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Shovel Knight: Which system are you getting it for? [poll]
Wii U (20/25 votes)
3DS (5/25 votes)
Wii U or 3DS? I'm still undecided.

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Posted: 06/26/14, 22:44:17
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I have the same issue!

I was going to grab it on Steam, but I like the second screen "quick change" that Nintendo offers.
But Nintendo offers that on BOTH of its systems. EEP.

I'm leaning toward 3DS since I'm going away this weekend and it can accompany me, but there's also something about big, chunky HD pixels...
I don't knowwwwwww.
Posted: 06/26/14, 23:05:37
I helped kickstart it and got it on Wii U. If I like it enough, I'll double-dip.
Posted: 06/26/14, 23:06:55
Wii U. If the game's really good I might get it for 3DS too, provided I can afford it.
Posted: 06/26/14, 23:08:07
No Steam option? It seems like a good candidate to be in a Humble Bundle down the road.
Posted: 06/26/14, 23:09:10
Big chunky pixels for me. Like an NES game on steroids.

Also +1 for music blasting through speakers.
Posted: 06/26/14, 23:16:39
It was a hard decision, but I picked the Wii U version months ago.
Posted: 06/26/14, 23:17:24
No "not" option?

If I get it, it will be for Steam dirt cheap most likely. Otherwise, not. Just not that interested in throw-back games like this. Don't get me wrong, pixel art > the 3D models of NSMB and such, but I would love to see it look like this instead:

We have the technology!
Posted: 06/26/14, 23:26:54
I didn't pay for my Wii U copy. I've been loving playing on the big screen and listening to the music on good speakers, though.

And I still might get the 3DS version, to support the developer and because having a portable version could be cool. I don't know if I'll go through with it, just gonna wait to see if I finish this second run through the game first.
Posted: 06/26/14, 23:39:37
@-JKR- The technology, sure, but hand-drawn animation of a superior quality is very, very expensive and time-intensive!

I got it for Steam, but if I didn't get it there I would've got it on my 3DS.
Posted: 06/26/14, 23:51:32
I'll post here what I posted in the main game thread about differences between the two.

DrFinkelstein said:
Destructoid said:
On 3DS, the 3D isn't overstated, and provides a pretty nice effect. It's certainly not required, nor does it feel like the primary platform, but in a few levels in particular it makes the obstacles a bit more pronounced. It looks relatively the same as the other versions, and plays great either with the circle pad or the d-pad. It also has a StreetPass arena mode for asynchronous multiplayer, which is great if you have a local friend who you can enjoy the game with.

Both the Wii U and the 3DS version have support for quick item switching, by way of tapping the GamePad and the lower screen respectively. Think Mega Man X -- where you can instantly switch items by tapping the icon (projectiles and defensive abilities) on the fly. You can still pause the game in any version and select them from a menu, but the tap method feels a lot more natural. The Wii U specifically supports Remote Play and a small amount of Miiverse posting. You can also use a Pro Controller, Wiimote, or Classic Controller instead of the GamePad.

I really have no complaints about the PC version, although you're missing out on all of the other features above. The real benefit is convenience, as you can load it up on any machine that has access to Steam, as well as use any controller you want. To switch items you'll have to pause the game and select them, but it's not a major hassle. In general the PC edition is really responsive and runs great.

- Source

So really for me it's whether or not Battle Mode is cool because that Street Pass Multiplayer feature sounds like something I'd use when hanging with GameDadGrant or any of you other people in the future...
Posted: 06/27/14, 00:02:05
@Jargon I didn't know it was out for steam too.

From your responses, I think I'll go with the Wii U version.
Posted: 06/27/14, 00:35:32
I probably won't get it. I'm actively trying to discourage Indie Gaming on Wii U. NOT REALLY, UGH.
Posted: 06/27/14, 00:50:46

But if I had to slum it, I'd go with Wii U.
Posted: 06/27/14, 01:21:54
I picked it up on the 3DS.
Posted: 06/27/14, 01:36:58
I kickstarted it and chose 3DS as my platform. It's awslum.

I'll probably get it on Wii U some day, I wouldn't mind being able to play it on handheld and console, the way I can play stuff like Guacamelee and Luftrausers on both both the Vita and PS3.
Posted: 06/27/14, 02:25:29
3DS because the look is super-slick and has 3D.

Also, +1 for blasting the music through headphones!
Posted: 06/27/14, 02:35:15

You can blast music through headphones on the Wii U
Posted: 06/27/14, 02:48:12

You're not even a real king!


What? How?!?
Posted: 06/27/14, 02:58:41
@GameDadGrant I assume he means through the gamepad.
Posted: 06/27/14, 03:07:59

Yeah, the 8-bit style is a good way to go about making an indie game on a smaller budget, and it has a charm of its own... considering how much inspiration the game takes from classic NES games like Mega Man, Duck Tales, Castlevania, it really works well here too. I like it.

I wouldn't mind seeing Yacht Club go more ambitious with their next title though. With a little luck, Shovel Knight will hopefully be a hit and bring in revenue, and they can always launch another Kickstarter to help the rest of the way. I'm all for Super Shovel Knight and Shovel Knight 64!
Posted: 06/27/14, 03:20:05
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