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Donkey Kong Country: Tropical Freeze Discussion (Nintendo Wii U) [game]
9.29/10 from 26 user ratings

Welcome to the official discussion thread for Donkey Kong Country: Tropical Freeze on the Wii U!

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Just picked this up at the store, going to probably get started tonight. Anyone else getting this today?

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Posted: 02/21/14, 19:42:06  - Edited by 
 on: 02/21/14, 19:46:07
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I just started this with a friend the other day. We're enjoying it a lot-- it's hard though! Much harder than Super Mario 3D World (which we pretty easily got infinite lives in thanks to a trick with Dry Bones in one of the last levels). I think what messes me up personally is that sometimes we'll latch together and I'll have an extra jump, but then when he unlatches from me I can't count on that jump anymore. But it's so much fun. Can't wait to play more.
Posted: 05/15/14, 21:06:01

Oh yeah! I like that stage. It's got some clever hazards, and the goings-on throughout the stage are pretty funny.

If you tolerated that one, then you may just enjoy some of the later rocket barrel stages.
Posted: 05/15/14, 21:07:48

I did get almost a Ratatouille vibe from it. Pretty clever design! Though getting crushed by a block of cheese was not nice...


Don't worry, lives are plentiful. At least in single player. I'm well into world 2 and I've already maxed out at 99 lives, and I wasn't really trying to (nor have I bought any from Funky). Glad to see someone's playing through it at the same time I am!
Posted: 05/15/14, 21:37:06
2-K was ridiculous...ly awesome! This game. Serious. This. Game.
Posted: 05/23/14, 16:47:36

I need to jump back into this game. 3DS has stolen my attention.
Posted: 05/23/14, 20:08:32
i still slowly chip away at this game. When it came out, the first weekend my friend and I co oped the game all the way to the final world. I since returned for a solo run of the entire game and I am getting frustrated with the boss battles. They go on wayyy to long to not feel cheap when you die before the last time hitting them.
Posted: 05/26/14, 21:36:47
My buddy and I just got to World 6... ran out of lives on the World 5 boss, so we went back and played some levels in World 1 and World 2, collecting KONG letters to unlock the temple levels. 1-B was a fantastic level--the artstyle and music were both wonderful. That one really surprised me. And luckily 2-K made it pretty easy to rack up the lives. Very fun level.

3-1 was jaw-dropping too, of course. I think my favorite levels might actually be the minecart levels though. They're like BIT.TRIP RUNNER but with really over-the-top presentation, and I love them.
Posted: 05/27/14, 08:54:16
I @Secret_Tunnel

I love the mine cart stages as well. Those jet barrel stages can go to hell in a handbasket though. Yuck.
Posted: 05/28/14, 12:53:24

1B is indeed an awesome stage The background music is so good!

I agree that the minecart stages are fantastic. Speaking of good music, I like how the music in minecart levels sounds like it builds up as you travel further along the tracks. Tropical Freeze's soundtrack is very dynamic and well-tuned to the environments in the game.


I think rocket barrel stages are a fun alternative to minecart stages. They're kinda like old-school, side-scrolling shooters without the shooting and more dodging. Something about that clicks with me.
Posted: 05/29/14, 03:28:30

I like the minecart stages cause they are easy, at least for me. Now, the rocker barrel stages are way too hard for me. I can't get the rhythm to click.
Posted: 05/29/14, 08:06:57
I finished this game over the weekend, clearing all seven worlds. I didn't get all of the extras (yet), get a Time Trial medal on every stage, or beat all of the stages on hard mode, but I will likely go back after some time and knock them out. I enjoyed my time with it (around 20 hours to do everything that I did) and plan to revisit the islands in the future.
Posted: 06/23/14, 17:05:52
Finally bought this game and started playing it. Just played the first few stages. It seems pretty solid so far.

Is it just me though or is there something a bit sterile about the art / sound design? That is usually where Retro excels but it hasn't quite clicked with me yet. The soundtrack especially is just sort of odd... not really at the level of the best DKC games.
Posted: 11/11/14, 17:27:17
@Zero I think it's the lighting, makes things looks a bit too shiny/plasticy. But many modern games have that issue.

The soundtrack didn't impress me in the first world, but the later stuff... just give it time.
Posted: 11/11/14, 22:20:52  - Edited by 
 on: 11/11/14, 22:22:06
Agree with the plastic criticism. Feel like Nintendo and its developers have had to go through the same HD learning curve as the rest industry did earlier. First few years of the HD era haven't aged the greatest. Gut feeling is that Retro's next effort will be a real graphical stunner (because it's Metroid Prime 4)
Posted: 11/11/14, 22:35:24

Oddly enough, DKCTF's first world is probably its weakest from a music/visual standpoint. Things get pretty awesome quickly, though--world 2 starts with a bang and doesn't let up. I do agree that the art starts off looking a little sterile, but they do some impressive stuff in the game. Have you been to Busted Bayou in world 1? That's got some terrific art and music.
Posted: 11/11/14, 22:37:09
Geez, it's like you guys are playing a different game. Sterile? Are you joking?
Posted: 11/12/14, 04:44:27
World 2 does indeed start off pretty nice. Actually a few of the later stages in world 1 aren't bad either.

Come to think of it though, I rarely ever like the first world in platformers. It's like they all think they need to start with a plain "default" world theme and such, and combined with how simple the gameplay usually is, it doesn't really do much for me.
Posted: 11/12/14, 08:34:51
I think this game looks and sounds stunning right from the start. The Lost Mangrove really makes a splash with its busted up, hazardous machinery meets lovely jungle paradise backdrop. I was really impressed by the liveliness and creative energy of the first few levels!
Posted: 11/12/14, 09:45:08

I wouldn't go so far as to say "sterile", but coming off of DKCR, I was expecting a little more in the early going. World 1 was fine, but it felt a bit "by the numbers".

It really starts to take off in World 2, and unlike some other games in the genre, I feel Tropical Freeze consistently gets better and better over the course of the game.
Posted: 11/12/14, 14:43:55
World 2 as a whole might be my favorite DKC world ever. Every single stage in that area is a stand-out to me.
Posted: 11/12/14, 16:01:21
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