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1001 Spikes Discussion (Nintendo 3DS) [game]
8/10 from one rating

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Holy smokes this is one incredibly difficult game! It's got the charm of old-school 8-bit games from our youth, with the punishingly difficulty of stuff like Super Meat Boy. Platforming fans will really have to dig deep in order to overcome this challenge. This game...seriously, it's very difficult. You've been warned.

The Temple Of The Dead Mourn The Living.

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Posted: 06/05/14, 18:34:23  - Edited by 
 on: 06/05/14, 18:38:33
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I saw some gameplay from Giant Bomb (I think?) that made me want to get the game quite badly, trial-and-error and all. Looks like a great game to play while having a friend over, to just sit about and laugh at how obliterated we get. Hopefully they'll fix the bugs before the Euro release.
Posted: 06/21/14, 20:43:42
Yeah, it's definitely going to cause some laughs when the deaths happen over and over. Some are so cheap and "out of nowhere" sometimes you can't help it but laugh.
Posted: 06/22/14, 00:42:38
Okay...so what's the deal with level 2-6?
Posted: 06/23/14, 16:58:46

What do you mean? How to get the gold skull? I don't think I got the one on that specific level, but I'm pretty sure you have to jump into certain sections of the wall that can be walked through Metroid-style.
Posted: 06/23/14, 17:04:29

Yeah, get the Gold Skull...but more along the lines of...why did they throw in this stage with literally 0 challenge? Just...randomly, or is the challenge getting the Gold Skull?

On a slightly different topic, I unlocked my first alternate character today! w00t!
Posted: 06/23/14, 17:07:49  - Edited by 
 on: 06/23/14, 17:09:39

It's a nice breather as the last level of the world. Just a little reward!
Posted: 06/23/14, 17:26:31
Played this a LOT today. If it weren't for all the glitches, this might be my game of the year. So much love went into this game. Nearly all of the unlockable characters have their own cutscenes (in theory, the game freakin' crashes for some of them) and music, the extra modes are wonderful... the game just needs a bit more polish to fix things up, and it's golden. Best platformer I've played since Super Meat Boy... might even be better.

I got all the gold skulls and coins (with Curly Brace) in the main quest today. I'm not going to worry about beating the game with all of the unlockable characters, but I definitely want to get through the bonus content.

...Think I'll take a break and wait for the patch before playing any more though. Shovel Knight is calling.
Posted: 06/27/14, 10:04:27

Are the crashes only in the cutscenes? I haven't run into any crashes yet (*knocks on wood*) - is there any way to avoid them?
Posted: 06/27/14, 20:55:56

The game crashes when loading a cutscene for any of the unlockable characters from other indie games except for Tempura of the Dead. No way to avoid it.
Posted: 06/27/14, 22:33:57


I've bought this under the impression that the rebate you get from owning other Nicalis titles would expire. I guess I'll wait a bit before actually starting it.
Posted: 06/27/14, 23:10:57
What cutscenes? Other than the opening (after the first handful of stages) I haven't seen any cutscenes...
Posted: 06/27/14, 23:18:01

There's an intro cutscene after World 1 and an ending cutscene at the end of Ukampa.

Some of the characters, including the ones from Tempura of the Dead, have their intro cutscene at the beginning of World 1 instead of the end. The game doesn't freeze for those characters' cutscenes, but it does for all the others, not including Aban's.


Apparently they're patching in leaderboards and Gamepad play with the update too. Waiting would be smart.
Posted: 06/28/14, 00:38:28

I tried to get that cut scene with Commander Video after World 1. Aaaaaaannnnnndd...yup. The game froze and I had to completely shut down and power back up so I could get back to the HOME screen. Bah.

Posted: 06/29/14, 20:37:53
Got tired of waiting for the patch and checked it out. I think I will love this game. I was totally addicted to trying to collect skulls and finishing the levels. I've never really touched these "sadistic" platformers before but quite frankly, I'm finding this game more fun and less annoying than something like VVVVVV.
Posted: 07/07/14, 20:22:07
Rebate? I thought it just had a special launch price of $10.01. Was that only if you had a Nicalis game?

Eh, the eShop is down. I can't check. Nintendooooo!!
Posted: 07/08/14, 00:01:50

That's what I had read. Maybe it turned out to be too complicated and they gave the discount to everyone? Dunno.
Posted: 07/08/14, 06:26:56

Did you ever play games like N+ or Super Meat Boy? This game seems to follow in the footprints left by those games. But...as you said, it seems less annoying and/or frustrating. I'm not sure why, though.
Posted: 07/09/14, 00:28:31
Well, it's gone now!

I guess I'll have to wait for the guaranteed future Nicalis sale.

Speaking of which, MAN, does Atlus have a lot of sales on their digital games. I wonder how that's working out for them.
Posted: 07/09/14, 04:16:47

Oh, I think this game is a little bit more forgiving than Super Meat Boy. I haven't played that much of SMB, but I felt it didn't give the greatest feedback as to WHAT exactly you did wrong and how to correct it next time.

In this game, it's always clear what killed you and why.
Posted: 07/09/14, 06:25:10
I also think 1001 Spikes is more about "solving" the level than purely executing it like in Super Meat Boy. There are definitely a few stages in 1001 Spikes where execution is highly required, but for the most part anyone with basic platforming skills should be good to go. Analyzing the traps and understanding the patterns are where the challenge lies.
Posted: 07/09/14, 09:58:42
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