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Kirby's Dream Course Discussion (Nintendo SNES) [game]
8.61/10 from 21 user ratings

Welcome to the official discussion thread for Kirby's Dream Course on the SNES!

To start, please add this game to your log, add it to your collection (if applicable), and (when you are ready) rate it using the link above!

Just got all silvers on the first 8 courses! Totally forgot that it opens up 8 more remixed courses gahhhhh will never be done with this game! And don't even talk about golds, oh man.

Anyone else love this game? Who wants a sequel?! MAKE IT HAPPEN NINTENDO!

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Posted: 08/17/14, 04:52:34  - Edited by 
 on: 08/17/14, 04:56:04
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I'm soooooo bad at this game. Any tips?
Posted: 08/17/14, 05:10:01
Stop sucking.

Jk. Hmm, tips. One thing I'd say is unless you really learn how to judge the distance of ground shots, it's easier to be accurate in most cases with a jump shot, since it basically shows you exactly where a full power shot will go and you can use spins and such to get a full power shot to go most anywhere. Of course this demands being pretty consistent when actually executing the shot.

I'd also say learn the intricacies of each power up, because most holes are built around the power ups. The tornado, for instance, is tough to control but a beast on some holes when you get it down. Pretty much almost every hole is possible in 1 or 2 shots if you use the power ups well.
Posted: 08/17/14, 20:29:02
HERE COME THE TIPS! (Psst: watch the Demo Play videos for the basics. They're pretty helpful.)

General tips

Use the Y button to scroll around the course and plan your approach. Many holes (I'd say about half) have a pretty clear hole-in-one path if you look around. So plan ahead! The execution is often the tougher part once you know how the game works, but that'll come with practice.

Use the L and R buttons to aim in the eight cardinal/ordinal directions. Many courses have all of their objects aligned along these directions, so make sure to stay cleanly along these lines when appropriate.

Plan ahead and use the cardinals to stay perfectly on the grid path!

If your shots need some extra oomph, press the A button to bounce harder when impacting a surface (landing a jump, hitting a barrier, etc.).

Ground shot tips
With most enemies and objects on the ground, you might assume ground shots are your best course of action. And sometimes, you'd even be right!

Line and shot-strength guides on flat ground
A 1/4 meter Ground shot will move Kirby about 4 squares.
A 1/2 meter Ground shot will move Kirby about 12 squares.
A 3/4 meter Ground shot will move Kirby about 20 squares.
A full meter Ground shot will move Kirby about 29 squares.
(a "square" is the side-length of one square on the grid, i.e. the diagonal directions. It is NOT the length from one corner of a square to the opposite corner, i.e. up/down/left/right.)
- - - - - -
Want to stop at the end of the Ground shot's short guide? That's just over 1/4 the shot meter.
Press down on the D-pad to bring up the long guide. The end of the long guide is just under 1/2 the shot meter.

Ground shot spin is tricky, and should be used sparingly. The guide doesn't give you a very good look at how the shot will go, and if uninterrupted, Kirby will basically just travel in a tightening circle until he stops. The spin is canceled if Kirby goes airborne or hits a directional pad, and in fact those are often the few times it is appropriate to use the Ground spin shot.

Fly shot tips
You may be tempted to stick to the ground when that's where most of the objects in the game are, but Fly shots are surprisingly versatile! And they have some unexpected advantages over Ground shots, too.

The Fly shot guide is very dependable! A full-strength shot will follow the guide exactly, and it gives you a good look at where your first two bounces will go. A half-strength shot will land exactly half-way to the landing spot in the shot guide (or at the spot where the shot guide is at its highest point). Quarter-strength will land 1/4th of the way along, and so on...

Check the shadow on the ground to get some reference on the Fly shot's trajectory through the air. This can be helpful when the colors and moving dots can get a bit messy.

Full strength lands at the arrow, half-strength lands where the Fly guide is at its highest point (look up from the Gordo)

When lining up your Fly shots, use the B button to play with Topspin, Backspin, and Sidespin. These are incredibly useful for playing around with speed and direction.

Going for the cup? Try a Fly shot! Unlike Ground shots, Fly shots have a pretty constant speed no matter the strength of the shot: even a full-strength Fly shot will never skip over the cup once it's rolling.

How strong should that Ground shot be? Who knows. That Fly shot? That's easy: full-strength!

Fly shot distance can easily be extended! If it seems like you're going to be short of your intended target, just hit the A button each time Kirby lands to increase your distance several squares.

Copy Ability tips

Use Stone to land in a cup! Jump over the cup, then hit the B button when your shadow is directly overhead!

Tornado is tough to handle, but extremely useful! Left and Right will make Kirby swing in each direction from his perspective, e.g. if Kirby is rolling towards the screen (down), pressing right will make him curve left, and pressing left will make him curve right. Think of it like an old-school top-down racer, a la RC Pro Am.

Hi-Jump is great for reaching higher platforms, hitting high objects, or just getting more distance at the end of your shot.

UFO's speed is dependent on Kirby's speed when he activates the ability. It can be tough to handle at high speeds, but every(?) course where you have UFO available can be cleared in one shot with the ability. If you need to travel VERY far with it, try landing a full-topspin jump and then immediately activating it: Kirby will be floating just off the ground, but can still hit enemies and will be going extremely fast. ALSO, make sure to be traveling in one of the diagonal directions when using UFO: it's easier to control when Kirby is traveling along the lines of the course.
Posted: 08/17/14, 20:30:01  - Edited by 
 on: 10/11/17, 05:17:37
That's what I said! Plus a bunch more.

I kind of disagree with using spin on the ground sparingly though. Sure, it's tough for noobs to handle, but get some mastery over it and it becomes a powerful tool for nabbing a bunch of not all in a clean line stuff in one shot. I wish this game saved replays, I made a SICK ground spin shot yesterday where I nabbed two guys and then went right in the hole.
Posted: 08/17/14, 20:39:26
@Zero Interesting...I never really got comfortable with Ground spins.

And the game is so versatile, I didn't even need to!

Oh, and if you're playing on Wii U...
Posted: 08/17/14, 20:43:33  - Edited by 
 on: 08/17/14, 21:36:18
Case Study
Off-Path, Two Targets, One Shot

So here's a pretty common scenario:

Two targets. The second one will become the Cup after the first one is hit. And obviously you can't get them with a straight ground shot. So how?

Well, there's a barrier nearby, so how about a bank shot?
It's close, but that's gonna go a bit wide.

Okay, how about a Ground spin?
Well, that Shot Guide clearly shows that a full-strength shot will hit both, but the second Squishy is going to turn into the Cup...a full-strength shot would skip right over the Cup. We could keep playing with other curves and shot strengths, but there's no Shot Guide that will give a clear answer. Unless you have @Zero's signature proficiency at giving Kirby the perfect English, it's probably best to consider other options.

All right, let's play around with the Fly Shot Guide...
Hey, that looks promising! A full-strength shot will land directly on the far Squishy, and it will bounce very close to the near one...but it looks like the first bounce might just miss the Cup*, and the second will bounce right over it. I could add some extra distance to the first bounce by hitting A when Kirby lands on the far Squishy, but that will probably bounce him over the near Squishy/Cup...
*I tried this out and it worked, Kirby hit the edge of the Cup and clinked in. Still, I wasn't perfectly confident about it.

Well...what if we try landing on the near Squishy and bouncing to the far one?
Hey now...at that trajectory, we can see from the shadow on the ground that Kirby's bounces will travel just about perfectly along the grid after landing (and you can play around with this to make it better by inching Kirby's heading left or right). The trick is getting him to land on the near Squishy. And to do that looks like a half-strength jump. This is the shot I went with. And it worked!

It can take some practice to get the timing right with the spin meter AND the strength meter. It might help to sync up with the sound cues, or you can just try to eyeball it. Either way, you'll get more comfortable with practice. And once you do, a lot of possibilities with the Fly Shot open up to you.
Posted: 08/17/14, 21:16:24  - Edited by 
 on: 10/11/17, 03:34:40
I didn't even think about restore points. Could totally cheat that way. But really, why cheat? I'm mostly playing against myself anyway.
Posted: 08/18/14, 02:29:56
Whoa, those're some seriously in-depth posts there, fellows. Guess I'll have to give this one another shot sometime!
Posted: 08/18/14, 03:29:41
@TriforceBun Yeah Zero really went overboard, huh? I mean yeah it's a great game but c'mon guy, settle down...

@Zero I already got my all-Golds legit on the Wii VC, the Restore Points were really just to prove to myself that a perfect Course 1 was within my abilities (if I cheated). Apparently every hole in the game can be a Hole-In-One, but I haven't watched the videos and can't figure a lot of them out.

Mostly just saying Restore Points are a good way to experiment with a tricky scenario in like a Hole 6 with less of a penalty.
Posted: 08/18/14, 04:29:23  - Edited by 
 on: 08/18/14, 04:40:30
Yeah U was actually thinking it'd be nice to practice on later holes so that is one legitimate use of restore points.
Posted: 08/18/14, 05:58:33
@Zero Yeah, and with that practice you can get all the gold medals! Chase your dreams, Zero. Chase your Dream Course dreams.

And now you've got me playing the game again. But eight regular courses and eight remixed courses just isn't enough. Where's the sequel, Nintendo? Where's the fan-hacks, fans?
Posted: 08/19/14, 06:48:18
This magnificent game is available on Club Nintendo for 200 coins until November 16. Go grab it! It's not like there's anything else worth playing right now.
Posted: 10/13/14, 22:36:42
Oh man free(-ish) Kirby's Dream Course? You would all be idiots NOT to do it.
Posted: 10/13/14, 23:11:33
This game came with the SNES I bought in college and I couldn't get into it. I'll give it another try.
Posted: 10/14/14, 01:57:01
There has been a Kirby mega-sale in Europe so I picked this up for a bargain. First time playing and I dog it a lot note.
I have just been hacking my way through the courses, the occasional hole in one but normally scraping through (is Kirby tired or depressed? Poor guy, I'm really killing him.)
I can see what I need to be doing but yeah, mastering the power-ups is tricky when there's no practice mode. D-pad right is Kirby's right, D-pad right is Kirby's right - repeat repeat repeat.

But yeah, waaay fun. I'll use those tips, thanks.
Posted: 05/11/15, 17:10:39  - Edited by 
 on: 05/12/15, 17:05:05
@Super_Conzo Yeeees...more love for the Dream Course!

I've been thinking about picking the game back up again with some new weird challenges for myself. They were a lot of fun in the RGC.
Posted: 05/12/15, 16:09:17
Yeah, I'm a mile away from that kind of behaviour.

Super satisfying last night when I guided Umbrella Kirby into the hole for the first time. Just plopped him right in there for a hole in one.
Silvered Course 1
Still stuck on Course 5

Game is great.
Posted: 05/12/15, 17:10:47
@Super_Conzo A mile's not that far! Especially if you're already getting Silvers.
Posted: 05/12/15, 18:44:27
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