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What's your favorite version of Tetris? [roundtable]
I know a lot of people swear by Tetris DS, and The New Tetris gets a lot of praise for its soundtrack too, but there are like a billion others. I'm curious as to which version everyone here likes the most!

I've been playing a bit of Tetris DS lately, and all of its extra modes kind of just make me want to play Standard Mode. And as far as I'm concerned, there's one game that pulled that off best:

Although I haven't played the NES version. That one looks neat.

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Posted: 04/18/14, 04:24:40  - Edited by 
 on: 04/18/14, 04:24:33
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I've had tons of multiplayer fun with Tetris Party on WiiWare, so I guess I'm gonna have to say that, even though it has its downsides.
Posted: 04/18/14, 12:39:09
The version I played and loved the most was an old PC version that had direct-connect modem Multi. Yeaaaaah!
Posted: 04/18/14, 14:32:25
The version I got on the PS3 is pretty darned good. Surprised EA didn't do something horrible to it.
Posted: 04/18/14, 14:51:46

Tetris attack isn't really Tetris though.
Posted: 04/18/14, 16:19:57
Mop it up said:
The worst version of Tetris has to be Tetris Worlds on GBA, so terrible.

Have you played the GCN version of the game? The GBA version shines like gold in comparison. Shiny gold poop, but gold none-the-less. Muddy visuals, glitchy music, laggy controls (for what reason, I can't imagine)...just a terrible mess of a game that should have been a slam dunk. WTF, THQ?!?
Posted: 04/18/14, 16:28:12
Yeah, Tetris Attack is kind of a cheat--it's actually Panel de Pon (aka Puzzle League), marketed as a Tetris game to get more sales here. Then again, people still mention SMB2 on their list of top Mario games, so I dunno anymore.

Either way, it's definitely a great game and possibly my favorite puzzler. That and its variations, like Pokemon Puzzle League.
Posted: 04/18/14, 16:30:43
Tetris DS was fantastic. A close second is Tetris Attack.
Posted: 04/18/14, 16:53:15
But it is still clearly derived from Tetris. Count it as a spin off if you may, but it's still my favorite Tetris even if it isn't pure Tetris.
Posted: 04/18/14, 17:28:44
Does Tetris Attack count? It's not really a Tetris game.

My favourites would be The New Tetris (N64), Tetris DX (GBC) and Tetris DS.
Posted: 04/18/14, 18:27:49

Practically every puzzle game is loosely derived from Tetris. It was purely a marketing move.
Posted: 04/18/14, 18:30:25  - Edited by 
 on: 04/18/14, 19:01:48
Pokefreak911 said:
But it is still clearly derived from Tetris. Count it as a spin off if you may, but it's still my favorite Tetris even if it isn't pure Tetris.

I dunno man, it really doesn't have anything to do with Tetris beyond the falling blocks/eliminating blocks element (which can be applied to hundreds of puzzle games). I'd say Tetris Attack is different than something like Tetrisphere, which is a much clearer spin-off of Tetris to me.
Posted: 04/18/14, 18:58:56

Is it though?

You're still fitting Tetris pieces together, jigsaw-puzzle style. Only in Tetrisphere it's simply a 3D area instead of 2D plane. The gameplay is essentially the same.
Posted: 04/18/14, 19:36:00
No, I'm with Jargon. Tetris Attack is Tetris in name only. Wonderful game, though.
Posted: 04/18/14, 20:21:17
I'm just a classic Tetris guy... all I need is the Gameboy version. There are some other good versions on NES and SNES, and I even enjoyed the online battles in Tetris DS, but I love the original rules and music when playing alone.
Posted: 04/18/14, 20:37:45
Tetris Attack gives me that Tetris feel and as long as i'm getting that, it's a Tetris game for me.
Posted: 04/19/14, 04:45:32
To avoid a long debate, I'll just say that Magical Tetris Challenge is my favorite Tetris game followed by Tetris Blast on GB.
Posted: 04/19/14, 06:00:25
Any of you guys ever play Wordtris on PC? I remember thinking that was a lot of fun. I'd love to see a modern variation on it.
Posted: 04/19/14, 06:02:54
Anyone here play Tetris 3D on Virtual Boy?
Posted: 04/19/14, 07:06:36
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