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Donkey Kong Country: Tropical Freeze Discussion (Nintendo Wii U) [game]
9.29/10 from 26 user ratings

Welcome to the official discussion thread for Donkey Kong Country: Tropical Freeze on the Wii U!

To start, please add this game to your log, add it to your collection (if applicable), and (when you are ready) rate it using the link above!

Just picked this up at the store, going to probably get started tonight. Anyone else getting this today?

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Posted: 02/21/14, 19:42:06  - Edited by 
 on: 02/21/14, 19:46:07
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@Mop it up

Yeah, that was probably the only weird/poorly-placed musical bit in the game for me. To make it even more silly, the music used in the current Bramble Scramble is ALSO used in the next two levels, so it's not even a case of having too much music or whatever. They could've easily put in the bramble mix.
Posted: 04/13/14, 23:38:40
Just picked this up from Toys R' Us in the B1G1 40% deal along with Mario Party 3DS for my niece's birthday. I'm psyched.
Posted: 04/14/14, 00:32:53

I fired this game up for the first time in weeks. I blame the baby! But I agree, as he becomes more aware and less needy, the time to play games will return. I'm glad I have my 3DS, which is very pick up and play friendly.
Posted: 04/15/14, 03:29:54
I collected all the KONG letters and beat all the stages. Now to eventually collect all the puzzle pieces.
Posted: 04/15/14, 05:36:40
Does hard mode unlock when you beat all the stages? Or do you need the puzzle pieces too?
Posted: 04/15/14, 06:49:20

Just all stages (KONG letters). Puzzle pieces are solely for extra art to look at.
Posted: 04/15/14, 07:02:12
Posted: 04/19/14, 05:16:44
Ha ha WTF I was wondering why the average for the game was so low when everyone seems to love it?!

Posted: 04/19/14, 05:21:27
I've completed the game, beat all the levels, ran some times trials, played some hard mode stages, and tried some multiplayer. There are still some more puzzle pieces, hard mode stages, and multiplayer to play, but I think I've seen enough for a rating. This game has a few less stages than DKCR, which I'm guessing is the reason Nintendo decided on the $50 tag. Probably a smart idea.

+Even more creative and varied level design
+New additions like Kongs, water, and time trials are fun
+One of the best game soundtracks in a good long while

-Too similar to DKCR
-Multiplayer still poor
-Weird control layouts

Overall: 9/10
Posted: 05/02/14, 22:20:10
Just beat the game. Fun all the way through and definitely a standard bearer for presentation in a 2D platformer. Things like the factory level and the safari stuff really hits you on the head with how much more variety there could be in 2D Mario levels.

It's hard for me rate these DKC games since they're so similar at their core. DKCR definitely seems to be much better than any of its predecessors to me but it's hard to identify what exactly improved given the similarity in gameplay. I guess subtle things like level design. This game feels about the same as DKCR in actual gameplay and level design but its been too long for me to really say for certain. I do feel like Tropical Freeze had more annoying water parts perhaps.

I've collected all the KONG pieces in all the levels I've played, but I still haven't found a lot of the secret exits. I guess that's on my plate, I wish there was some clearer indication as to which levels had them.
Posted: 05/04/14, 18:23:37

Yeah, I had to look at a guide to see which levels in world 6 contained secret exits. Once I knew where to look I was able to find the exits easier.
Posted: 05/04/14, 21:14:25

Hell, as tough as the game is, I would never blame anyone for looking up which stages contain the secret levels. I have no problems using the parrot to locate those well hidden puzzle pieces. As tough as the actual levels themselves can be, I buy and use as many 'cheat items' as I can, so I don't become too easily frustrated with the game.
Posted: 05/05/14, 11:17:57

By and large, you can tell from looking at the world map. Once you know which stages have a "Y" branching off of them, it's relatively straightforward. Thankfully, they didn't try and make things as confusing as possible.

Definitely had to make use of Squawks a few times to find some puzzle pieces. The worst is when you have a good idea where the last piece is, and then the parrot confirms it, but you still have no idea what you need to do at that point. There were a few really tricky hidden pieces like that.
Posted: 05/05/14, 14:38:15
Mop it up said:
I'm outraged. They wasted the Bramble Blast music on a mere starting and ending point for a rocket level. Not only that, but the very next level is named Bramble Scramble, which is the exact same name as a level in DKC2 that used this music, and it doesn't even use it here.

Seriously, WTF?

Worst game ever, 0/10.
Yeah honestly I agree that's pretty goddamn ridiculous. I agree with every word. Some of the silliest shit I've ever seen.
Posted: 05/05/14, 18:32:34
@TheBigG753 Well, you can't just go by the paths on the map, because one path leads to the temple level which you need all the Kong letters to unlock. But the dot for that level has a stone square underneath it, so you can tell which of the secret levels is the temple before you unlock it.

That said, I'm pretty sure World 6 doesn't show paths, so there's no way to tell which levels have the secret exits, I believe.
Posted: 05/05/14, 20:38:02
Just beat the temple in the 5th world (Platform Problems). Man, that is what platforming is all about. So good.
Posted: 05/11/14, 19:07:26  - Edited by 
 on: 05/11/14, 19:08:10
I just started this game today, and wow. Platforming is tight, and a lot of little nooks and crannies to explore. I also found a secret exit (by accident, but I found one) in 1-2. Boom!
Posted: 05/13/14, 16:13:25
2-B...blech. Though I did get a gold medal in the time trial for it, so...
Posted: 05/15/14, 20:20:49

I forgot the details of 2-B, but I lost a lot of balloons in those secret stages. Good going earning a Gold Medal! When I come back to this game, I think I'll attempt some more time trials. Rolling and gaining momentum off rolls and enemies is so satisfying.
Posted: 05/15/14, 20:36:24

It's one of those rocket barrel stages...I still don't like them, but that one was bearable. So much so I did the Time Attack right away.
Posted: 05/15/14, 20:39:20
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