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Bit Bash: Chicago's Indie Game Festival - Saturday Sep. 6th - WHO IS IN?
So you may or may not have known this, but Chicago is getting its own indie game festival. This makes me excited. It's also no big surprise to me because it is being run by people who hang out at the same things I do, but it's sort of a surprise in the sense that all I knew was *something* was going on. And some of my friends will be DJing there.

Where: Threadless HQ, 1260 W MADISON ST
When: Saturday Sep. 6th, 2pm to midnight (after 7 pm = live music, beer, etc.)
Price: FREE (though $10 donation requested)


35+ Games:

So who is going to go? Dapper Dave? Anand? Brandon? Um... other people?!

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Posted: 08/07/14, 08:43:14  - Edited by 
 on: 08/07/14, 08:42:52
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Man, I've been sick for DAYS.

About... twenty-five?
Posted: 09/05/14, 18:52:25
This sounds like the kind of thing you might want to get checked out.
Posted: 09/05/14, 19:20:09
Eh, it's petering out, I think. While mutating. Two other family members had something similar.

I usually never get sick, but little kids are like ebola monkeys.
Posted: 09/05/14, 20:16:18  - Edited by 
 on: 09/05/14, 20:17:56
Well, if you feel better I'll probably be there all day, hanging out until 8 and then doing my voluteer shifts for the rest of the night. Brandon too if he is around.
Posted: 09/05/14, 21:18:47
It's happening! Actually we're still setting up. And by we I mean mostly other people.
Posted: 09/06/14, 21:02:49
BTW this thing was pretty AWESOME. It went like well past expectations... I think something like 1,500-2,000? people showed up (at various times throughout the day.) Tons of fun games too. Was kind of working most of the time so I didn't get to play as many games as I would have liked, but in addition to the usual Samurai Gunn, Nidhogg, etc. I got to try out an in development version of Crawl, which is a pretty awesome game where 4 players crawl through a dungeon but only one is "good" at any given time and the other three have to try to kill them. If you manage to do so, you become the new "good" player and yada yada I'll probably do a Bit Bash write-up tomorrow and explain this game better but it's a pretty awesome game.

The only thing that let me down about Bit Bash is that the crowd actually petered out earlier than I expected. I really thought the free entry / free beer and such would make this a huge night-time activity, but I think we actually maxed out around like 4-5 PM or so. I feel bad for a friend of mine who DJed at 11 because I texted him around 7 when the crowd was still pretty huge to tell him he was going to have a nice size crowd, but by 11 there were probably less than 100 people left and half of them were outside (some games were set up outside, including a big theater-sized screen / projector thingy) while the other half were busy playing games so there were like... not many people actively watching him DJ. Ah well, you DJ a video game party you have to know you won't be the center of attention.

Anyway, yeah, will write more tomorrow. I'm thinking of this as a headline: "Bit Bash Chicago ruled, Anand drooled".
Posted: 09/07/14, 09:26:04
Dang, sorry for missing this. Sounds like it went really well. Work has been pretty brutal these last couple days, and making it into the city just wasn't in the cards for me. Super bummer. This was a really cool local event I should have carved out time for.
Posted: 09/07/14, 19:18:27
Only from my nose.

Sounds like it was fun. I've always wanted to try Samurai Gunn and Nidhogg. Actually, the event seemed pretty focused on local multiplayer games, in general. A new indie trend??
Posted: 09/09/14, 18:12:26
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