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What is your LEAST favorite post-N64-era console mainline Zelda game? [poll]
The Legend of Zelda: The Wind Waker (17/44 votes)
The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess (13/44 votes)
The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword (14/44 votes)
Different poll. This is your LEAST favorite here. Now I'm curious to see which one gets the most hate. Because that is another interesting thing about these three games to me is almost everyone dislikes one of them. Not that picking your least favorite necessarily means you dislike it, but again... curious.

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Posted: 01/28/14, 19:50:33  - Edited by 
 on: 01/28/14, 19:50:27
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Flying in a Zelda game is one of those things that sounds super-cool in concept--can you imagine whisking in a high speed above Hyrule Field, then going over hills and mountains and stuff to take a shortcut?? It'd be amazing!

Unfortunately, flying in SS was restricted to a "flight-only" overworld of clouds and small islands, which really didn't feel the same. I never really got a clear sense of speed or height because you couldn't actually fly over any real landmasses.
Posted: 01/30/14, 08:15:36
Its kindof hard for me to vote cause I have not completed Skyward Sword. I'm only at the 2nd dungeon, but if I had to guess, SS probably will be my least favorite. I'm usually not wrong when it comes to my feelings on such things, esp. when it has to do with videogames. I say this cause bavk in the nes/esp. snes days, I picked games based on boxes and what little info I found in gaming magazines..usually EGM, and all the games I choose have become classics, like Contra III, Castlevania IV, Super R Type, Super Mario 3(ok, not really a game that was obscure), Contra, Super Ghouls & Ghosts, ect, ect. I could keep naming games, but you get the point. I honestly never bought a bad game or one that bummed me out.

Anyways, I'm not going to vote until I complete SS. Though, out of WW & TP, I would have to say I liked TP more. I really cannot say WW was my least favorite, even though I guess technically it is out of those two games. Its just different and to be fair, its hard to say which Zelda I like the most between TP & OoT. I usually go with OoT being my favorite, but I feel that is due to it being the first Zelda game I ever played.

The original Zelda games on the NES and ALttP on the SNES, is one of the few times my feelings let me down, meaning, I knew nothing about Zelda games until I started reading articles about OoT, like previews, ect. Up until then, whenever I saw a Zelda game on a rental shelf or at an EB, ect, the games always came off as a class C game. I actually felt the gold Zelda carts made the game seem like a cheap cash-in, meaning they made the carts gold in an attempt to sell them. What was I thinking?!?!

If I had to pick my least favorite Zelda, one I really don't like and I only made it past first dungeon, is Majora's Mask. I'll be honest, the game is too fucking hard. Having to do shit over and over cause of the three day cycle just ended up confusing me. Its like, this game is taking waay too long to make any progress. Maybe if I tried it again. I have it on the VC, even though I have the gold N64 cart as well. I think someoneon NW gifted it to me a couple years ago for the Secret Santa exchange.
Posted: 01/30/14, 08:38:51  - Edited by 
 on: 01/30/14, 08:44:26

Yeah, flying was annoying. I think Sailing bummed me out more though. And those things to boost your speed as a flier, you could use your riding crop deal, OR dive from high to increase your speed OR flying through those speed rocks! And later on, you got that thing that made you go even FASTER (the spin deal?). I dunno. Sailing was kinda like "oh great, the wind is blowing against me now, so I gotta turn it," or it became "I guess I'll warp there, and then sail from there." I dunno. Traveling is butt.

I don't see how any of those are worse than riding a stupid horse for 2 minutes though.
Posted: 01/30/14, 23:18:36
Twilight Princess is the worst mainline entry in the series as far as I'm concerned.
Posted: 01/30/14, 23:21:48

You are wrong. Not an opinion. Fact!

Posted: 02/01/14, 09:15:15
You never run out of time if you play a certain song and once you beat the first dungeon the game picks up pace. It's not a Zelda game for everyone though as it focuses on the world and the tiny stories that occur.
Posted: 02/01/14, 09:39:16
I said Wind Waker but that's 'not' because of the graphics, (I think they made the game age extremely well). My problem is the problem of randomly going to every island in a giant ocean trying to find out were to go. Also I think we can all agree the worst Zelda game is a 2D one not a 3D.

#Link to the Past

lol, jokes, that game was good
Posted: 10/09/14, 11:52:38
Twilight Princess. I just could never get into it. I was immediately put off by the fact that you needed five pieces of heart instead of 4. What a buzz kill.
Posted: 10/09/14, 13:37:07
I love Twilight Princess. Love it. The scale and size was incredible, the graphics blew me away, and I still get chills from some of the epic moments in the game. I played the GC version, so the controls never bothered me. It's funny, I was in a used game store the other day and was considering buying a gamecube just to play TP again (but then remembered I could just hook my Wii back up). Probably an unpopular opinion, but TP is my favorite 3D Zelda.

I really like WW, but I agree with some of the criticisms...the ocean was a chore and the triumph forks quest was obnoxious. But all in all it's a fun game and it's just sooo pretty.

Never played SS...didn't want to get the motion plus adapter when it first came out, and the motion controls just turned me off in general. I'll probably get it at some point just to be a completist and play all of them, but I never got excited to play it like I did with the others.
Posted: 10/09/14, 15:03:22
Well, this thread is a blast from the past.

Still Wind Waker. If I could vote for it again, I would!
Posted: 10/09/14, 15:22:11
Probably Twilight Princess, but that isn't saying much because I really enjoyed all three of them.
Posted: 10/09/14, 16:02:54
Oh gosh I just realised how old this thread was.
Posted: 10/09/14, 16:08:52
cooliocuneo said:
Twilight Princess. I just didn't enjoy the wolf aspect. I still really liked the game, just never had fun running around as the wolf.

Posted: 10/09/14, 22:07:04
Where is the Zelda U option? That game stinks so much that I can't even play it.
Posted: 10/09/14, 22:13:24
Skyward Sword gets my vote. It's the most bland, boring Zelda game ever. In fact, it's the first Zelda game I stopped playing midway through as I just couldn't deal with its banality any longer. Granted, I eventually came back to it and beat it, but only out of guilt, and only liked it less as a result.
Posted: 10/10/14, 01:49:30
I liked SS a lot but I'm wondering if in their attempt to make the controls natural and intuitive, they went the opposite direction and made things too complicated.

Honestly I'd rather they just do what they did with Wind Waker. I have no desire to either

A.) use the Gamepad in weird ways (like a window to find stuff)
B.) use the Wii remote and then put the Gamepad on a table or something. It was awful in Pikmin 3 to have to lean over to the stupid map. What a lame idea that was IMO.
Posted: 10/10/14, 05:26:16
I'm sticking with the GCN experience of WW -
I enjoyed TP and SS all for different reasons - both I thought improved on OoT in many ways. WW was charming but the 'second act' is still not as compelling as the other two. I wanted to explore everything in both games.

The HD version of WW is amazing but I am now on the second act - and although it's way better then the GCN counterpart - it's not enough to prevent it from being my least favourite console zelda out of the three...
Posted: 10/10/14, 05:28:22

I enjoyed using the Pro controller and having the Gamepad on my lap or to my side playing Wind Waker HD. In general, I disagree and hope they use the Gamepad in an interesting way.

I'm assuming they won't have sword controls since they'd have to pack in a Wiimote, although I suppose it's possible since they did it with SS.
Posted: 10/10/14, 05:31:52  - Edited by 
 on: 10/10/14, 05:33:10
TheOldManFromZelda said:
Twilight Princess. I just could never get into it. I was immediately put off by the fact that you needed five pieces of heart instead of 4. What a buzz kill.

Absolutely. What were they thinking?


I wonder if I would've liked it better had I played on Gamecube. Good possibility..(but probably not!).


I'll also say that I think Hyrule Warriors DEFINITELY stands up with the other mainline Zelda games. Huge.
Posted: 10/10/14, 06:42:20
@Jargon I guess my eyes just aren't what they used to be. I thought it was kind of annoying that there wasn't at the very least a minimap on the screen. Besides, the game paused when you touched the map anyway - why not just have the map be an overlay on the TV at the touch of a button?

With Zelda I'd love to just hold the Gamepad and use the screen for items or quick map checking. I didn't like the traditional controls in Pikmin so I never really played the game that way.

I DID love the updated stylus controls in Pikmin 3. Since I tended to play late at night, I used that method a lot and thought it was incredibly intuitive. I loved that, and I loved the Pointer controls. Just couldn't really get behind the Gamepad sitting on the coffee table. Would've just prefwrred to have my attention on the TV the whole time.

This is maybe the main reason I'd want to play Wind Waker HD - to have that HD Zelda experience with full camera control. The things you actually do in Zelda tend to interest me far more than how you do it (I.e. I'm not really that interested to go the motion control route again). It was a fun idea but I'd kind of rather they focus on other things with the series.
Posted: 10/11/14, 03:39:24
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