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E3: Rate the Nintendo Conference [poll]
10 (10/54 votes)
9 (23/54 votes)
8 (16/54 votes)
7 (5/54 votes)
6 (0/54 votes)
5 (0/54 votes)
4 (0/54 votes)
3 (0/54 votes)
2 (0/54 votes)
1 (0/54 votes)
I'd personally give it a 7. It showed some cool games, especially Zelda and Mario Maker, plus some new stuff for Smash, but nothing really blew me away. Plus, no F-Zero, Star Fox, Metroid, or mention of DS on the Wii U was disappointing. Plus, no "YOU CAN DOWNLOAD THIS RIGHT NOW OR THIS WEEK" surprises. I love those and we didn't get any.

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Posted: 06/10/14, 19:50:46
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I'll say 8, just because so little is coming in 2014. What they showed was uniformly cool looking, although I would have liked more Zelda with more of a idea of how it will look in game. And the Xenoblade stuff was a little worrying in how sci fi focused it appeared to be. Hopefully there's still fantasy aspects. But good show.
Posted: 06/10/14, 20:15:12
There's still more to show people! Way too premature to vote!

Based on the absolutely perfect Zelda segment and its buildup to one of the best game reveals of all fucking time I MUST give it a 10. Then there's the other fantastic looking games.

Metroid, F-Zero, and others (which may still be announced, I think one is but has yet to be shown) being shown IN THE DIRECT would have pushed it to an 11.

There's still more though.
Posted: 06/10/14, 20:15:54
@carlosrox I'm sure there's more. I'm just talking about rating the conference itself, as a self-contained universe.
Posted: 06/10/14, 20:17:16
We're finally getting a Zelda that's OPEN, like truly open. That has me really happy.
Posted: 06/10/14, 20:18:04
I just wonder if the Captain Toad game is retail or eShop only?
Posted: 06/10/14, 20:23:26
Any idea on what the big surprise 3DS game is? Yeah, I think there's more to come.

And seriously... Zelda was enough to make the whole show for me. I'm really excited about the direction they seem to be talking about taking it and I can't wait to see more.


Looked retail quality to me... obviously using a lot or 3D World assets though. I also loved seeing some SMB2 elements in there.
Posted: 06/10/14, 20:23:57  - Edited by 
 on: 06/10/14, 20:25:28
It was a pretty great conference. The intro, leading into the Mii for Smash anouncement, was simply amazing.
Posted: 06/10/14, 20:27:58

I sincerely hope that it's digital. That seems to be the likely case, considering that the engine and many of the other assets in the game can be taken straight from 3D World.
Posted: 06/10/14, 20:28:29

This + Zelda makes it a 10+ !!!!

I keep forgetting about the Toad game! I'm really stoked! The Kirby game is awesome. Even though Splatoon looks GREAT, I doubt I buy it since its multiplayer online only.
Posted: 06/10/14, 20:33:01
@carlosrox How much more are we really expecting? Star Fox will be there in some form, and a few smaller games maybe?
Posted: 06/10/14, 20:34:43
The only reason I gave it a 9 instead of a 10 is because so much of it was 2015. If more of the games were coming this year, it would've been a 10 easy. I'm really excited for Captain Toad though. I loved those levels in 3D World.
Posted: 06/10/14, 20:34:53
It's a pretty safe bet that the mystery 3DS game is also a new IP from Miyamoto. That could be big.
Posted: 06/10/14, 20:35:46
Ok, one last thing....opinions are like @ssholes, everyone has one. With that said, all Negative Nancies just stay hidden in your holes and keep your opinions to yourself. Don't be putting a damper on everyone's fun times!


Ha,ha,ha.. Thats right Carlos, tell 'em that way it is! Seriously, no true Nintendo fan could possibly rate this conference less than an 8. I almost gave it a 9, cause I thought a few more games should have been shown, but then they did show more games on the Treehouse section where Bill showed more about the figurines, which I'm buying, if for no other reason than for displaying with all my other Nintendo collectibles!! I'm such a little kid!!!!

Forget the rest, NINTENDO IS TEH BEST!!!!
Posted: 06/10/14, 20:36:53  - Edited by 
 on: 06/10/14, 20:42:21

Considering the lowest vote is a 7, I'm not sure there are any Negative Nancies here.
Posted: 06/10/14, 20:40:08
Posted: 06/10/14, 20:41:08

Thats a warning for any future NN trying to jump in and ruin the fun. Though, I think anything below a 7 is too low. But I digress...
Posted: 06/10/14, 20:44:24
Went on Miiverse expecting to see celebrations and was greeted by a bunch of whiners going "RIP Wii U". What the actual hell. Are these people disappointed Iwata didn't come home to them with a copy of their personally most wanted and gave them a blowjob? Bah! Get off my lawn.
Posted: 06/10/14, 20:46:52

And the Miis look pretty fun to play as. Leave it to Sakurai and his team to create competent, cool-looking fighters out of our Nintendo avatars.

I'm looking forward to watching the rest of today's coverage.
Posted: 06/10/14, 20:52:37
Some nice announcements.

I'm surprised they didn't showcase Devil's Third at all since it's now a Wii U exclusive.
Posted: 06/10/14, 20:57:12

Yeah, I started out thinking "Mii's? Bleh, lame, but expected." Sakurai won me over on the idea though.
Posted: 06/10/14, 20:59:57
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