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Candy Crush Saga developers trying to own the words "candy" and "saga" for all video games
Has anyone been keeping up with this story? It sounds pretty insane. Unfortunately they might be able to pull it off because they have tons of money and lawyers and junk.


They're going after some game called The Banner Saga right now. Which is pretty ridiculous since that game has jack to do with their Candy Crush junk but you know, it used the word "Saga" so it's clearly trying to rip them off or something.

I know a pair of Chicago developers working on a game called Dog Sled Saga that are a bit concerned. Although one of them did mention that the publicity from being attacked by King might be worth it...

In closing, everyone who has played or does play any of that Candy Crush junk should be ashamed of themselves.

The end.

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Posted: 01/23/14, 00:21:08  - Edited by 
 on: 01/23/14, 00:20:58
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@Pokefreak911 If this had happened like a week before April Fool's I'd totally be down for it. It might run the risk of obtaining their ire, but even if that happened, the publicity would be nice...
Posted: 01/23/14, 18:07:47
Not sure how true this is but it seems like King makes a habit of ripping off other people's games.
Posted: 01/24/14, 01:00:27
I've heard of this kind of bullshit before and it blows my mind each time.

A) Why the fuck do this?
B) How does one copyright simple words?
C) Why do they think they'll pull it off?
D) Everyone who does this shit is embarrassing themselves..

My two cents.

And no they won't fucking win.
Posted: 01/24/14, 01:47:49
I enjoy Candy Crush Saga as a game, but I don't condone this shit at all. It's pretty ugly of an ethic in my opinion. I hope whoever decides this has half a brain. And though I play the game, I don't pay a cent on it. I refuse to buy lives or power ups or whatever. No thank you. Since they only advertise their own games which I don't play anyway, I do see how they're making much off me. I don't even think I gave them a great rating on the Android store or anything.
Posted: 01/24/14, 01:54:52
Such arrogance to even attempt this. They think they're important enough to claim common words. Words that were used in games long before their shitty game.

I guess Saga Frontier can never release on PSN now.
Posted: 01/24/14, 02:13:38
@carlosrox The problem is that even if they don't pull it off longterm, they have enough money and lawyers and junk to make it rough for smaller companies in the meanwhile.
Posted: 01/24/14, 02:20:54
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