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Nintendo Direct Tomorrow, October 1st 2013
Is anyone excited? It'll be a look at games being released by the end of the year, so I expect some footage of Link Between Worlds, the 3D Mario game, and maybe even a moment on Wind Waker HD since the physical copy is not out yet.

What are you hoping to see?

US Direct
Japan Direct
Europe Direct

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Posted: 09/30/13, 16:11:13  - Edited by 
 on: 10/01/13, 18:30:17
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@TriforceBun Shy Guys are in everything nowadays anyway.
Posted: 10/01/13, 18:44:47
Everything of Mario makes me fucking estatic. Music news especially. But is it all the time orchestrated/live or just certain tracks?? Looks like there's been a visual bump, no? All the items and stages look damn glorious.

Happy bout the Smash Veteran return. He definitely deserved to return.

DKC delay? Sucks but oh well. Mario is what I really wanted for 2013. And maybe they were too close together to begin with. Development problems at Retro, could that be a factor at all? The game is oddly 10 bucks less than Mario...

That Kirby game looks awesome and I don't even like Kirby. Might buy.
Posted: 10/01/13, 18:50:03

Maybe the white pipe the fairy comes out from (assuming it is the same fairy as seen in the end of SMB2 like that pic I linked to earlier) leads to Subcon. Bowser invades it and teams up with Wart and a whole new set of levels are available from these white pipes scattered on the main map. One can dream (lol dream)
Posted: 10/01/13, 18:50:15
Ugh...I'm not getting a PS4 or Xbone this holiday so I was banking on Nintendo games throughout. Delaying DKC...hurts me so.
Posted: 10/01/13, 19:33:26
Bummer about DKC, but like with last fall's Bioshock Infinite delay, I already felt like I had too much on my plate this holiday anyways. I can certainly wait a little longer for it. Tough news for Nintendo, though. It seemed to figure that Retro was doing another DKC so they could get a Wii U game out sooner...

SM3DW is looking phenomenal. Can't wait!
Posted: 10/01/13, 19:35:30
Well, now I've finally watched the whole thing. Nintendo, why do you hate my wallet so? Guess I should start selling my body to science.
Posted: 10/01/13, 19:36:19
I think the 3D World trailer looks amazing... you can really see more of that EAD Tokyo magic at work, and it should easily blow 3D Land away. I'm hoping that there is at least one or two additional power-ups that haven't been shown off yet. During E3, I remember hearing that the Frog Suit was confirmed to be returning, but I'm starting to doubt that.

I'm a little bit nervous about ALBW. I'm open to this whole item rental, explore the dungeons in your preferred order thing, but what will this mean for difficulty? At least they seem to have addressed one of the minor things that annoyed me and gave Link a new voice. I like that.

As for the Tropical Freeze delay, it's okay with me. If Retro needs more time, then Retro needs more time.
Posted: 10/01/13, 19:40:14

The frog suit was not confirmed. Someone misinterpreted a joke.
Posted: 10/01/13, 19:42:54
You almost had me going there.

You have a rapist's wit.
Posted: 10/01/13, 19:52:38

That saddens me, but I was assuming that it was bogus anyway.

On another note, the possible link to SMB2 is pretty interesting. Cherries, bombs, and pow-blocks are suspicious, and that winged creature could very well be the same species as VofEscaflowne pointed out. I've always wanted to go back to Subcon, but if a full-blown return isn't to be, they can at least continue to bring more of those game elements and enemies back into the mix. I want to throw vegetables that I've plucked out of the ground at enemies and steal keys from Phantos.
Posted: 10/01/13, 20:07:03

I was just joking with Jargon, who doesn't like dealing with this type of argument.

The game looks like everything I've ever dreamed of.

I never thought I'd be able to pilot a giant ice skate as a cat-costume-wearing Mario and yet, here we are!
Posted: 10/01/13, 20:11:47
I am really curious about the "new content" coming to Kid Icarus, SM3DL and Mario Kart 7.

3D World looks so much more ambitious than 3D Land, nothing against 3D Land but this is the real deal right here. And it's gorgeous. Oh and 4 player multiplayer simultaneous = my wife finally getting into a 3D Mario game. This game will just blow my mind.

Edit: oh i see. I thought it was a weird comment coming from you I stand by my unfiltered praise! Hype!
Posted: 10/01/13, 20:22:44  - Edited by 
 on: 10/01/13, 20:23:40

True, how can something be epic if it's not set in space?
Posted: 10/01/13, 20:25:18
Donkey Kong Country Tropical Freeze was delayed? Well, one more reason to not get a Wii U yet. Don't apologize to me Iwata, apologize to your shareholders.
Posted: 10/01/13, 20:26:16

Who could have ever guessed that a console Mario would be bigger and more varied than its handheld equivalent.
Posted: 10/01/13, 20:26:57
So you will get one a couple of months later, big loss for the shareholders! I'm ok with it getting delayed for polish. Although I feel you, I reeeeally wanted to play it. However, Super Mario 3D World looks fan-fucking-tastic and should hold me over until Feb.

Haters. There are a few on this board. They have been shamed.
Posted: 10/01/13, 20:30:45
Tranquilo said:
Donkey Kong Country Tropical Freeze was delayed? Well, one more reason to not get a Wii U yet. Don't apologize to me Iwata, apologize to your shareholders.

Delays are sometimes necessary. It's better for Nintendo in the long-run to maintain the level of software quality that we have all come to expect than to release half-baked titles and hurt their franchises just to meet a deadline. I, for one, respect the company for giving their developers the time and resources that they need to release the best possible games.
Posted: 10/01/13, 20:42:51
@anon_mastermindWhat new content for Kid Icarus, SML3D and MK7? This is the first I've heard of this.
Posted: 10/01/13, 20:44:35

I thought it was Nintendo Zone content... so expect quizzes. Woo!
Posted: 10/01/13, 20:47:38
Do want: Zelda and the new Kirby game!

Do maybe want: the Mario and Luigi themed Wiimotes
Posted: 10/01/13, 20:56:37
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