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Chicago Indie Video Game Developers and Games That You Should Check Out
I love Chicago and I love indie games so I want a place to talk about them. I plan to use this as an ongoing thread to talk about various projects people that I may or may not know are involved in that are either upcoming or already released. Also, you can check out Indie City Games and IGDA Chicago for more information on the Chicago indie video game development scene.

Obviously one game everyone should know about by now is our very own Dapper Dave's Boot Hill Heroes, which you can go help Greenlight on Steam. A single player / local co-op Western (as in, taking place in the wild wild West) RPG with an SNES-flair and a Jake Kaufman soundtrack, of course it is going to be excellent.

Releasing on PC and Vita erm... soon?

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Posted: 01/30/14, 01:16:12  - Edited by 
 on: 04/23/14, 05:16:25
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Battle Chef Brigade has a release date for Switch... November 20th!

Posted: 11/09/17, 22:05:18
Project Highrise - Architect's Edition coming to the Switch! It's well... a tower building sim.

I've seen quite a bit of this game and played the demo for a good half hour or so, it feels like it really hits the balance of intuitive yet deep pretty nicely.

Posted: 06/09/18, 06:58:28
Sausage Sports Club is releasing on July 19th on the Switch!

Sure, the developer may have ABANDONED Chicago to live elsewhere, but it's still a very Chicago game to me!

Posted: 07/15/18, 02:38:33

Lol, that looks hilarious! And fun, too. Will definitely keep an eye open for that one, thanks!
Posted: 07/16/18, 15:32:44
I kind of let this thread die for awhile but here is a big one! A buddy of mine made a game that teaches you how to code.

Check it out!

Posted: 08/15/19, 03:44:23
Oh and uh, duh, I'm from Chicago so I guess it's self promotion time!

I have finally publicly announced my musical action platformer runner whatever you want to call it!

At the moment it is being announced for Steam only. Iím going to try to talk to publishers to see if they can help me get it on the Switch, and eventually talk to Sony and Microsoft as well, so hopefully a console release is also in the future.

In Retrospect
†††Paper Salamander Games

Posted: 08/15/19, 03:46:09
Manifold Garden, 7 years in the making, looking freaking AWESOME, releasing on Epic Game Store and Apple Arcade this weekend. (I know it is coming to PS4 and Steam eventually, not sure when exactly.) I really think this might be the next big game in the Portal / Stanley Parable / Antichamber 1st person not shooter genre. We'll see.

I know the creator and technically I helped playtest it long ago, it was already pretty awesome back then. I wonder if I made it into the credits?! Probably not...

/EDIT Willy says the PS4 version is probably coming early 2020. I vaguely remember hearing that he signed a 1 year thing with Epic for PC so I think the Steam version will still be a year off?

Posted: 10/17/19, 02:31:26  - Edited by 
 on: 10/17/19, 03:20:30

I've been hearing about this game for so long!
Posted: 10/17/19, 02:50:18
Looks like Manifold Garden is coming to PS4 eventually too. Jonathan Blow tweeted about it, and I've been blown away by every one of his game recommendations, so I'll check it out then!
Posted: 10/21/19, 03:23:31
I already posted about that! "Early 2020" for the PS4 version.
Posted: 10/21/19, 15:06:50
Exciting news, the retro RPG Boot Hill Bounties is coming to Switch in a few weeks!

And there is a preorder deal going on where you can get it right now for under $10! A whole RPG, under $10!

I've played the first game and have done playtesting for this one, they're good stuff!

Posted: 03/31/20, 00:02:45  - Edited by 
 on: 03/31/20, 00:03:22

Yeah, saw that on Twitter, super excited for them! One of those dev-dreams, releasing on a Nintendo console. :)
Posted: 03/31/20, 00:25:59  - Edited by 
 on: 03/31/20, 00:26:15
Bugsnax is out now. Are you talkin' 'bout Bugsnax?!

Posted: 11/13/20, 01:18:52
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