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Which Fossil did you pick in Pokemon X & Y? [poll]
Jaw Fossil - Tyrunt (8/15 votes)
Sail Fossil - Amaura (7/15 votes)
It's a simple question... which fossil did you go for? I just reached this point and decided to go with Tyrunt, however from what I've seen it is possible that Tyrunt is the less useful Pokemon... but I guess that depends on whose hands the Pokemon is in...

Jaw Fossil

Sail Fossil

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Posted: 10/22/13, 05:18:42  - Edited by 
 on: 10/22/13, 05:18:36
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The Jaw fossil becomes Tyrunt, and the Sail fossil becomes Amaura. Your choice friends...
Posted: 10/22/13, 05:18:13
Anyone who didn't pick Amaura I am no longer friends with.
Posted: 10/22/13, 05:30:52
Sail Fossil.

I am regretting it, to be honest. Rock/Ice ends up being kind of a bad type combo, with Fighting, Grass, Gound, Steel, Rock and Water (!!) all being weaknesses...and Fighting and Steel being 4x damage. Yikes!
Posted: 10/22/13, 06:14:43
Tyrunt. Buddy picked up the other and one day, once I evolve my baby T-Rex, I will trade and breed to finish this capture of my Poke-life.
Posted: 10/22/13, 06:22:08
Picked Amaura, the prehistoric cutie. She makes my favourite battle cry so far.
Posted: 10/22/13, 09:45:51
I chose Amaura.

Used her for a while, but then I caught a Goomy and tossed her in the box since as T-bun pointed out, there were way too many popular weaknesses for her to be a viable party member ;p
Posted: 10/22/13, 22:06:01
I voted Tyrunt because I like the evolution better than Amaura's.
Posted: 10/22/13, 23:03:20

I'm already having that kind of thought with Tyrunt... he's 4X weak to a lot of things. But he's so cool looking. I'm sure he'll leave my party soon enough.
Posted: 10/23/13, 00:08:34
I blind picked the jaw fossil and it seems I made the right choice.
Posted: 10/23/13, 06:15:53
I picked Tyrunt (jaw fossil) because he, and his evolution, look badass!
Posted: 10/23/13, 06:38:37
I did not realize this poll had gone even steven on us... nor that I did not vote yet.... hmm... perhaps I should then.
Posted: 10/27/13, 14:16:35
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