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Tetris DS Discussion (Nintendo DS) [game]
Tetris DS on the DS
8.66/10 from 30 user ratings

Welcome to the official discussion thread for Tetris DS on the DS!

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Currently renting this from GameFly. I haven't spent a ton of time with it yet, but it seems like the perfect game to train one's Tetris skills with. So many different modes working different parts of your Tetris brain... I'm tempted to buy it and spend an hour or two with it every day for the next few months just so I can become some sort of Tetris master. Because, you know, it's Tetris.

This is actually one game that I think would benefit from in-game challenges or achievements; they'd give the game more structure and let you know what to work towards. There's so much to do in this game, it's almost overwhelming! Games like Rock Band 3 and Brawl manage their gargantuan amount of content with a ton of challenges, and I like having those to help me keep track of my progress. They'd be nice here too.

Definitely gonna have to sink some time into this bad boy.

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Posted: 03/27/14, 07:14:45  - Edited by 
 on: 03/27/14, 07:18:37
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I have fond memories of this game. Definitely my favorite Tetris incarnation.
Posted: 03/27/14, 09:03:41
I remember Tetris was the "Killer App" for the original Gameboy back in the day. It was funny that Tetris DS kind of had the same notoriety on DS back in 2005 or so.

And for good reason! The game is amazing, one of the best iterations of the classic puzzler. Glad to hear you are enjoying it...though I have to ask, do you own Tetris Axis on 3DS?
Posted: 03/27/14, 14:03:29
That's the one with all the old-school Nintendo scenes on the top screen, right? I remember having a blast in download play with a bunch of friends, and I'm not even a big Tetris fan.
Posted: 03/27/14, 14:12:31

Nope! I've heard it's not as good?


It reminds me a lot of Pictobits.
Posted: 03/27/14, 14:19:34

Yeah, it's not as good...but you have to realize, NO OTHER Tetris game is quite as good as the DS version. Still worth playing though, as it maintains a lot of the modes from previous entries, and of course online multiplayer is actually alive and well since it's newer.

And hey, it's a mere $10 download, so it's not that big of an investment if you end up not digging it as much!
Posted: 03/27/14, 14:33:11

What are the online modes like in Axis? Are they comparable to Tetris DS? I think in Tetris DS you could do 2 player regular Tetris, 4 player Tetris with items, and 2 player Push mode.
Posted: 03/27/14, 16:38:26
I think I'm one of the few people that didn't like Tetris DS very much. Outside of regular Tetris mode and the online multiplayer, I didn't care for it. The other modes did nothing for me. And having it Nintendo-themed wasn't nearly as well-implemented as I thought it would be.

I'll be getting Tetris Axis soon, so here's hoping it will be better. I honestly don't think it can be worse.
Posted: 03/27/14, 18:46:01  - Edited by 
 on: 03/27/14, 18:46:50
The Push Mode was great. I also liked the Mario power items in multiplayer mode. The banana mixed everything up. Shells cleared lines. A few other I don't remember, it's been a long time since I've played it.
Posted: 03/27/14, 18:51:58

I agree that the other modes were only fun for a while. Plain ol' Tetris is where it's at. I'd estimate that 95% of my time with Tetris DS was playing 2 player online versus. Push mode was also pretty fun.
Posted: 03/27/14, 19:43:17
This is definitely a good version of Tetris with fun modes. I especially like the Catch mode, what a great idea.

If you'd like to try out the multiplayer before Wi-Fi goes down on May 20th, let me know. I've never tried the multiplayer.
Posted: 03/27/14, 19:46:45
Well, Tetris Axis is supposed to have something like 20 modes. I'm thinking at least a few of them will resonate with me. The videos I've seen of the game look promising, so I'm optimistic.
Posted: 03/27/14, 22:27:31
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