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Nintendo Direct Tomorrow, October 1st 2013
Is anyone excited? It'll be a look at games being released by the end of the year, so I expect some footage of Link Between Worlds, the 3D Mario game, and maybe even a moment on Wind Waker HD since the physical copy is not out yet.

What are you hoping to see?

US Direct
Japan Direct
Europe Direct

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Posted: 09/30/13, 16:11:13  - Edited by 
 on: 10/01/13, 18:30:17
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Oh... damn it. Quizzes? I was hoping for Waluigi DLC in Mario Kart 7...lol
Posted: 10/01/13, 21:03:40
I knew back in June that DKC TP and Mario World would never be released back to back in two consecutive months. And then when they rearranged the release dates for the two my suspicions was confirmed. No shocker here. Just another broken promise from Nintendo. What's new?!
Posted: 10/01/13, 21:06:31
The Ace Attorney: DD demo is pretty slick! It's a little on the short side, but it does what a demo should do, which is leaving me wanting more.
Posted: 10/01/13, 21:21:18
And the Mario GAME we just saw awesome footage of??
Posted: 10/01/13, 21:33:22
3D World looks fantastic. It looks every bit as ambitious as a Galaxy sequel would, which is what I think people were concerned with.

The changes to the Zelda formula sound interesting too, as long as it doesn't result in a lot of frustration in not having the right items. I wonder how they'll handle the difficulty curve too, as progress will now be non-linear.
Posted: 10/01/13, 21:50:56

Has Zelda really had a difficulty curve since the NES games? Since most of the gameplay in the dungeons will likely be puzzles anyway, I don't think it will really be an issue.
Posted: 10/01/13, 22:01:19
@Jargon Yeah it has, the games get easier as you move forward due to too many hearts. ZING. Seriously though, they kind of do, and this could potentially make some parts way, way too easy. I like to at least feel tension, even if a game never gets particularly hard.
Posted: 10/01/13, 22:02:48
The fervor surrounding Mario in this thread is getting a little out of hand. It looks pretty great. I don't think anyone will deny that. That doesn't mean people cannot still be disappointed that this is the next Mario game. At a time when the Mario series faces criticism for being derivative of previous entries it would have been nice to see the next step forward and not a more ambitious version of a title that was on a portable system.

Anyway, like I said. It still looks great but let's not pretend anyone who isn't as jazzed as you are is a 'hater' or any similar nonsense.
Posted: 10/01/13, 22:10:25

Be disappointed all you want but if you watch that trailer and aren't excited then you look for very different things in a Mario game than I do (and many others do judging by this thread).

And I really don't see how the existence of SM3DL affects this game at all. If a dumbed down version of Mario Galaxy existed on DS (and based on Mario 64 DS there's no reason to think it couldn't have) it wouldn't have made the Wii game any worse.
Posted: 10/01/13, 22:19:11  - Edited by 
 on: 10/01/13, 22:22:55

I'll never disagree with a delay being better for a product (of course it is) but Nintendo isn't exactly doing great with the Wii U, and since I want them to succeed, they're not doing themselves any favours by releasing even less games for the troubled system. Ya know?

I feel this holiday is crucial for the future of Wii U...so the more "killer" titles the better. I'm pretty bummed about the delay regardless of it being an eventual better game.

Anyway, the rest of the Direct was pretty good. I like how down to earth Nintendo's PR is these days!
Posted: 10/01/13, 22:20:33

Posted: 10/01/13, 22:21:44
@Griptor, I agree this holiday the Wii U needs all the titles it can get - but on the other hand, there's a LOT to promote even without Donkey Kong, including two arguably bigger and better platformers. If this was 1995 then maybe the more platformers the merrier, but now...
Posted: 10/01/13, 22:26:15

Four player 3D platformer is innovative for sure. True innovation is hard to come by these days, in general, but that doesn't seem to stop you from getting excited about plenty of other games. And what this game really has in spades is creativity, which is what made Galaxy 2 really stand out.
Posted: 10/01/13, 22:27:48  - Edited by 
 on: 10/01/13, 22:28:34

There's no denying any of that. But many people hold 3D Mario to a higher standard unfair as that may be. Like I said, be excited. I am glad you have something to look forward to. But it is reasonable to still be let down that this is the next step forward for the Mario series.
Posted: 10/01/13, 22:31:31

Pretty much my view as well. There are few areas where "innovation" is possible, but that doesn't stop 3D World from being inventive just judging by that trailer. We're already seen boss battles that play out differently than what we're used to in Mario games, we've seen Luigi carve his own path through a level thanks to his higher jump, we've seen tons of cute/cool touches and power-ups, including the cherry which is completely different from the usual Mario power-ups.

It really takes bad faith to imply that this is a rehash.
Posted: 10/01/13, 22:32:29

I'm not saying that I want an unfinished product, I was pointing out that Iwata apologizing won't make me go out and buy a console; Nintendo releasing worthwhile (imo) games will. Until then, they are not getting my console money. Nevertheless I admit it has a couple of games I would like to play available for it already, it would have been nice to have some more.

Super Mario 3D World looks like a solid game, but I'm looking forward to Tropical Freeze the most. Then there is also Pikmin 3, Super Luigi U Wind Waker HD (down the road) and maybe Monster Hunter Ultimate for my Wishlist on Wii U. I wouldn't say there is nothing to play, but I was still waiting for at least five games that I'm really interested in to go buy it.

With that said, right now I have too many expenses to think about a Wii U anyway. I was hoping to be solvent by December but it might not happen. Ultimately, it works out well for both parties, go figure.
Posted: 10/01/13, 22:43:28

But Super Mario Galaxy DID exist on the DS!


I'll remember this post when you start singing the praises of how innovative Halo 5 is.
Posted: 10/01/13, 22:44:07

Agreed, there was a little too much paltforming going on in the lineup. But...to me that's another failure; why schedule so many of one type of game together, instead of planning things out better from the get-go?

Sorry to be negative. I just really really hope the U sells this Christmas. Sales will mean third party support. At this point even Ubi is slowing down support :\

I would've done everything in my power to have Mario Kart ready for this holiday season. Could've been huge for the system.
Posted: 10/01/13, 22:44:46
Quit hatin'. The only deserved criticism of Mario is for the NSMB series which has overstayed its welcome. The fact this is a "sequel" to a portable game (was Super Mario World a sequel to Super Mario Land?) has nothing to do with its ambition level. You saw the video, it looks every bit as ambitious as Galaxy 2 was. If anything 3D Land was a little on the safe side since it was the first Mario entry with the new perspective. 3D World is taking it much further in every single aspect.
Posted: 10/01/13, 22:56:14
I still think 3D World looks like "been there done that" (on a system it was more suited to nonetheless, considering it has, you know, 3D), so it's impossible to get excited about it. It has none of the glory Galaxy did when it was first shown, it seems like a step backwards from Galaxy and a step sideways from 3D Land. If that makes my opinion invalid or not in the majority then I guess I'm an invalid minority, or not a real Mario fan, or whatever. *shrugs*
Posted: 10/01/13, 23:20:16  - Edited by 
 on: 10/01/13, 23:22:23
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