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Donkey Kong Country: Tropical Freeze Discussion (Nintendo Wii U) [game]
9.29/10 from 26 user ratings

Welcome to the official discussion thread for Donkey Kong Country: Tropical Freeze on the Wii U!

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Just picked this up at the store, going to probably get started tonight. Anyone else getting this today?

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Posted: 02/21/14, 19:42:06  - Edited by 
 on: 02/21/14, 19:46:07
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LOL man your spoiler isn't blocked well at all. It shows through. You might wanna fix that ;)

Glad I read it though, that's awesome. Does it apply to coop as well?

Jesus, so hard actually doesn't even have checkpoints???? That's BRUTAL omg!! I wonder if I can even handle that!!! No items AND no Kong barrels??? That's psychotic!!

Makes 3D World's challenges look like child's play.

Wow. So I guess the game does actually have a very long play time if you wanna 100% it.

Wow. Oh...so...in hard you never get a buddy character??? What???
Posted: 02/25/14, 21:34:59  - Edited by 
 on: 02/25/14, 21:36:45
I'm currently #15 worldwide for 3-1's time trial!

Sounds like Hard Mode is just like DKCR's Mirror Mode, minus the mirror aspect (which I'm kind of happy about, to be honest. Going right-to-left in a platformer just feels weird)--one hit, no checkpoints, no buddies. Looking forward to it!


I did co-op for most of worlds 1 and 2--it's definitely tougher, especially in stages where there're crumbling platforms and such. Not that I think the game is easy or anything, just that replaying DKCR a couple months ago got me used to that game's last few stages, so the skills are carrying over.
Posted: 02/25/14, 22:13:44
Well, I completely finished World 2 tonight and am ready to move onto World 3. So far, it's absolutely living up to the previous game in every facet.

Really good, challenging boss to end World 2. That's one thing consistent across Retro's games: they know how to do boss fights. So glad they don't follow the Mario "jump on baddie 3 times" formula...they really make you earn it. The level before that, Wing Ding I think, was another really good stage.

But damn, the loss of lives began to pile up when Level 2-K humbled me something good. I forgot how tough those temple levels were in Returns. I feel like this one ranks up there with some of the hardest ones in the last game. Although I remember a few times in Returns where I was thinking "there's no way I'm finishing this thing" but then getting through it once I realized it wasn't so bad. And truthfully, this wasn't so bad either once I got into the swing of things. But no bones about it, the last leg of this stage was sadistic and the level designer knows it! What a DICK! I felt optimistic after getting the last puzzle piece that I was right near the end, but NOPE. That being said, eventually making it through the level all the while nailing every jump and just maintaining that flow and momentum all the way through was a great feeling; not just finally beating the level, but successfully executing the platforming itself felt great. But as much as I'd love to move onto 3-1, I am so done for the night after that.
Posted: 02/26/14, 05:47:44
I'm on world 3 now too. How did Gamespot find the levels dull and derivative? This game feels super creative and full of life to me. I love the Africa/Lion King themed stuff.

I'm still using the Gamepad without really much trouble. You don't have to use ZR/ZL all that much I feel. Part of me just wishes that the vine grabbing was automatic though. It's not so bad for me since I'm using the analog stick (so I don't have to hold the run button AND grab the vine) but I think it'd just be simpler if it worked automatically.
Posted: 02/26/14, 17:29:43
I need to stay out of this thread. All of the glowing impressions make me want to download this right now...
Posted: 02/26/14, 17:31:00
Posted: 02/26/14, 20:59:14
The fact I still haven't finished DKCR is keeping me from going out and buying this.
Posted: 02/26/14, 21:35:55
Time Trial has caught my heart again!

Wow, a three-way tie, no less (the guy at the bottom is in 8th for taking damage on his run). I wish this screen showed the stage (this one is 2-6, Wing Ding), but still, the leaderboards and small tweaks to TTs are just awesome.

This game is excellent--it just might be the best on the system...
Posted: 02/27/14, 06:07:08

I really wish the game let us switch characters for time trials without returning to the map screen. The load times aren't horrible but when you're wanting to try various characters to compete for the best time, it kinda gets annoying.
Posted: 02/27/14, 06:12:42
Can't you pretty much tell who's the fastest with a quick check of the leaderboards?
Posted: 02/27/14, 06:30:27

Well yes, but it's always fun to experiment and discover those tricks yourself
Posted: 02/27/14, 06:34:59

This game has the kind of multi-dimensional appeal that you were talking about with 3D World, but possibly even more. You can play the levels normally, go slow and hunt for collectables and secret exits, speed through stages in time trial, try the nerve-wracking hard mode (which lets you play as four different characters, all of which approach levels differently), or play co-op. Each way of playing changes the dynamics of how you play and what you get out of the game, but they're all fun and the levels can accommodate all of these different ways to play. For example, the feel and playstyles present in co-op and the ones in hard mode are very different, but they're both rewarding and the levels allow for both to work well. It's very impressive.
Posted: 02/27/14, 06:43:57  - Edited by 
 on: 02/27/14, 17:38:04
I have no willpower around you guys. Seriously.

I'll start playing soon, possibly tonight.
Posted: 02/27/14, 17:19:51
Posted: 02/27/14, 17:36:12  - Edited by 
 on: 02/27/14, 17:36:35
I'm only on world 3 so far, but I think Donkey Kong just stole Mario's crown for best 2D platformer on Wii U.

As great as the level designs were on Donkey Kong Country Returns, Retro stepped up their game big time with Tropical Freeze. I can totally see what they meant by saying that they had "unfinished business" with Donkey Kong.

Also, while the graphics do look like an HD version of Donkey Kong Country Returns I don't think the Wii would've been able to accommodate levels as dynamic as some of the ones I've encountered so far.

Also, love how Retro handled the leaderboards. Watching some of the replays blew my mind and really showcase the quality of level design.
Posted: 02/27/14, 21:30:55
Just wrapped the game up, playing in 2 player coop, and holy crap is this a good game. Hard as freakin' nails, particularly the way we've been playing it, but I wouldn't have it any other way.

I still have tons of content to explore, including levels and stuff (I'm not a completionist on the first run-through. To me, hidden levels and stuff are for the second time through) but I'm already loving this way more than... well, any game since Galaxy, including Returns.

I mean... it's everything. Level design. Music. Boss fights. Theming. This game is just about pitch perfect.

I have two complaints and they're both so minor: The loading screens are choppy when they shouldn't be and Funky Kong has an ass-stupid voice.

That's it. Those are my criticisms.

Damn near perfect.
Posted: 02/28/14, 01:49:35
Cranks is so OP for time trials. There's one stage the dude didn't even use Rambi, he just Cranked it all the way thru. Unreal.
Posted: 02/28/14, 02:03:54
I finished World 3 tonight (well, just about...I still have to do 3-K, but I will save that for next time).

I'd say the back-half of World 3 (plus the secret stages & boss) has marked a bit of a turning point in the game for me. Even though I was enjoying the game a lot up until this point, it wasn't blowing me away or anything just yet; but that has changed. The last few stages were really something, followed by yet another really cool boss fight. I'm impressed by how much variety there's been thus far...reminds me quite a bit of 3D World in that regard, where I haven't played a few stages back-to-back and felt like they were too similar.

Excited to play a lot more over the weekend.
Posted: 02/28/14, 06:09:01
By the way, to all DK:TF owners:

1) Go to Options
2) Choose the sound options
3) Set music to 100 (if it isn't already)
4) Set sound effects to 65-70
5) Crank up your TV/speaker volume

This is truly the way to play the game--enjoy!
Posted: 02/28/14, 07:37:01
I have volume at 85 because I like the sound design too. I love how bassy it sounds (music too).
Posted: 02/28/14, 11:03:01
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