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Which Smash Bros. game will you buy? [Post-Smash Bros. Nintendo Direct Edition] [poll]
Both Versions (30/41 votes)
3DS Version Only (2/41 votes)
Wii U Version Only (8/41 votes)
Neither Versions (1/41 vote)
A simple question and I'm sure we've had this asked already... but now that 40 minutes of glorious Smash Bros. coverage has just ended... I wanna know how it may affect your decisions.

Please if you would, vote honestly and instead of stopping there, post your opinion and then state whether or not the Nintendo Direct had an effect on your decision. I could have added this to the poll options but I didn't want to muddy it up with four near duplicates.

I will go on record easily that I will be getting both versions... and the Direct only seemed to hype me more... though it solidified my desire to get the 3DS version as well. The time-gap between the two versions as well as the great modes and content make it a deal in my book.

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Posted: 04/09/14, 02:18:24  - Edited by 
 on: 04/09/14, 02:18:15
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Cross platform play? Both local and online?!? That'd be sweet.
Posted: 04/10/14, 17:59:29
If the Wii U version somehow allowed for more than 4 players, either just online or even locally, that would be something to distinguish it from the 3DS version.
Posted: 04/10/14, 18:02:35
Absolutely! I wonder if they could implement 5 people local, using 4 Classic Controllers or something and the Gamepad.
Posted: 04/10/14, 19:30:22
It'd be something to distinguish it, sure, but is that really that compelling?

One thing I think they could really put behind the Wii U version is just sheer content in regards to music, video, etc. I think they already alluded to this, but just imagine basically every single song from every Smash Bros. game ever. It already sounds like they have at least three songs from Kid Icarus Uprising. From that standpoint, this game could just be a behemoth in terms of music.

I would also have to imagine that the online would just work better on Wii U in general. It'd be cool to see more online options on the console version. A built in bracket system would be really really cool.

The Gamepad could be cool for multiplayer but there isn't much, I imagine, they could do that the 3DS couldn't do, right? Since everyone has their own screen anyway?

Maybe I'm just being too nervous about this, but I just can't shake the feeling that the Wii U version will feel a little underwhelming since people will be coming off a new Smash Bros. game that's not even a month old. Even Mario 3D World just broke a million units in sales in February. If Nintendo fans don't feel compelled to get a Wii U to get that game, or to get DKC:TF, will they care enough to get it for Smash Bros.? The last year or so only shows us that people in general are happy enough with their 3DS (and Wii?) not to get a new console. People used to get a Nintendo console because it was the only place for games like these....but now it's not. Which isn't bad necessarily....Maybe it just shows that their console efforts aren't impressive enough compared to what Sony and MS are doing?
Posted: 04/10/14, 19:39:41
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