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Wii Fit U Discussion (Nintendo Wii U) [game]
8/10 from 6 user ratings

Welcome to the official discussion thread for Wii Fit U on the Wii U!

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Wii Fit U, where fitness is fUn. No that's not their actual slogan, nor would it ever be a contestant for one, but from my own personal experience, Wii Fit has always been a fun and engaging experience. Where the series lacked in the past, challenge of keeping up your daily life with the game life, lack of variety over a long term, and ability to connect with friends,.... the new version for Wii U seems to be correcting all of this.

Join the Negative World Wii Fit U Community!
Get fit with www.negativeworld.org!!

Fun Fact: There's three tiers to how you can purchase this game. You can either...

A.) Demo the game Nov. 1st and buy a Fit Meter to secure the game for free. The Fit Meter costs $20.

B.) You can buy a Fit Meter and a disc copy of the game for $50. I believe that's on December 13th.

C.) You can buy the disc game, Fit Meter, and the Balance Board for $90 dollars, also December 13th.

For more information, check out Nintendo's webpage for Wii Fit U.

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Posted: 10/29/13, 01:44:17  - Edited by 
 on: 11/08/13, 04:28:39
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Wow, I'm stupid, it is there and it's the second one listed. The fact that it is Pushups and Side Planks combined must have thrown me off.
Posted: 11/03/13, 04:02:00
Just finished assembling my elliptical machine. That was a workout by itself. I don't have the fit meter yet, but it will be nice uploading my 'runs' to Wii fit.
Posted: 11/03/13, 08:59:44
Can you guys see my Miiverse posts about Wii Fit U? For some reason I can't see the post I make from within the game using the "post" button after an exercise. It doesn't show up in my profile either. Also, I can't find the Negative World community on Miiverse...I joined from within the game, but can't find it now.
Posted: 11/04/13, 00:30:41  - Edited by 
 on: 11/04/13, 00:31:13

I haven't really figured out how to use our community well either...
Posted: 11/04/13, 00:38:34
The only way I can access the community board is by clicking on my Mii from within the game. It doesn't show up on the related Wii Fit U communities (gyms) for some reason. All my posts are there though.
Posted: 11/04/13, 00:56:43

I am able to see everyone's trainer stats, like what you've been playing and how my scores relate to yours. That's a good thing. I haven't delved into Miiverse much yet.
Posted: 11/04/13, 01:05:30
I'm a little disappointed in the number of games that actually require the Gamepad. I was pretty surprised at how similar the overall game is to Wii Fit +.
Posted: 11/04/13, 02:10:38
Craig Harris posted on Miiverse an old school ign writer and reader community. 4145-1324-8192 I wonder if we'll see Matt and Bozon on there.
Posted: 11/04/13, 03:00:37

I don't see what's so surprising about it. The gamepad really can't be used in such an astounding amount of ways that benefit fitness so much that it warrants it's use. Having a secondary screen wherever I want it is nice because some of these moves I can't do while looking right at my TV. The Fit Meter is a great device that I am excited to explore further. Online communities and friendly support is great and should only become more useful as people join ours. And then Puzzle Squash, which is only a disappointment because it doesn't expand after Advanced (from what I can tell).

I'm happy to have an HD Wii Fit + which uses unique gamepad and Fit Meter features, plus limited but existing online, on top of the already great fitness game that was Wii Fit +. If you feel there should be more moves and games in general, I will agree there. The inclusion of dance is nice and some of the Aerobics are new and unique, but I wish we had more new yoga and strength training poses. Free Boxing though will be a very useful asset to my workout routine and is the absolute definition of foresight.

The gamepad is something that can more or less get in the way easier than any other input devices, in terms of true workouts go. It's large and not something you want sweaty hands touching. The fact that Nintendo now allows two Wii Remote +s instead of forcing the Wii Remote + and Nunchuck combo for things like boxing and what not shows they want to give us the best possible control they can think of.

So far I think this is a pretty brilliant package. I just want more of it.
Posted: 11/04/13, 05:40:40
Oh my God that waiter game... I suck!! lol

Yeah, the way I see it, Wii Fit U is a Wii Fit Plus with a ton of icing on top. I would have liked to see some more strength training an yoga, but they chose to focus more on the Dance, Aerobics and Balance Games for this version. The thing I like the mostso far is the Mirror Mode, it really helps to be able to see yourself and compare to the trainer. Also, the stat tracking is improved, obviously, with the Fit Meter, so I'm sure I'll enjoy that. Off-TV is gonna be huge in my apartment, it liberates the TV while I exercise. I hope the community thing pans out but so far it seems pretty unintuitive.
Posted: 11/04/13, 19:08:36

The good news is, if you have Wii Fit +, it's only $20 to upgrade. If you never had it, like me, it's a really meaty game.


Ugh, Nathalie and I took turns sucking at that last night. Those damn rolls!
Posted: 11/04/13, 19:16:37
I can't move fast during that game. Not until I have nothing on my tray. Am I doing something wrong?
Posted: 11/04/13, 20:44:17

Probably. I don't find that running on the Balance Board is affecting the stuff on my tray that much.
Posted: 11/04/13, 20:48:29
Yeah those are all good points, although I think the fact that you have to hold up the Gamepad could lend itself well to a lot of exercises. Simply holding it up like a window is working your arms a bit. I like the one where you have to shoot the water, and I kind of just wish there were more games like that. Maybe they could've had a game where you're in a little leg powered hang glider/helicopter and you use the Gamepad to drop water balloons or something.

When you look at it as a $20 upgrade with the pedometer, it's not a bad deal at all. I want to get one, but is it only available online? I have $2 in credit at GameStop that I was looking to use.
Posted: 11/04/13, 21:26:16

It's available at retail, at Toys R Us at least. Haven't had much luck finding it in stock though.
Posted: 11/04/13, 22:07:52
From what I read, Toys 'R Us is the only retailer that will have it initially. What a weird relaunch of one of their most successful products. I'm kind of baffled. I walked into GameStop hoping they'd maybe have it but no dice :(.
Posted: 11/04/13, 22:42:37
Just ordered my fit meter online
Posted: 11/04/13, 23:07:15
So today, it's like I'm not even registered to the community. I had to turn the gym function ON again. What the hell?
Posted: 11/04/13, 23:22:41

Hmm, weird. Not I.


Awesome! Join the community if you haven't yet.


You and me both. I was shocked that all the stores I tried Friday were empty.
Posted: 11/05/13, 01:01:03
To make matters worse, two different Toys R Us's in the area said they had them in stock online but then when I called they told me the website was wrong. Frustrating. Oh well, as long as I can get one in the next 30 days.
Posted: 11/05/13, 01:36:02
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