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Mario Golf: World Tour Discussion (Nintendo 3DS) [game]
8.49/10 from 10 user ratings

Welcome to the official discussion thread for Mario Golf: World Tour on the 3DS!

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Mario Golf is a series that has been around perhaps longer than anyone realizes. In America anyway, the first game released June 30th, 1999 for the N64. Just two months shy of it's 15-year anniversary, Camelot Software is bringing another entry back into the limelight on 3DS. In fact, it's been nearly ten years since the last Mario Golf game (crazy to think about). The original game's tag-line was "Tee Up With Mario and His Friends". Here you'll get to do just that, and this time in glorious 3D graphics.

Mario Golf brought us the mechanics and the initial characters. It brought us the premise and set the bar high. A few months after the N64 release a Game Boy Color title released. Then Mario Golf: Toadstool Tour, a GameCube gem released in summer of 2003, took things farther with higher-fidelity graphics as well as more Mushroom-Kingdom-esque courses. I'll never forget the joy brought to me by that game that summer and for many years there after. Finally, the last time we saw a club-clad Mario and friends was in June 2004 with Mario Golf: Advanced Tour on the GameBoy Advance which expanded things in a specific direction... RPG-like qualities for character building.

In just two short weeks Nintendo fans will finally be able to play the next installment (which receive an initial year-long delay when it was originally intended to be released in Summer 2013). This title looks to expand on the formulas that made it great while finding a middle ground between the two different tiers that have developed over time.

This title looks to have a ton of features in store and a ton of gameplay opportunity. It keeps it's arcade-appeal with the classic Power-Bar which allows you to decide just how far to hit the ball, and if you're savvy enough, it allows you to put some hook, draw, or angle to the ball as well. For those who are less versed in these mechanics or just want a more simplified experience, you can once again choose to automate the latter portion of the swing. This time around, being on 3DS and all, you can opt to use the stylus to tap the screen in leu of using a button and also you can use the stylus to decide how to affect the ball post-launch.

As you can see from the above screenshots, the game has taken a significantly stronger focus on creative levels inspired by the Mushroom Kingdom, which means I should be getting exactly what I want most from the series. It's uncertain who the final roster will be in the game as playable characters but it is known that you can play as your own Mii and do all sorts of cool stuff. By using your Mii, you can engage in a somewhat altered version of the RPG-like qualities of games' past. Customize your Mii with headgear, clubs, pants, and other features which not only change the design of your golfer but the attributes as well. I'm quite excited to have this customized experience.

Check out the game in the Game Database to find all sorts of videos (though I'll post them on page one of this thread as well) and don't forget to add this to your collection come May when the game releases. Also, if you're still finding yourself without a pre-order, Amazon.com still has the game for $29.99 with the pre-order price guarantee. At three-quarters the original price, there's no excuse not to nab this up day one!

Check out the main website at mariogolf.nintendo.com and see even more content. There you'll also find more details on the online-component to this game which better explains the 'world' in World Tour. You'll be able to play matches online against opponents from anywhere on the planet. This key feature should give Mario Golf fans abundantly more play-time from their cart or download. You can also check out this great impressions article from Daan Koopman over at NintendoWorldReport. It'll detail even more about courses and gameplay, etc.

Now that the game is out, it's time to hit the green and find ourselves in some tournaments! Below are the codes for various Negative World Tournaments. I'll do my best to keep up on these as they change.

Tournament 3: 64-5705-3846-4942
Tournament 4: 03-0537-2193-5082

Community: 50-3155-4188-2450


Nintendo Life - 9 / 10

IGN - 8.6 / 10
NintendoWorldReport.com - 8.5 / 10
Destructoid - 8.5 / 10
Eurogamer - 8 / 10
Polygon - 8 / 10

EGM Now - 7.5 / 10
Videogamer - 7 / 10
Gamespot - 7 / 10

Edge-Online - 6 / 10
DigitalSpy - 3 / 5
Joystiq - 3 / 5

Average Score: 7.51/10

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Posted: 04/20/14, 18:08:00  - Edited by 
 on: 05/24/14, 23:12:02
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Either that or I got lucky on my tournaments...but I don't recall having issue with them. Probably the latter (you've beaten me in a few online tournaments).
Posted: 09/15/14, 20:43:08
Okay, I have a SpotPass for this game, but I don't know what it's for...any ideas, anyone?

Also, I think online tournaments from Nintendo (the ones with the prizes) are pretty much done. There are no new ones this week as far as I can tell.

EDIT: Just kidding! Since the Star Cup has wrapped up, there are all-new tournaments available (all end on October 16) with new stuff to get! Also, the boutique has a TON of the old tournament items for sale in case you missed 'em. I don't think they have any of the Callaway stuff though, nor do I see the 3DS combo...(have we even gotten that in North America?)
Posted: 10/01/14, 21:01:19  - Edited by 
 on: 10/02/14, 21:08:14
Well, I passed on this last year, but it looked like a good freebie for Platinum, so I picked it up. Any tips/suggestions for starting off? And does the game use the L button much? Mine sticks and is difficult (but not impossible) to use.
Posted: 04/04/15, 06:25:13
L and R are for adjusting the shot strength. Tips? A lot of times, the default shot strength they hand you isn't gonna cut it, and you'll have to adjust manually. Make sure to make liberal use of topspin and backspin. Always over-hit by a bit on the putting green. There's a lot of content to check out. Try the challenges in quick play (to unlock characters), and work your way through the club mode. And be sure to check out some online tournaments. This is a great golf game IMO, enjoy.
Posted: 04/04/15, 07:31:59

Thanks. Played a Quick Round with Daisy in the first course to start things off, and did pretty well! -10 score, complete with a couple Eagles in there. My Toadstool Tour experience is carrying over nicely, and I'm enjoying the game more than I did the demo last year. The L button is used infrequently enough to not be much of an issue.

I'm a little confused with Castle Club right now though. It looks like I have to play a Practice Round, then a Handicap Round, then a Championship Round? So I have to play through a course three times before it's counted as cleared? What exactly do they mean by setting a "handicap"?
Posted: 04/04/15, 07:39:31
I don't think you have to play a practice round. But you do need to set a handicap first. This just determines your skill for various online tournaments, besides that I don't think it plays much of a factor.
Posted: 04/04/15, 22:04:08

Yeah, it made me do a practice round to get a handicap, then play a handicap round to unlock the championship. Weird that I have to do a course three times in a row like that. Is it like this the whole time? Seems needlessly redundant.

I don't understand the whole handicap concept in the first place. That's a new thing to me and I don't really see why it's necessary.

Otherwise, enjoying the game.
Posted: 04/05/15, 02:58:16
finally was able to get into club nintendo to download my free copy of this game. I never looked at any reviews or payed much attention to this game in the past. Is it a quality product?
Posted: 04/05/15, 04:32:54

The rest of the tournaments are easy to get into once you do the first barrage.


I put in over 100 hours, so...I'd say so.
Posted: 04/06/15, 16:21:35
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