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Zelda Wii U Hopes And Dreams [roundtable]
Hey y'all. I know we've done one of these before, but pending the rumored reveal tomorrow, what would you fine folks like to see in a new Zelda game? Keep in mind please, that this isn't meant to be a discussion of predictions of what we think Zelda Wii U will be, but rather a discussion of what we want it to be.

I'll start first with something I've posted here ages ago, but for the most part still holds true for what I would love to see in a Zelda game.

The overworld needs more life in it. Zelda II had several villages with tons of people in them. Since then, we've only had one or two. ALttP had Kakariko and that's it. OoT had Hyrule Castle and Kakariko. MM had Clock Town. WW had Outset Island and Windfall (and maybe you can count Dragon Roost). TP had Ordon, Hyrule Castle and Kakariko again. But that's pretty much it. No life outside the towns and not much inside them either. I'd like to see people roaming about the overworld, some of them fighting monsters, some of them fishing in the streams or hunting. Maybe even some of them living there in huts.

Secondly involves how the dungeons integrate into the world. I'd like to see them more seamless. Not so much like you're halfway through a dungeon before you realize it kind of seamless, but perhaps with areas where you go outside and can see the rest of Hyrule around you. Much like the Skull Palace from ALttP, you can leave and re-enter the dungeon at different points. My other idea for how dungeons would integrate into the world is that when you finish a dungeon, instead of leaving the way you came in, you exit from the Boss room into a completely new area of the overworld, such as a new village perhaps (Lanayru Mines did this). Later in the game after obtaining different items, you can warp to that town and re-enter the dungeon. Once inside, you'll find an area that is unlocked with your new item and it becomes the next dungeon.

Another idea I thought of was after defeating the dungeon boss, you get a piece of an item. Once you have all the pieces, it becomes the weapon you need to defeat the final boss (along with the Master Sword obviously). Perhaps you can even use it along the way as an item, but it's true power isn't available until you have all the pieces. We've already collected Triforce shards, maidens, medalions, pearls, fused shadow pieces and mirror shards. Why not something that can actually be used by the player?

Something else I would love to see is season changes. Like, with an actual calendar. Not necessarily realtime, but based on the regular day/night cycle of the game. Then they could have a calendar based not on our Gregorian calendar (who wants Hyrule to have Novembers and Decembers?) but they could make up their own lunar calendar or something.

Natural disasters would be awesome too. Maybe you have to hide in a low-lying ditch to avoid a tornado? Or a hurricane along a coastline that destroys a town and you have to help them find materials to rebuild it. Or it destroys a seaside jungle and reveals the next dungeon?

I'd like some sort of personality ecology, so to speak. MH3 is setup so that your actions with creatures in the environment affect others. For example, perhaps you didn't help a woman catch her cuccoos, which means that she didn't sell the eggs to the man across the street. This man now has to go hunt for food. While hunting for food, he runs into moblins or something and you have to rescue him. Or, you have a shop and you bring in a bunch of weapons that you've collected and sell them to the townspeople. They decide that since they now have these weapons, they can organize a militia. This militia helps you later to defend the town (or neighboring town) from an attack by the evil force of the game.

Some ideas to breath more life into the world would be:

1) Caves that actually go somewhere. 2d Zeldas do this. I want to go into a cave, have a ton of different branches and exits. I want to come out in a completely different area. TP did this once with the tunnel to N. Faron Woods, but didn't use it again, and that one only had one exit.

2) Sandstorms in the desert change the topography. Maybe the sand blows around and uncovers a hidden cave, or old ruins to explore.

3) An ocean. With tides. And Giant Enemy Crabs. Even if we don't get to sail on it. I still want to explore a coastline. Above the water and below it as well.

4) I want to take a boat out into the ocean and deep sea fish.

5) I want it to rain randomly. Previously in the series, when it has rained, it's been at very specific times. I'd like real weather effects: rain, snow, hail, etc for no good reason other than the weather engine decides it's a good day for an umbrella.

6) A true, honest to god forest. I want to be able to enter the forest at any point and leave at any point, not just follow preset paths. I want to find a cottage deep in the woods that hasn't been touched in a hundred years. Or follow a creek as it turns into a stream with waterfalls.

Just make the world real. Somewhere you'd actually like to visit if it wasn't infested with monsters that would like nothing better than to put your head on a pike.

So, what thoughts do the rest of you have?

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Posted: 06/10/14, 01:03:55
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I hope Nintendo does something very, very special.
Posted: 06/10/14, 07:32:15

Remember this concept art? Its not Link as a female but it gives us a female protagonist.

The ideas behind it all were nice and fresh too!
Posted: 06/10/14, 07:37:02  - Edited by 
 on: 06/10/14, 07:39:13
I've always said that I don't see any reason why the hero can't be reborn as a woman.
Posted: 06/10/14, 07:52:44
Zombies and Guns.

Also Day 1 preorder DLC with microtransactions and lots of brown.
Posted: 06/10/14, 07:57:41

The same reason the Slayer is always a girl!


Nailed it
Posted: 06/10/14, 08:03:47
1. Gorgeous HD Realistic Graphics.

I love the Cel-Shaded style. But after seeing how good Mario Kart looks, I would love to see a Zelda title that absolutely pushes the boundaries of the WiiU's Hardware.

2. Voice Acting

It's 2014. Get on board Nintendo.

3. The ability to save the game at anytime again.

Hated have to find the Bird statues in Skyward Sword if I felt like stop playing.

4. Big. Big. BIIIGGG Open world.

I mean like absolutely huge explorable world. I don't want limited sections and I don't want to be confined to a path (glares at Spirit Tracks)

5. November 2014 release date.

I know there's a 99% chance of this not happening, but as long as that 1% is there, then there is always hope!
Posted: 06/10/14, 08:49:52
I jut want to see a new LoZ game showcased, its not like they will go over any detils this year, cause no way a new LoZ game will be released alongside Hyrule Warriors...unless that IS the new Zelda game. I doubt that very much.

I actually heard a rumor that a new Starfox game is going to be announced. I wonder how true that will end up being?
Posted: 06/10/14, 11:56:34
ShadowLink_89 said:
1. Gorgeous HD Realistic Graphics.

I love the Cel-Shaded style. But after seeing how good Mario Kart looks,

You know why Mario Kart looks THAT good, right? It's not realistic in style at all.

If you look at the animation, as well, which adds to the charm and visuals, it's extremely cartoon-y and pushed.

I'm not saying you can't do similar things with realism, but just keep in mind that Mario Kart looks as amazing as it does because it ISN'T going for a realistic approach. The art adds to it almost more than how HD it is (the HD just makes the art that much better). And the attention to detail to bring the world to life rivals most games I've ever played.


I never read all the other details of the world, just looked at the pretty pictures when they first hit the internet, but WOW that sounds like a really fun time if you read the whole FAQ. I would be down for that in a second.
Posted: 06/10/14, 17:21:30  - Edited by 
 on: 06/10/14, 17:24:34
I'll be happy as long as they don't make it like Skyrim. The wide-open world is fine, but make the characters and places memorable and varied. Skyrim had a world of similar scope but was ruined for me because of its bland writing and world. Everything looked and felt the same and so much content was recycled. Nothing was interesting and nothing felt important. What's the point of crossing that mountain or exploring that cave if all they're hiding is generic NPC #157 and more skeletons, respectively? If any series can make that style of game work, I know it's Zelda.
Posted: 06/10/14, 20:22:01
If the original Zelda is the inspiration like they said (so awesome!) then I doubt the world will be too massive. I mean, it has to be full of secrets to discover, dungeons to find, baddies to fight.

I'm very optimistic about this overworld!

Hopefully the direction they go with dungeons is also similar to the original Zelda.
Posted: 06/10/14, 20:33:27
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