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The Legend of Zelda: A Link Between Worlds Discussion (Nintendo 3DS) [game]
9.37/10 from 44 user ratings

Welcome to the official discussion thread for The Legend of Zelda: A Link Between Worlds on the 3DS!

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The Legend of Zelda: A Link Between Worlds Review (Nintendo 3DS) (9.9)  by  

The latest entry in Nintendo's famous adventure series, The Legend of Zelda, is just about upon us! This game takes place in the same "world" as the classic SNES game, A Link To The Past, following a new Link on a new adventure through Hyrule, and an alternate kingdom, Lorule.

Time to grab the Master Sword once again, adventure fans. The world needs a hero, will you answer the call?

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Posted: 11/13/13, 15:39:36  - Edited by 
 on: 11/13/13, 15:50:53
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I know the SNES lttp is harder then the GBA version. I only had real trouble in 3 dungeons and that was Ice temple, Turtle rock with the torches haha, and the Swamp maybe
Posted: 11/25/13, 22:47:35
@Hinph Uhh, how exactly does the rental system make combat or dungeons easier? Dungeons in regular Zelda games are brain-dead easy because the entire dungeon is themed around a single item, and once you get that item you just spam it the entire dungeon on absolutely everything. With how it is now, you sometimes end up using multiple items per dungeon and unless it makes it really obvious when you enter the dungeon (Or Hilda flat out tells you) then you usually have to do a little guesswork.

As for dying... I actually died once! I haven't died in a Zelda game in a long time. Well, technically I've died several times but I always have fairies so I play recklessly when I have them. But those... lion men things up on Death Mountain hit for 3 hearts with their fire breath and I was up there when I had 5 hearts! So yeah pushing my way through that was fun and exciting. I have two dungeons left and haven't found a single tunic, so I guess that has also added to the difficulty!

That said, I've also played LttP right before this... and it's not hard at all. It actually disappointed me, because I remember it being hard as a kid. Now it's a joke.
Posted: 11/25/13, 22:56:59  - Edited by 
 on: 11/25/13, 22:57:41
I kind of think A Link to the Past actually was harder back in the day than it is now. In part because we were younger and less skilled, but also because that game introduced certain elements that we take for granted in Zelda these days, like certain puzzle solutions and so on. Remember that little sealed booklet that had solutions to some of the puzzles in it, just in case we couldn't figure them out for ourselves?
Posted: 11/25/13, 23:21:04
@nate38 - You get it from one of the dungeons. You also have to get the item/ability in that dungeon in order to complete it, so if you go through one of the main dungeons and notice big rocks a few rooms in, then you'll know you're in the right place.
Posted: 11/25/13, 23:47:09
I remember staring at that key in the torch frickin' forever in LTTP before I thought to dash into it. I was so uncool.
Posted: 11/25/13, 23:47:28
That's what I was thinking. Many of the formulas started with that one, so it was new to us then. Now we've replayed those same puzzles, basically at least, several times over, so going back to it they are really easy to figure out.
Posted: 11/25/13, 23:50:34
@DeputyVanHalen Oh, the puzzles were never the hard part of Zelda for me. Zelda puzzles are like puzzles for itty bitty babies with no brains in their head, CHILD'S PLAY FOR WUSSIES! The only part that has ever remotely challenged me (And I thought most people) was occasionally the combat. But thinking back on it, most Zelda games have been suuuuper easy in terms of combat.

The games are all too easy! We need Zelda Souls! Or Rogue Zelda Legacy! When Link dies you start over as a new Link! Bwahahaha SUFFER.
Posted: 11/25/13, 23:59:06
LTTP definitely has harder combat because the enemies do more damage. I've played through the game many times and I still have to rely on fairies/potions once I get to some of the later dungeons and bosses. That life meter beeping sound happens frequently. This just isn't so in ALBW. And the dungeons weren't only designed around a single item. You had to use things that you had previously collected quite often. It made the dungeon puzzles more varied and a bit more challenging. I kept hoping that the final dungeon in ALBW would at least be on par with Ganon's castle in LTTP (which absolutely is a nice challenge) but it's pretty basic as well... still a better final dungeon than a lot of the recent games, however.

Don't take these criticisms too seriously. I love this game. Even though it is easier than LTTP, it is still really fun to play and the dungeons are still cleverly designed. Think of the Mario Galaxy games... they are very easy Mario games but still some of my favorites. Same situation here.

I intend on playing through Hero's Mode, and I'm sure I'll get my ass kicked then. But again, why not offer a more challenging mode right from the start? It would take practically no work on the developer's part at all to include difficulty options. Nintendo is weird.
Posted: 11/26/13, 00:38:34  - Edited by 
 on: 11/26/13, 00:39:29
@Hinph Right, LttP enemies do more damage, but they never hit me. That fire breath absolutely WRECKED me the first few times I faced it into LBW!
Posted: 11/26/13, 01:39:54
Hehe. Yeah, fire breath made me temporarily retreat as well.

I think my biggest problem might have been that I collected the blue mail in the very first Lorule dungeon I played. If I had a message to my former self or to people who haven't obtained that item yet, my advice would be... don't. Just don't open that treasure box. Or rather save the dungeon that it is in (swamp palace) for last.
Posted: 11/26/13, 01:59:23
@Hinph I must've lucked out, as those are the two dungeons I haven't done yet, haha.
Posted: 11/26/13, 02:05:20
Yeah, I chose a really unfortunate dungeon order. I did the Desert Palace last, as well, so I spent the whole damn game wondering where the Titan's Mitt was. Haha. I could have gotten all of those damn Maiamai so much sooner!
Posted: 11/26/13, 02:12:15
Xbob42 said:

Aonuma said:
Fan: First off, I want to say that A Link Between Worlds looks awesome. My question is kind of a shot in the dark: I like when Zelda gets really gritty and dark. I know you produced Wind Waker and this new game, but I wonder if you have any information on Majora's Mask at all, because that was my all-time favorite Zelda game. (Crowd cheers). Please say you'll make this [for] Wii U.

Eiji Aonuma: (pauses) If you play A Link Between Worlds, you may get an answer. You might find some information.


Majora's Mask 3D coming in 2014, perhaps?

nate38 said:
When/where do you get the ability to lift big rocks? I'm putting off the collection quest until I get that, but I'd rather have it sooner than later so I don't have to keep marking every big rock. Anybody got a nice, vague hint for me? Maybe general location or something?

I want to know this, too.
Posted: 11/26/13, 05:36:23

You want me to try to turn it into an old man from Zelda type hint? Sure... a heavy weight can be lifted by spending some time where grass doesn't grow

But it's probably a spoiler that won't hurt your experience too much. So if you just want to know: The Titan's Mitt is the dungeon item in the Desert Palace dungeon. I did that dungeon last to my chagrin.
Posted: 11/26/13, 05:46:54
Thanks, I ended up getting it on my own. First place I tried when I got home, actually. Lucky guess! Fun area, too.

14 hours played, 3 sages left, got a bit over half of the Maimais. Game is still wonderful.
Posted: 11/26/13, 06:53:09  - Edited by 
 on: 11/26/13, 06:53:24
C'est fini.

I absolutely loved the exploration in this game.
I found all of the hearts/heart pieces, upgraded everything and filled in all of the item slots. THIS GAME IS AMAZINGLY GREAT.

I agree with you regarding the story. It's a wonderful little tale with some fun plot points (I really liked the stuff before and after the final boss). It doesn't feel like a HUGE ADVENTURE though, more like Link's weekend excursion. As for the important NPCs, yeah, I sometimes forgot who they were!

That said, I would love for there to be another Zelda game set up similarly, but in a brand new world. I really, really liked the sense of freedom.

Posted: 11/26/13, 13:31:34
Hated Swamp Palace as a kid. Love this iteration of the Swamp Palace.

Posted: 11/26/13, 14:00:52

Ha, great "Old Man" hint! Well done, sir.

TheOldManFromZelda said:

Bold words. Some may take issue with that. I don't, though.
Posted: 11/26/13, 14:31:22
I think that they're trying to give a challenge to those that really want it with the hero mode in the new games. I don't see ridiculously hard ever being the default for a Zelda game though.
Posted: 11/26/13, 14:58:26
OK, I'm finally up and running with this game. Have to say how SATISFYING it is to use the merge power, it's seemless. I'm also really pleased with the writing - they are playing up the cute & funny. I love it.
Just got the flippers and the power glove.
Posted: 11/26/13, 16:31:31
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