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The Legend of Zelda: A Link Between Worlds Discussion (Nintendo 3DS) [game]
9.4/10 from 43 user ratings

Welcome to the official discussion thread for The Legend of Zelda: A Link Between Worlds on the 3DS!

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The Legend of Zelda: A Link Between Worlds Review (Nintendo 3DS) (9.9)  by  

The latest entry in Nintendo's famous adventure series, The Legend of Zelda, is just about upon us! This game takes place in the same "world" as the classic SNES game, A Link To The Past, following a new Link on a new adventure through Hyrule, and an alternate kingdom, Lorule.

Time to grab the Master Sword once again, adventure fans. The world needs a hero, will you answer the call?

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Posted: 11/13/13, 15:39:36  - Edited by 
 on: 11/13/13, 15:50:53
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@deathly_hallows Yeah, and then they also shouldn't give you a sword or damage-reducing items like the mails/rings.
Posted: 01/18/14, 23:47:03
@Mop it up
I don't think they'd have to go that extreme. You could still get more powerful and capable throughout the game, but I think a large part of why people are complaining that ALBW is too easy it that if you have full hearts (and are not playing on hero mode) there is basically nothing in the game that can kill you without several hits.
Posted: 01/18/14, 23:53:23  - Edited by 
 on: 01/18/14, 23:53:46
Okay, I finished the game. Time for me to weigh in...

The Good:

This is the most visually stunning game I have ever seen. No, not just on 3DS, on every platform. It is better to look at than The Last of Us, than BioShock Infinite. Whatever else. Why? There's just something about the art direction, combined with the lighting, textures, and 3D that works just right. I can't explain it. It really justifies why 3D can be good for games. Just look at the water in the swamp temple or even how the torch light makes the stonework glisten.

Consistently fun and rewarding. Never a dull moment or a tedious segment. It moves forward at a nice clip. The puzzles are great but never stump you for too long.

Replaying a similar overworld to Link to the Past didn't bother me as much as I thought it would. It's very different. The general geography is in the same locations but the details are not.

The Bad:

The game is way too easy. I never died or even came close. Found just about every heart piece and power up without the slightest urge to look at a walkthrough. As I've learned from Nuzlocke, when there's nothing at risk it's harder to keep the player engaged.

The story. Didn't grip me like it should have.

Then there's just the problem that I've been having with a lot of Nintendo games lately, despite it being a great game, it's not a memorable or moving one. I play games for the moments that move you and stick with you in powerful ways. Despite top notch quality from beginning to end, this game just doesn't have any moments like that. I think this is something that I look more for as I grow older. I would have loved this game a lot more as a kid.

Is it Better Than A Link to the Past?

Probably. But I won't remember it as fondly. ALttP came out in a different time, games were different, the world was different, I was different. Can't expect it to have the same impact.

Overally, A Link Between Worlds is an excellent game, but plays it a little too safe to become a classic in my book.
Posted: 01/22/14, 02:36:02  - Edited by 
 on: 01/22/14, 02:36:52
Nothing is better than Link to the Past.

Posted: 01/22/14, 05:04:24
Out of the corner of my eye, that looked like

Zero said:
Nidhogg is better than Link to the Past.

Posted: 01/22/14, 05:58:54
NIDHOGG is pretty sweet (even though, despite looking pretty simple, it won't run for crap on my laptop) but in no way, shape, or form does it compare to Link to the Past.
Posted: 01/22/14, 08:19:32
I think it's a really awesome game. It kept me on my goes at times while also being incredibly predictable. The unpredictable moments are when the game truly shines. That's why they need to keep doing with Zelda.

I feel that I would've loved this game more had it not been based on LttP. Then it really would've felt like more of an adventure, discovering new areas and exploring.
Posted: 01/22/14, 23:43:57
PogueSquadron said:

I feel that I would've loved this game more had it not been based on LttP. Then it really would've felt like more of an adventure, discovering new areas and exploring.

I think so too. Has the history behind this game's development been revealed? Because I really think it started out as a Link to the Past remake, then they changed it early on. It doesn't really seem all that connected with ALttP storywise.
Posted: 01/22/14, 23:47:54
@DapperDave That's what I think too! And some people call me insane for saying so.

There was some semi-recent interview where they basically sort of said it started off as a new game though. Sort of. But Nintendo has weird definitions of "new" and such so who knows.
Posted: 01/23/14, 00:25:43
Can I post an image with spoilers at this point? I'll leave a link to it here. If posting the image here would be okay, I'll edit the post so my bragging becomes more evident.

So... About 15 minutes ago I just beaten ALBW for the third time. The first was the normal quest, which I 100%. The second was Hero Mode, which I also 100%. I still wanted to get more out of this game, so I went for a third run, on the Normal Mode, again.
In order to keep things interesting, I went for something a little different from the 3-heart run I usually do with Zelda games. I went for a sort of No Upgrade Run. That means I beaten the game without getting any sword/item upgrades, nor the tunics and, of course, neither any extra hearts. I still gave myself the liberty to get the Pegasus Boots and the larger stamina bar, though. Ice rodding and boomeranging everything on your path comes at a price!

Things went smoothly until I got to the final Boss. I didn't get a single game over until that and it took me 15 tries to finally finish the run. On another hand, the closure of the challenge, beating it, defeating YuGanon with that piece of plastic default Master Sword was the most satisfying sensation. At the moment, I feel very competent and confident of my skills and that's nice.

Now I'm starting to plan an "Only-Take-What-You-Absolutely-Need" run on Hero Mode to take on in the future.
Posted: 02/14/14, 16:26:47
Zero said:
Nothing is better than Link to the Past.


You should make this the first post of every thread on every page by default.
Posted: 02/14/14, 18:09:18
I'm just now getting around to playing this game, and wow! It's brilliant! I'm through two temples (the Eastern Palace and the House of Gales) and I've already rented all of the equipment (amazingly I had all the rupees I needed after I got Zora's Fins). It's a very refreshing adventure.

One thing I can't figure out: the dude in Kakariko Village in the bee house said to bring him a bee. I did. He did nothing. Was that just me saying I would so I could get a free bug net?
Posted: 03/19/14, 15:14:25  - Edited by 
 on: 03/19/14, 15:14:38

Hmm, I seem to remember him giving you Rupees whenever you brought him a bee. Is your wallet full? From what I remember, he gives you like 50 Rupees for every Bee, but he gives you something special if you bring him a Golden Bee.
Posted: 03/19/14, 21:28:50

Hmmm, nope. Nothing from him. Oh well.
Posted: 03/19/14, 22:16:25

Maybe it is just to prove your worth to keep the Net the first time around, and he starts giving you stuff with subsequent bees.
Posted: 03/20/14, 06:22:00
This game is pretty good, the most impressive thing about it is the fluidity of the gameplay. The 60 fps goes such a long way.
Posted: 03/20/14, 06:46:04
The controls were probably my favorite part of the game. It feels GOOD. I wish I had an analog stick, but that's not exactly the game's fault.

The only thing I ever had trouble with was aiming my ranged attacks like the bow. While Link's movement seems to be completely analog, the degrees at which he can aim seem to be locked to certain angles. I'm not exactly sure why this is, but it didn't feel incredibly intuitive. I'd always have to remember that Link could only aim in certain directions and make sure I was lined up accordingly, or do a strafe and fire.
Posted: 03/20/14, 18:18:05
I just plowed through Turtle Rock in Lorule. Small dungeon that housed a lot of secrets (like making bridges from popping out of the wall in behind the grating on the wall). The boss was laughable.

One sage down, six to go!
Posted: 03/20/14, 20:40:24

I played Four Swords on DS a couple months after playing through A Link Between Worlds, and it was really hard to go back to. ALBW feels wonderful.
Posted: 03/20/14, 21:19:14
anon_mastermind said:
This game is pretty good, the most impressive thing about it is the fluidity of the gameplay. The 60 fps goes such a long way.
That and the gentle camera movements make LBW's stereoscopic visuals the easiest on the eyes. I rarely play 3DS games in 3D anymore because the effect is either weak or gives me a headache, but I played LBW exclusively in 3D, often for hours at a time.

Secret_Tunnel said:

I played Four Swords on DS a couple months after playing through A Link Between Worlds, and it was really hard to go back to. ALBW feels wonderful.
Yeah, I tried some LTTP shortly after LBW. It feels so archaic now.
Posted: 03/21/14, 01:35:35  - Edited by 
 on: 03/21/14, 01:36:34
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