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Which Nintendo franchises still need to get a playable fighter in Smash Brothers? [roundtable]
Warning for the few who have managed to avoid this information: there will be spoilers about the currently known playable fighters in the upcoming Wii U / 3DS Smash Bros. games ahead. Enter at your own risk!

So as we all know, the Smash Bros. franchise is more than just a fighting game, it is also a nostalgic love letter to Nintendo's biggest and best franchises. For the most part, it has some content from pretty much every notable Nintendo franchise over the years, although many franchises do not have playable fighter representation, and are relegated to assist trophy / etc. status.

We learned awhile back that both Wii Fit and Animal Crossing would be getting playable fighters, and I think most of us agree with those choices. Animal Crossing is kind of long overdue, and Wii Fit, although relatively new, took the video game world by storm. Also, using a Wii Fit trainer as a fighter is hilarious.

Yet I still feel like there are a few oversights. We don't know the full character roster for the upcoming games yet, so some of these may still have a shot. Others are sure to be left out once again. I'll list a few of mine and make my arguments for them. You list yours. You know the drill.

Here we go...

Advance Wars - Yeah, you knew I'd go here. But it's not just personal choice, I have some strong arguments for representing Advance Wars with a playable fighter in Smash Bros. A. It's one of Nintendo's longest running franchises (Well, Famicom Wars is, which we just kind of call Advance Wars in the West), with its first game appearing in 1988 on the Famicom (NES.) B. It's one of Nintendo's consistently highest quality series, with the games ranging from a 92% to an 85% on Gamerankings. C. For how awesome it is, it is kind of criminally underexposed, and it deserves more of a spotlight.

Character: Andy, of course. Duh.

Xenoblade Chronicles / X - I kind of feel like this one has to be coming, right? Maybe not though, as it's a relatively new franchise, and Smash Brothers seems to have a sort of wait period with most franchises before including them. Still, Xenoblade Chronicles kind of became a big deal, spurring on the whole Operation Rainfall thingy to get it (and the other two games) over to the West. And then it released to GOTY contender scores, and is the type of game that you will see on most serious top 10 Wii lists, probably somewhere around the top 3 spots. X was announced with a Western release from the start, so Nintendo seems to want to really support the franchise... why not get it into Smash Brothers?

Character: Shulk is the obvious choice.

Pilotwings - Alright, maybe not one of Nintendo's biggest franchises right now, but it's kind of one of the legendary ones for me. Early SNES game that really helped define what the SNES was capable of... same thing for the N64. Maybe not quite as defining on the 3DS, but still a fun little game. It deserves some recognition.

Character: Gosh I dunno... Goose and Ibis were my two main characters.

An eShop exclusive franchise - I'm not being specific here for a reason, because to me this move would be more about promoting the eShop exclusives as a serious branch of Nintendo gaming, so it sort of doesn't matter which franchise Nintendo picks. And they have a variety to choose from... Pushmo / Crashmo would be my choice, but a case could be made for Fluidity or Dillon's Rolling Western as well, among others. Just something to include what, at least to someone like me, is a pretty big part of Nintendo gaming nowadays, the eShop exclusives.

Character: I'd go with Mallo from Pushmo, but like I said above, there are a lot of options here.

I could do more but I want to let the rest of you post some original stuff. GO!

PS. I was going to do a poll for this, but then I realized that everyone would just vote for Xenoblade / X.

PPS. I know this isn't that different from my top ten list awhile back, but still, I'm thinking more from a franchise perspective this time around, and trying to think about what franchises have a compelling argument behind them as opposed to just picking characters I like.

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Posted: 12/06/13, 21:22:35  - Edited by 
 on: 12/06/13, 21:36:22
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I have a pretty lengthy list of characters that I'd like to see, though quite a few are in franchises that are already represented. Most people have already suggested them though, so I'll just second the Mike Jones from StarTropics suggestion. Even though he'd probably be a bit of a Ness clone, he'd still be awesome. Unfortunately, since the two games were never released in Japan and the series has never had any representation in Smash Brothers, he seems entirely unlikely.

Considering what's been said about the game though, I get the feeling they won't be adding very many new characters. We'll probably see only 3 or 4 more.
Posted: 12/07/13, 03:19:59
Hinph said:
I still really want a Castlevania character as a third party character option. The Castlevania series was right up there with Mega Man as far as NES classics that stood among Nintendo's own properties, and the stage and music could be so damn cool.

WrathOfSamus777 said:
Yeah I'd like to echo having someone from Castlevania as a playable character. Being able to play as a Belmont or Alucard would own.

Agreed. Good show, gents. Cheers.
Posted: 12/07/13, 03:59:44
I second Saki from Sin and Punishment and little Mac. Unfortunately, it seems that we're more likely to see Isa end up in the game at this point. And I hope that Reggie thing gets taken seriously. Layton also needs to be in there. Now!

Posted: 12/07/13, 05:10:43  - Edited by 
 on: 12/07/13, 09:26:27
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