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E3: Rate the Nintendo Conference [poll]
10 (10/54 votes)
9 (23/54 votes)
8 (16/54 votes)
7 (5/54 votes)
6 (0/54 votes)
5 (0/54 votes)
4 (0/54 votes)
3 (0/54 votes)
2 (0/54 votes)
1 (0/54 votes)
I'd personally give it a 7. It showed some cool games, especially Zelda and Mario Maker, plus some new stuff for Smash, but nothing really blew me away. Plus, no F-Zero, Star Fox, Metroid, or mention of DS on the Wii U was disappointing. Plus, no "YOU CAN DOWNLOAD THIS RIGHT NOW OR THIS WEEK" surprises. I love those and we didn't get any.

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Posted: 06/10/14, 19:50:46
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@CPA Wei

To see this game resurface as a Wii U exclusive is a bit surprising. Hopefully it gets showcased on one of the upcoming streams.

I also want to see more Splatoon gameplay. That game looks fantastic.
Posted: 06/10/14, 21:01:04
One thing to consider is that the game was being developed for the 360 & PS3 (as well as PC), which are consoles that have set sail a while ago. I assume bringing it to Wii U is just a lot faster and easier than re-doing a lot of stuff for the One and PS4 while updating the assets so that it doesn't look outdated on the PC.
Posted: 06/10/14, 21:06:13
For the first time in many E3s, it was better than I expected.
Posted: 06/10/14, 21:11:12
9. A new Metroid reveal would have given it a 10. But everything they showed just made me pretty happy. The only game that didn't really perk my interest was the Pokemon game since I'm just not into Pokemon.
Posted: 06/10/14, 21:11:49
Am I the only one who was fooled by the Pokemon live action stuff into thinking they were revealing a Wii U Pokemon?
Posted: 06/10/14, 21:13:35
Did anybody catch on the Bayonetta 2 boxart that the original game may be there as a bonus or am I tripping?
Posted: 06/10/14, 21:18:43
I think they made it quite explicit that the original is included!
Posted: 06/10/14, 21:20:35
No. I was a few seconds behind someone when I was IM-ing them and as soon as they said POKEMON I saw the live action stuff and said WII U CONFIRMED?! Then I ate crow.
Posted: 06/10/14, 21:20:36

You ain't trippin'.
Posted: 06/10/14, 21:21:28

Oh you're definitely not tripping. It includes the original game plus Nintendo themed costumes (shown in the trailer)

Posted: 06/10/14, 21:22:42

Awesome. I never got around to playing it.

It makes sense considering the fact that the original was never on a Nintendo platform, but I wasn't going to blame them if they didn't want to take the effort to port it over.

Edit: Haha. Yeah, rewatching that trailer, it wasn't exactly subtle, was it?
Posted: 06/10/14, 21:22:46  - Edited by 
 on: 06/10/14, 21:25:03
I went 9. That was very cool. I don't even care that 3DS was completely left out (Smash aside), and most of the Wii U stuff was for 2015.

Smash still looks incredible, obviously. Kirby Canvas Curse on Wii U is a great surprise. Zelda U looks gorgeous. Glad I held off on Bayonetta since now I can play both on the B2 Wii U disc. Splatoon looks fun. Captain Toad's levels in SM3DW were pretty okay, interested in seeing how that turns into a full game. Xenoblade Chronicles X makes me want to actually start playing Xenoblade Chronicles. Mario Maker looks interesting. I'm forgetting stuff, probably. That was a solid presentation.

...ALL RIGHT I ADMIT IT I WANT TO PLAY HYRULE WARRIORS. Don't look at me. Just leave me alone in my shame.
Posted: 06/10/14, 22:31:45
9. I was hoping for Star Fox or Galaxy 3, but everything they showed was fantastic!
Posted: 06/10/14, 22:33:32
As not really that big of a Zelda fan, the Zelda trailer ALONE would have made it a 9, and if I was actually a fan of the series I can't understand how I wouldn't vote 10.

But for me regardless, new Kirby's Cursed Canvass (whatever it is actually called) = best surprise announcement in years. I ADORED the first one.
Posted: 06/10/14, 22:36:21
nate38 said:

...ALL RIGHT I ADMIT IT I WANT TO PLAY HYRULE WARRIORS. Don't look at me. Just leave me alone in my shame.

I'm looking forward to Hyrule Warriors too
Posted: 06/10/14, 22:45:35
I think Hyrule Warriors looks pretty good.
Posted: 06/10/14, 22:47:48
I wish more people were talking about Splatoon. I think it was the surprise of the show for me. It's as close to Super Mario Paintball as I ever dreamed. If anyone recalls, I said they could employ the ink mechanism from Mario Sunshine, allowing players to slide on their bellies.

It also resembles a dream I once had where I dove into the ground.
Posted: 06/10/14, 22:51:27
I'll talk about Splatoon all you want, baby! Definitely didn't see that game coming, but I'm glad it is! I think there's potential for that game to be popular and talked about as we get closer to its release though.
Posted: 06/10/14, 22:54:11
@CPA Wei As someone who was really looking forward to Devil's Third when it was announced...it looks really, really disappointing now. The trailer on Nintendo's page looks totally different, and not for the better.

And then IGN's preview of it...well, it was hard to watch. It frankly looks awful.

Itagaki must have done too much heroin, because this looks beneath the guy who made Ninja Gaiden Black and even Dead or Alive.
Posted: 06/10/14, 22:55:00
Yeah, I don't blame Nintendo for not showing it off in the digital event. There are parts of the gameplay that could make for a fun action game for those who are into this sort of thing, but I think what we've seen so far seems really unpolished in every single way. Not to mention that protagonist and everything surrounding him is the most awful macho bullshit I've seen in a long time. It's like Duke Nukem's non-ironic cousin.
Posted: 06/10/14, 22:58:21
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