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What overlooked games of this generation should EVERYONE play? [roundtable]
As the seventh console generation comes to a close, I've been looking back over all the "Best Games of the Generation" lists to see if there are any important games that I just never played. I think, for the most part, I'm pretty good. The only blemishes on my record are that I never played Heavy Rain and Dark Souls. Of course, I haven't played EVERYTHING; I know that the GTA and Elder Scrolls games are really great, but they just don't appeal much to me.

So I thought I'd ask: are there any games that you absolutely adored this generation that a good chunk of people might not have gotten around to? Whether they're personal favorites that aren't for everyone (BIT.TRIP COMPLETE!) or really important industry-defining games that might not have gotten as much attention as they deserved (Spelunky?). Obviously we've all played Super Mario Galaxy and Bioshock; I'm looking for the Lost Odysseys (was that game any good?) and Burnout Paradises of the past generation.

To start off, I'll throw in Rhythm Heaven Fever. I think Guillaume said it once on the podcast: that game is a thirty-dollar disk of pure joy. And it isn't even thirty dollars anymore! You can get it for dirt cheap! Seriously though, this might be the single most fun game I've ever played. Not everyone will adore it as much as me, but if you've ever been into rhythm games or WarioWare, definitely check it out. I guarantee it will make you smile.

Your turn! Best overlooked games of the past generation? Anything goes.

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Posted: 11/30/13, 21:07:38
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@Mop it up

I'll definitely have to get around to it at some point. It's probably my most-wanted Wii game at this point.


Hahaha, it was on sale for $15 during the big fall sale! Sneaky of them to make it even lower now. Hmm... Europe just got it for free on PS+ a couple months ago though. And I'm not sure how my laptop would handle it. Think I'll give this one a Gamefly rental.

...But then again, isn't it a Christmas game?
Posted: 12/04/13, 01:02:37

"Metroid" Prime should've been called "Metroid Scan."

And to say that a game isn't a "true" 9 is absurd. It's got 7 votes!! And yes, I'll agree with you that people who didn't score it probably didn't play enough of it. Bottom line: people didn't play enough of it.

Shadowlink said:

I'm tired of watching him dump all over everyone's stuff without the slightest inkling of what he's talking about

What have I dumped on? Zack & Wiki?? I played the entire game and didn't like it, *Deal With It Sloth*.
Posted: 12/04/13, 01:08:31
Yeah I thought ZW was pretty overrated. I enjoyed a lot of it but the game was just far too long and unforgiving for its own good. Those later levels just took hours to figure out. It's a thinking man's puzzler to a point, but it's not long until "thinking man's puzzler" turns into "trial and error watch Zack die a hundred times" trip into frustration.
Posted: 12/04/13, 01:10:22
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