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NES Remix Discussion (Nintendo Wii U) [game]
7.18/10 from 9 user ratings

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So this is out NOW! Seems to be a microgame/challenge/high score game with remixed early NES games. Someone for the love of God, please give me impressions, and tell me if this is worth $15 or not.

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Posted: 12/18/13, 18:02:48  - Edited by 
 on: 12/18/13, 18:05:18
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Welp, I "unlocked" a Records option after beating all the remix stages.

Not exactly a leaderboard still since it just shows your best score on each challenge, but at least you can see them all in one list....why you have to unlock this is beyond me though
Posted: 12/20/13, 20:28:09
I downloaded it this afternoon and I'm really enjoying it. I only have 42 stars and haven't unlocked any additional games beyond the 6 you start with, but I am having fun. I wouldn't mind seeing this turned into a series that incorporates as many Nintendo games as possible from the past.
Posted: 12/20/13, 23:24:31

The fact that they have an eShop icon next to the Miiverse one makes me pretty confident that they plan on adding additional games/challenges as DLC in the future.

Also, I like how they feature one game a day to have double bits on all challenges. From this point on, I'm just going to do the featured game each day, so (A) I don't get burnt out, and (B) I'm able to get all the stamps without too much "grinding" of already beaten challenges.
Posted: 12/20/13, 23:37:49
I didn't notice that. I'm OK with that idea too. I also find myself playing the double bits games more too.
Posted: 12/21/13, 02:36:27

I've been just looking at my GamePad for Super Mario (and TERRIBLE Ice Climber, UGH) and its been much better. I still prefer the NES controller.


Yeah, really. Haha, why else would you need to go to the eShop?: to re-buy the game you just bought?

Maybe we'll get company-based games, like Konami or Capcom or something.

Double Bits: I CRUISED through Donkey Kong Jr. last night, and if you saw my NYAN DK JR post, you'd see that I Rainbow'd the hell out of those challenges. AWESOME. I've been going stage by stage though, cycling through. I think I'm up to Challenge 5 across the games available to me. (Remix I complete, up to about 21 on Remix II. No need to tell me how much more is left, please..)
Posted: 12/21/13, 11:04:06  - Edited by 
 on: 12/21/13, 11:07:05
I think they're trying to sell people on "if you liked this game in NES Remix, buy the original!" and that might be why they have the eShop thing on there. I noticed when I went to go buy it that they have both NES Remix and "the games from NES Remix" side by side on the eShop...

Is there a way to change the buttons? I hate when there is a diamond button layout and you are forced to use A and B.
Posted: 12/21/13, 11:17:34  - Edited by 
 on: 12/21/13, 11:32:57
Not that I could find.
Just use X and A I suppose.
Posted: 12/21/13, 11:41:43
Even worse. Ug.
Posted: 12/21/13, 11:43:37
Diamond button layouts are fucking TERRIBLE. That should've been an evolutionary dead end.

But I have so many games! SO MANY GAMES.

Patience is a virtue. I can give you a 100% guarantee that I will eventually get this game, though. It's right up my alley.
Posted: 12/21/13, 17:09:37  - Edited by 
 on: 12/21/13, 17:10:21
I don't mind the diamond as long as the two primary buttons I have to use are on the left side WHERE MY THUMB NATURALLY RESTS. Why would anyone restrict two button games to the awkward right side?!
Posted: 12/21/13, 20:14:05

Your Nyan DK JR has been dethroned good sir
Posted: 12/21/13, 20:20:14  - Edited by 
 on: 12/21/13, 20:20:25
About additional games... I think they sort of have to be planning that, or maybe even a full sequel, or something. Otherwise, why on Earth wouldn't stuff like Metroid and Super Mario Bros. 2/3 be in here?!

I wonder if Nintendo is expecting this to be "big" (based on eShop standards) or not. Reviewers seem kind of down on it, but it also seems to be one of those games where a bunch of us fans are going to buy it anyway. Could definitely see it being a best selling eShop title. Actually reviews seem kind of all over the board, not all down...

I'm enjoying it. At times I wish that they got more creative with some of the challenges and $15 might be a bit steep, but ah well.
Posted: 12/21/13, 20:30:18  - Edited by 
 on: 12/21/13, 20:30:56
That's the whole problem with the symmetrical diamond. Your thumb naturally rests on the hole in the middle of all of the buttons. Whither, Gamecube?!
Posted: 12/21/13, 21:22:22

Dethroned?! How do you mean?! I didn't even know comments could be Dethroned..

I had the "top comment"(??) for the Zelda one with the Lantern that you gotta buy. I NEVER see my own comments (or even your guys') when I'm playing the game, and my own thing popped up as I ran through them yesterday. AWESOME!!

I also had a guy comment to me "you know, you wrote this post upside down.." UH DUH, REALLY???


I'm confused about the reviewers. Again, I'll asked: how is this REALLY any different than something like Wario Ware?
No one has provided any answer (that I've seen).
Posted: 12/22/13, 00:51:53

I meant your time ;p
Posted: 12/22/13, 01:11:48
@Mr_Mustache WarioWare is way more original content (though it has the classic game remixes too) and it also creates a larger game using the mini-games to make it more than just the sum of its parts. WarioWare is awesome.

This is still fun though. But I'd compare it more to Retro Game Challenge than I would WarioWare.
Posted: 12/22/13, 01:17:01

Oh, pffft, I don't care about times! Once I get that rainbow, I throw a party and NEVER LOOK BACK.


Why does "original content" make it "better?" These are some of the best games OF ALL-TIME, Kanye West style (except ACTUALLY the greatest of all-time, and not Beyonce). And I didn't say that Wario Ware ISN'T awesome, I just don't understand how $15 is too much for this, but $30 or even $60 for Wario Ware is "yeah, that's a good price!" No way Wario Ware is 4 times better than NES Remix, let alone TWICE as good.

That said, it isn't multi-player, and I'm not sure how much replay value there is. I haven't got to the end yet though, and with games that I DO get to the end of..I really haven't been replaying those too much in recent years either.

How much was Retro Game Challenge? 5 dollars?
Posted: 12/22/13, 01:30:22
It doesn't make it better per se, but as someone who played the heck out of most of these games in the past, it feels a bit too "familiar". Don't get me wrong, it works for what it is. It's not up there with WarioWare for me though, at least, not up with the better WarioWare games.

I'd never pay $60 for WarioWare though... actually, no WarioWare was $60, the most expensive one was Smooth Moves at $50 and I'm pretty sure I got it at massive discount. I bought the latest DS one for $10 I think? Buying games at retail price, lol. But really, as far as just amount of content WarioWare games do have a tough time justifying their price tag. I just think they're that good so I don't care. Well, again, the better ones.

These are really different games though, I only see surface similarities. I see this game as more about each specific challenge, whereas WarioWare is more about the way the challenges combine into something bigger. Like Voltron or something. At its heart WarioWare is a "high score" game, no one just sits and plays the individual challenges over and over. I think.

I'm not really complaining about the price though, or at least, not complaining about it much more than I complain about all prices.
Posted: 12/22/13, 03:28:52  - Edited by 
 on: 12/22/13, 03:33:46

Where it feels "a bit too familiar" to you, it feels like "a stage to showcase my abilities" to me. Getting Rainbow Stars on some challenges where other people's times are just SO far above you..man, what a feeling. I've been on the opposite side of the coin, sometimes getting stuck at just two stars for a bit, and seeing people who have my time creamed. I'm sure that feels good for them, too.

I had Donkey Kong Classics as a kid, and I'm in no way surprised that I was able to get Rainbow Stars on every DK Jr. mission, even after NOT playing Donkey Kong Jr. for, I dunno, 15 years? Legend of Zelda, I have a Rainbow streak going on those, too, probably because I KNOW THE GAME, and I grew up playing it. Just freakin' mint. It's way better than "shave the dog" or something in Wario Ware, where you have 3 seconds to do something you have no experience doing. Yeah, it's great in a party format, but..you're just GUESSING half the time.

Do you own NES Remix? I don't think you do (unless I got confused very much). A lot of the similarities lie within "do _______ before time runs out!" and you only have a few seconds to do it sometimes. Many of the challenges are 4 or more parts. Clu Clu Land is riding me hard. "Get the Fruit!" and you get it in 2 seconds. "Sonic Wave an enemy!" and you do that in 2 seconds. "Pick up the timer and kill two enemies!" And that takes you a bit, but your time is cumulative and you hope you did well enough. Maybe you did, maybe you didn't.

I don't think people sit around and replay individual challenges on Remix either. Like me, I'm sure they get their Rainbow (or in most? cases, 3 Stars), and move on with their day. The more stars you amass, the more challenges you unlock, and so on. Like Voltron.

On the topic of (while simultaneously unrelated) not buying games at launch, perhaps you should engage in some of that (as opposed to waiting months/years for a cheaper buy) so many of your posts don't end (or start) with "but I haven't played that yet.." It's quite the trend lately.
Posted: 12/22/13, 03:57:55
I own it. I even said "I'm enjoying it" above! I've only played maybe 45 minutes or so at the moment but it's fun.

Where do you compare stars with other people? Just on Miiverse and forums and stuff or can you do that in game?

The thing about WarioWare is that it is a high score game so yeah, your first hour or two or so you're a bit lost and just hoping for the best, but once you "learn" the games you can get super competitive. I got so good on one of the stages in one of the games that I was able to get to 999 as my score at which point your score just... stops going up. 999 is the max. What I meant by no one sits around and replays the challenges is that the "main" game in WarioWare has the mix of mini-games but you can also play a mode where you pick a single mini-game to play over and over... it's not very fun though. The fun is in the mix and everything is moving faster and faster and you have to keep on your toes not knowing what to expect next. People definitely replay the main game, going for higher scores and stuff.

Buying games at launch wouldn't make me play them any sooner though, it's not like the issue is that I don't have games, it is that I don't have time for games. It'd just be spending more money to throw them on the big pile o' games to play. I mean, I already own like half the games I'm saying "but I haven't played that yet..." about. Pikmin 3, Zelda LBW, SMT IV, Fire Emblem Awakening, etc. I have them. Just haven't played them. Too busy with my TOP SECRET PROJECT.
Posted: 12/22/13, 04:36:33
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