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Tomodachi Life Discussion (Nintendo 3DS) [game]
8/10 from 6 user ratings

Welcome to the official discussion thread for Tomodachi Life on the 3DS!

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So...Tomodachi Life is a game that exists. It is rather difficult to describe, as it does not really adhere to "standard" game parameters that we know. It's kind of like a mix of The Sims, Animal Crossing, Harvest Moon and...Nintendogs, I suppose?

The game centers around Mii characters created or imported in the game by the player, and they live out their lives on an island. The player can interact with the various Miis, by giving them gifts, talking with them, solving problems, or just watching them do random stuff. And that's it. It doesn't sound very compelling, but it can be rather charming.

In any case, who else has this game? What are your thoughts so far? How goes life on your island? How goes...your friends, your drama, your life?

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Posted: 05/29/14, 03:44:21  - Edited by 
 on: 05/29/14, 03:53:21
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Got my first visiting islander from a street pass today. I knew McDonalds would be likely to give me someone. I also got a message from my islander that got sent out. They're just hanging out at the Street Pass hub for now.
Posted: 07/22/14, 15:54:41

It's morphin' time!
Posted: 07/25/14, 07:22:28

No Black Ranger?!?

Posted: 07/25/14, 13:53:24
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