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NES Remix Discussion (Nintendo Wii U) [game]
7.18/10 from 9 user ratings

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So this is out NOW! Seems to be a microgame/challenge/high score game with remixed early NES games. Someone for the love of God, please give me impressions, and tell me if this is worth $15 or not.

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Posted: 12/18/13, 18:02:48  - Edited by 
 on: 12/18/13, 18:05:18
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I don't think it shows up. I think we just talk about it. I'm around 150 or so. Probably a bit more.

WarioWare: I never even thought about playing the game the way you did. Weird. Probably because "it's not very fun."

Stop doing your TOP SECRET PROJECT that takes up all of your time and play freakin' Pikmin 3! They released the Best Zelda In Years, and you haven't played it either. What the heckkk! And the way I type, I write as I read; I mentioned the TOP SECRET PROJECT in my post before I even read it in yours. This thing..for you..better be Mr. Nee's Opus, or something, because it's making you miss out on life. Gotta weigh it out, man.

Owning a game and not about to play it is almost as bad as not owning it at all. I intend on starting 101 soon (wanted to finish Pikmin 3 as I imagine them to be similar, even if other people don't), and I just polished that off late last week. Might even get on it tonight! So yeah, I guess I'm guilty of that, but we (as a whole) gotta get back on pace sometime "soon," don't we? Wii U is the place to do it.
Posted: 12/22/13, 05:35:12
Hmm, it seems other people's times do show up when you are selecting stages, but it's just random strangers? Weird. Why is Nintendo so against basic leaderboard support?!

You haven't played "the best Zelda in years" yet either! And never will! Don't lecture me bro!!!!!!!!!!! Pikmin 3 is probably going to happen soon. Just so many other games to play and stuff. And then Mario came along.

I really should learn to not buy new games until I'm ready for them, but when I see deals I tend to jump on them...
Posted: 12/22/13, 05:52:45
I'm kinda tempted by this for the Mario and Zelda challenges (I absolutely love Mario 1 and Zelda 1--both are my favorites in the series), and I have a history of really enjoying fractured takes on the 8-bit era like PiCTOBiTS and Retro Game Challenge. Should I bite on this…or get Luigi U? I am slightly burnt out by 2D Mario, but I'm sure I'd still enjoy it.
Posted: 12/22/13, 07:10:39
It's important to know that most of the challenges aren't really fractured versions, but small sections of the regular games.

I am a tad disappointed in that fact, but it's fun nonetheless.

Luigi U will give you a nice challenge, but if you are burnt out on 2D Mario maybe you should wait a little bit on it. It's totally worth a purchase though!
Posted: 12/22/13, 07:49:14
This game is pretty sweet. I hope it does well enough to justify a sequel or some DLC though, because there are definitely a ton of great first party NES games left that didn't make the cut. I mean, Ice Climbers got in over Metroid or Kid Icarus? Eww. A SNES Remix is also desired.

Does the game cost too much? The hours of entertainment I will get out if it relative to the price of a movie ticket makes it seem like a decent enough value. Just because they are working with old games doesn't mean it didn't take effort to develop it. Perhaps $10 would get more people to jump on it.
Posted: 12/22/13, 14:45:21

Those are HANDHELDS though. I don't like them! Thats like me getting all over you for not watching Blockbuster Smut Masterpieces. You'll never see Pirates 2, HOW DARE YOUUU.


If you're looking for Mario 1 challenges, BOY, will you be happy. I could use a little less. (a lot less)


Kid Icarus isn't there?? I thought FOR SURE it was going to be there..... I haven't unlocked it "yet" but.. --Isn't there an Eggplant Stamp? I gotta play more.
Posted: 12/23/13, 23:02:24

The eggplant is from Ice Climber.
Posted: 12/23/13, 23:03:24

Oh! Well then my dread has just evaporated.
Posted: 12/24/13, 00:20:05
Note: All questions are rhetorical.

I have an extreme love/hate relationship with this game. This applies to the challenges taken straight from the NES games and the remix challenges. The games are a wildly varied mixed bag of quality.

I guess I'll start with the negative things first. Some of the games are miserable to play, like Mario Bros, Ice Climber, Baseball, and Clu Clu Land. It's so polarizing that my neck still hurts from the whiplash in quality of playing Zelda immediately after Clu Clu Land. How did Baseball and Urban Champion end up in this game while Kirby, Kid Icarus, Zelda 2, and Punch Out are nowhere to be found? A lot of times these game feel inconsistent. Why does hitting a 68mph fastball when it is exactly over the plate and the batter is all of the way back and to the left cause a homerun one time, and a pop-fly straight to shortstop the next? Why does Ice Climber/Popo phase through the edge of this platform and land on top of it in one instance and bump his head on the bottom of it and fall to his death the next?

Plus, the game assumes that the player already understands the controls and mechanics for some of the games. They really ease you in with the simpler games like Wrecking Crew and Mario. Meanwhile, less apparent games like Golf and Baseball are the worst examples, being given little to no explanation. There is a short video of Baseball that is supposed to show how the game is played, but it only consists of a single hit that ends up being a homerun. Nothing else. No explanation of how to tell your players to advance another base, head back to the previous base, steal a base (if you even can steal bases, that is), how to punt, or what the effects of moving your batter around are. Golf has all of these icons and abbreviations that mean nothing to the uninitiated. There are at least ten different clubs and the only way to find out what they do is to blindly experiment and waste your time. What's the big difference between 3W and 4W? You can curve your shots, but the game won't tell you that either. And in Tennis, what is the difference between swinging a tennis racket with the A button versus swinging it with the B button?

The remix challenges can be disappointing as well. While around 2/3rds of them are fun, some feel like they were put into the game not to add to the player's enjoyment, but to frustrate or annoy them. There is far too much Super Mario, and barely any Pinball. There's only one Urban champion challenge, which basically serves as a tutorial. And the final challenge is drawn out at best and infuriating at worst.

But on the other hand, some of these games are still enjoyable. Aside from a majority of the titular remixes being fun, some of the NES games these challenges are derived from are still fun. Zelda, Balloon Fight, Donkey Kong Jr, and Pinball are my favorites. The challenges for these take you to some of the best parts of those games. Even though I complained about it earlier, I was able to enjoy Golf for the first time in my life despite my initial confusion. I also found Excitebike to be more fun in this segmented form than I did the original game. But here lies another problem. While Excitebike is an exception, most of these fun games are more enjoyable and rewarding in their full form. What's more better: flipping two cards on the board in Pinball and stopping immediately, or flipping two cards on the board in Pinball and continuing to play Pinball with those newly earned points? Finding a hidden 1-up block in Mario and stopping, or finding a hidden 1-up block in Mario and continuing to play Mario with an extra life? Many of these tasks aren't terribly rewarding when taken out of context. I would rather just play through Zelda than skip around to a bunch of different rooms from random dungeons.

I suppose I would've enjoyed NES remix more if I hadn't committed myself to 100% completion. There were many times when I forced myself to play challenges that I didn't want to. There were also many times where I would have normally stopped playing or tried a different challenge, but forced myself to continue on because I wanted to get all of the stars. My star total is currently a little over 600. I only missed the last 3. If you were to subtract the number of stars that I did not enjoy earning, my total would be closer to 300. The solution seems simple then. Just play what you like and don't play what you don't. But the thing about games like this, Banjo Kazooie, Ape Escape, Donkey Kong 64 and other games with a ton of collectables is that I become deeply bothered if I don't get everything. I'm not sure why, but it stresses me out to not collect everything. In Banjo Kazooie and Ape Escape, the amount of collectables are manageable and earning them is a lot of fun, so I love those games. In DK64 and NES Remix, it is not fun. Even if I did skip what I didn't like, I still wouldn't be having a lot of fun. I made a mistake with NES Remix and got sucked in. I should have skipped over it or built up a strong mental barrier against 100% completion. I'm going to make the same call that I made when I got stuck at the very end of Little Nemo at 3 AM. I put a lot of time and effort into it, but I'm going to call it quits when the finish line is so close, even though I set myself to making it to the end. It's not worth walking away in a bad mood or losing sleep.

Maybe I suck at some of these games and that's why I'm not having a lot of fun. I don't know. I'm not sure that's the case because I suck at Golf, but it's fair and more importantly consistent, so I don't get frustrated. I sucked the first time I played Kid Icarus but it still felt pretty fair and consistent, so I didn't get very frustrated. Taking that into consideration, I suppose that this is not the case. Even if it were, not having fun is not having fun, so it doesn't really matter.

NES Remix is not worth $15. There is a lot of content and around half of it is decent-to-good, but that money would be better spent on the full versions of the fun games. Or better yet, use that money to download Majora's Mask, Earthbound on VC, or Banjo Kazooie on XBLA and have the time of your life. I'll probably return to this game if I ever get the urge to play Urban Champion or a shitty baseball game, but I see myself avoiding NES Remix for a while so I don't get sucked back into the last challenge or grinding for the last 7 stamps.

TLDR: Meh. Why? Ugh!
Posted: 12/24/13, 05:56:35  - Edited by 
 on: 12/24/13, 06:12:08

Thanks for the extended thoughts. I think I'm going to get it, but will try not to force myself to get everything.

Oh and if you're trying to punt in a baseball game, your problem might be bigger than the controls.
Posted: 12/24/13, 14:52:24  - Edited by 
 on: 12/24/13, 14:53:36
Yeah, I assume he meant bunt, but that is a funny typo.
Posted: 12/24/13, 17:22:35
I don't know if I think that this is a great game, but it's a good game and maybe more importantly it fills a need that I have right now to have a game I can just lay in bed and play for a few minutes here and there without feeling like its a big time investment... my other current Wii U games are the type that take a bigger investment and my brother has my 3DS right now (playing Phoenix Wright.)

I definitely agree with some of the complaints though... the main one being the inconsistency of the quality of the titles. Why did Nintendo include so many of its weaker NES games to the exclusion of better ones? All that I can think is that they already have DLC / a sequel planned. If not well... then it was a just plain stupid decision to include junk like Wrecking Crew, Golf, Ice Climber, the original Mario Bros. etc. over Metroid, Super Mario Bros. 2 / 3, Kid Icarus, etc. Hell, they could have gotten a few third parties involved... why not? Contra and Mega Man and such...

Speaking of sequels, can you imagine if they made an SNES Remixl? That'd be sweet.
Posted: 12/24/13, 18:53:34  - Edited by 
 on: 12/24/13, 18:57:13
After playing this game all weekend I highly recommend it. So much fun.
Posted: 12/24/13, 18:53:48
So I got what I believe to be all 612 stars (are there more) last night. Bonus 25 was harder than I thought it would be, but it only took two full attempts to get three stars (didn't try for three rainbow stars). I'm still five stamps short, but...not sure if I want to go for them or not.

I enjoyed my time with NES Remix. Fun diversion.
Posted: 12/31/13, 00:15:11

If it helps, quick rule of thumb on Golf clubs is that the higher the number, the shorter they go.

1W (a "wood") would be your Tee shot, where a 3W or a 5W could also be used off the tee on a shorter hole. Your "irons" work the same (and are generally reserved for the Fairway / Rough), with differences in the angle (as well as shaft length) making the difference. It is ILLEGAL to bring every club available with you in regulation, so most golfers use a handful of clubs (lets say 6 or 7). PW (Pitching Wedge) is one that gets a lot of use, being your shortest and highest club, making for dramatic, arch type shots. If you're just off the Green, this is probably want you want to use. SW (Sand Wedge) is obviously for the bunker, and PT (Putter) is your Green club.

I know in one of the early Golf challenges, I just hit whatever I could off the Tee (probably a 1W), and when I made my 2nd shot, I flew down to the 5 or 7 Iron until I got it. I'm sure someone could explain it a lot better (about actual golf), or Abdooooo could help you better (about NES Golf), but I hope whatever I said helps you, even if slightly.

As for NES Remix, the way that I did/do it to keep fresh, was to do ONE challenge from a game, and move on. I got every one to the same level before advancing, and that way when I get done with a terrible Clu Clu Land challenge, I've got something FUN (probably..) waiting for me afterwards. And Zelda is last in line, right? AWESOME, what a dessert!
Posted: 12/31/13, 01:05:56
This game is one heck of a good time! Not too far into it yet, but love that I can play in small bursts. Chase the rainbow!
Posted: 01/02/14, 00:48:44
I picked this up last night. I did pretty well with the challenges of games I had as a kid and played obsessively (DK Jr., DK, Excitebike). It made me feel like an old pro.
Posted: 01/10/14, 13:16:51

Nintendo games on the NES were a wildly mixed bag. I'm not surprised that they included some genuinely shitty games in this collection; after all, you're not playing for long.

But you're right, going from something like Zelda to Urban Champion is just... ugh.
Posted: 01/10/14, 17:21:41

I beat the S out of DK Jr, too.

Excitebike: I don't think I EVER KNEW that you're supposed to land with your wheels flush to the ground. Wow!


Thats why you gotta play Urban Champion first. "Wow, this Zelda game is so much better!"
Posted: 01/12/14, 00:24:25
Bought this game with some eShop funds (20% off thanks to Best Buy).

So far I've been saving the Remix stages as a reward. Think I'll stick with that but they sure are tempting when I'm stuck playing Mario Bros.

Not sure how much of a completionist I want to be. On one hand, I'm having no trouble whatsoever getting three stars on everything so far, so I might want to go for rainbows to make it more challenging. On the other hand there are a few I thought I'd done close to as fast as possible and didn't get a star, so I wouldn't want to get frustrated. We'll see, for now I'm getting three stars and moving on unless I think I'm really close to rainbow.
Posted: 03/08/14, 01:45:21
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