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Super Mario 3D World Discussion (Nintendo Wii U) [game]
9.45/10 from 45 user ratings

Welcome to the official discussion thread for Super Mario 3D World on the Wii U!

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Super Mario 3D World Review (Nintendo Wii U) (9.5)  by  


Never in our lifetimes did we expect Mario and friends to ever utter the sounds of our purring feline friends and yet here on November 22nd, we all will get that chance. Luckily from what many reports say, Super Mario 3D World is an incredible platforming experience that not only looks great in HD but it plays great with the gamepad.

This game is a first in another way as well, with it being the first 3D Mario title to feature simultaneous multiplayer. Now you and your family or friends can run and stomp and pounce together while fighting all sorts of enemies, new and old. Many power-ups make a return but plenty of new ones are featured as well.

There is no doubt about it; the music and graphics look great and this holiday season it's going to be a system-moving release.

Who out there is buying? How many spoilers have you allowed? (I accidentally saw some big ones just researching images for this thread!) What are you most excited for? Soon enough, share your thoughts and tips and tricks!

Please be conscientious to big spoilers once the game releases. Discuss the game openly but spoiler tag any unlockables or be sure to denote when you're talking about late-game content with perhaps a World 7-5 type bold note ahead of a level-based discussion.

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CVG - 10 / 10
Darkstation - 10 / 10
Destructoid - 10 / 10
DigitalSpy - 5 / 5
Eurogamer - 10 / 10
Gamereactor (Sweden) - 10 / 10
The Guardian - 5 / 5
Joystiq - 5 / 5
Nintendo Life - 10 / 10
Nintendo World Report - 10 / 10

GamesBeat - 97 / 100
IGN - 9.6 / 10
GameTrailers - 9.5 / 10
Technobuffalo - 9.5 / 10
ONM - 93 / 100

EDGE - 9 / 10
Everyeye.it - 9/10
GameXplain - 4.5 / 5
GameSpot - 9 / 10
Metro.co.uk - 9 / 10
Polygon - 9 / 10
Shacknews - 9 / 10
Videogamer - 9 / 10

Escapist - 4/5

Average Score: 9.48/10

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Posted: 11/14/13, 01:09:49  - Edited by 
 on: 11/24/13, 02:54:49
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@Jargon Correct, there are none.
Posted: 12/13/13, 04:54:59
Where in this thread do people start talking about the final level cause holy hell....
Posted: 12/22/13, 22:14:52
Still haven't unlocked it. Playing this game quite slowly still.

Brother said he beat it eventually.
Posted: 12/22/13, 22:27:16

I started talking about it here back on page 19. I've died maybe a hundred times and haven't played in a couple of weeks because I felt like I wasn't getting much better at it (and needed a break)!
Posted: 12/23/13, 00:15:05

I lost track of how many times I died on that level before beating it. The funny (or sad, I guess) part is that I managed to beat it on only the 3rd or 4th time I made it as far as the "final" portion, and at that part I simply got lucky on my last try. It's so easy to keep dying at parts that you feel you've got a handle of, because it's really easy to be off by a split second and that's all it takes to fail.
Posted: 12/23/13, 00:54:42
@DrFinkelstein We've been talking about it recently. I'd be curious to see who actually beat it without the use of a Tanooki suit or Peach.
Posted: 12/23/13, 01:39:28
Yeah I have no idea how to even approach it without the Tanooki Suit or Peach.

The part where you have to get up the beat blocks is like...umm....It's almost impossible to do with regular Mario. I think I've done it once?
Posted: 12/23/13, 01:51:07
@Mop it up
I have no idea what the last level is like but I'm up to the challenge!!
Posted: 12/23/13, 02:31:59
I'm also going through pretty slowly, playing it alongside a lot of other stuff. It's not surprising to hear it's tough though. The difficulty of this series has been on the rise for awhile now. Pretty good stuff.
Posted: 12/23/13, 06:03:56
I spent all yesterday and much of today cleaning up, getting all the top-goals, stars, and stamps in all levels. It was a solid challenge. Lots of fun.
Posted: 12/23/13, 06:14:11

It's pretty tricky but I beat the level my first time with Toad so Mario should definitely be able to do it. You have to clear it verrrry quickly.
Posted: 12/23/13, 08:08:18
I've gotten the first parts down to a science almost. The thing that shoots at you, (the second creature), isn't consistent so that can screw my run up initially but I have made it to the Piranha Plant in 100 seconds. I've gotten as far as the 'elevator climb' as I'll call it.

As for the timing block jumps, I've gotten that down real well. I start with long jumps and then use some swift acrobatics. I rarely have trouble there anymore.

This is with Toad. No suits.
Posted: 12/24/13, 17:50:10  - Edited by 
 on: 12/24/13, 17:53:55
I'm having a hard enough time with the last mystery house. I fear Champions Road.
Posted: 12/24/13, 22:23:16
This game gets nothing but better each time I play.
Posted: 12/26/13, 01:53:51
@VofEscaflowne I actually think Toad is the easiest to use for the level because of his faster speed, and the extra jump height of the others doesn't really seem to help any. The slower the character, the harder the level, I found.

@ploot That one took me more tries. Maybe it isn't necessarily harder, but it's lengthier.
Posted: 12/26/13, 02:22:31  - Edited by 
 on: 12/26/13, 02:23:14
I just beat the final level. I used Toad as I had been. When I made it to the last area normal, and nabbed 4 of the 5 keys! needed to move on,.. but perished... I decided to bring in a Tanooki Suit as backup. I made it to that area again without getting hit and I used the suit which did ease up things a bit. I didn't want to have to perfect that part considering how long it takes to reach. I was glad I did that though. Phew. Great level. Tough as nails!
Posted: 12/30/13, 00:09:28
And I just beat the last Star Challenge thing... with the 30 stars in it from the last world. Also tricky but there were plenty of tricks I developed which made things smooth. A big thanks to Nintendo for making that last one just an easy Thank You style one.
Posted: 12/30/13, 01:08:43
Still haven't gotten to the final level. I'm playing this game way too slowly.

My bro says he can beat it with ease now. Anything he can do I can do better. Except in games like Ikaruga. Not sure how the fuck one plays that shit.
Posted: 12/30/13, 01:12:06
After playing some multiplayer with my two cousins last night I have to say, I really feel like not including a competitive multiplayer mode like the coin battle modes in the console NSMB games was a missed opportunity. It's a lot of fun to go nuts on each other, especially in stages with the cannon power-up. Everyone just running around trying to blast each other. Fun times.
Posted: 12/31/13, 01:57:01

Ikaruga is the devil.

(I still love it though)
Posted: 12/31/13, 04:48:23
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