys never finished or need to start over or something. I love class changes so much I can't even put it into words.

--My last post in this thread was on my birthday? How would you like to spend your birthday? If you said "watching Ricky Steamboat strip Ric Flair down to his undies and socks," then we apparently did the same thing. What the heck, didn't I even get to go out to dinner? How sad..

Anywho, I was singing some music in my brain last night, but I'm pretty sure it was from the SNES Ogre Battle. Toss in the fact that the Mrs_ admitted to me yesterday that she liked Ogre Battle more than she let on, and I'm SUPER-STOKED for Ogre Battle 64. I want to name EVERYONE in my army this time around. I tried making a He-Man themed bad guy team before, with Skeletor (a Skeleton!), Evil Lyn (a witch!), Beastman (a beastmaster)!, and someone else. It ended up being a lot cooler on paper, unfortunately. Can't win 'em all!

I did so awesome filling out my Pokedex-equivalent in Ogre Battle 64, that I'm so ready (as a much smarter "adult" than the last time I played this game as a dumb 20-something) to do the same thing here. I'm going to have dastardly max'd out Dragons unleashing HELL upon everyone.
Posted: 09/03/15, 01:10:15
Ogre Battle 64 is now on Wii U Virtual Console. Heck yes.
Posted: 02/16/17, 18:39:02

Yep. Now I have no excuse not to play it.
Posted: 02/16/17, 18:54:01
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