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Nintendo Direct Tomorrow, October 1st 2013
Is anyone excited? It'll be a look at games being released by the end of the year, so I expect some footage of Link Between Worlds, the 3D Mario game, and maybe even a moment on Wind Waker HD since the physical copy is not out yet.

What are you hoping to see?

US Direct
Japan Direct
Europe Direct

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Posted: 09/30/13, 16:11:13  - Edited by 
 on: 10/01/13, 18:30:17
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I'm not sure how much truth there is to this considering the sources involved (My Nintendo News, Emily Rogers) but apparently the Wii U update is coming tomorrow. Someone emailed Nintendo in regards to Youtube not working properly on the web browser and the reply stated that tomorrow's big Wii U update will fix it. Emily Rogers also said on Twitter a few days ago to expect the update soon. Maybe today's maintenance also has to do with it? Guess we'll find out tomorrow anyway. It would be nice to get some news from Nintendo Direct and then bam, it's live after the presentation is over.
Posted: 10/01/13, 00:59:03  - Edited by 
 on: 10/01/13, 00:59:44
YES, thank god others bitched about the YouTube bed shitting. Was crashing my system every time, and I love the Wii U...tube...

Best YouTube experience around IMHO!!

So what else is this update supposed to do? Do we have any details? People keep hyping it up. What we should have is higher quality Miiverse pics. It's such a disservice to games like WWHD when the true beauty can't be shared. Even an optional HQ snapshot which loads longer would be awesome.
Posted: 10/01/13, 01:03:15

I don't think there's really any specific details as to what it's supposed to do aside form improve overall system performance. But considering it was delayed, I'm at least expecting a few extra surprise features like we got with the previous one.
Posted: 10/01/13, 01:07:17
kinda wish Netlfix along with the "super HD" update they recently did would support Wii U's surround sound choice!!
Posted: 10/01/13, 01:50:27
Nintendo's servers were down today for the 3DS, too. Maybe MiiVerse will finally land on the portable?!?

They did say (a long time ago) that they wanted MiiVerse on 3DS by the end of the year.
Posted: 10/01/13, 02:01:26
Anyone think we might get a ONE LAST THING moment from this Direct???

Like, a teaser or ultra quick sneak pic??? I would love that!!

Imagine some sort of silhouetted character or something and all we see is "2014". How Amazeballs would that be? Do it Nintendo!!
(I don't actually expect this)
Posted: 10/01/13, 02:17:31
It would be awesome if we got any sort of new Smash info. I think they'll probably be focusing on the Q4 offerings for Nintendo, though, with Pokemon leading the way.

I loved the last Direct, for what it's worth. Wii Fit U looks great.
Posted: 10/01/13, 03:15:40

I would love a full official name and maybe the release quarter for Monolith Soft's X.
Posted: 10/01/13, 03:18:46
I wasn't talking about a Smash character, I was actually talking about a new game reveal!! Just a vague announcement though! Something to tantalize us for 2014!!

Samus' Visor?
Posted: 10/01/13, 03:25:34
I think there will be at least one more Direct before New Years, so I imagine THAT would be when we'd see some cool 2014 teaser. It doesn't make a lot of sense to do right now, because you don't want to somehow cannibalize your own huge games coming in the next few months by teasing something next year!

I think it will be a solid Direct, though, with a nice amount of stuff show that will be in our hands in the next 90 days.
Posted: 10/01/13, 04:17:58
Just going to be showcasing the upcoming games.
Posted: 10/01/13, 04:19:38
Would they do another big 2013 Direct? In that case, may as well wait for 2014!

Nintendo is sooooo unpredictable 50% of the time!
Posted: 10/01/13, 04:20:30

The big Nintendo Direct this year was in January. You can actually see the whole history here, but it would be a lot better if they included what was discussed in each.
Posted: 10/01/13, 05:46:51
carlosrox said:
Nintendo is sooooo unpredictable 50% of the time!

That's even more unpredictable than if they were 100%!
Posted: 10/01/13, 05:59:34

I'm sure they'll do another Direct before the end of the year (I'd put money on it) but if it will be BIG or not, I don't know. I'd put less money, but some still, on them doing at least one Direct this year (later, maybe December) that has some sneak peaks at 2014 software.

But like you said, they are unpredictable! So I may be full of crap!
Posted: 10/01/13, 06:00:53
EDIT: My meeting at work was cancelled so I'm in. Yes! I'll get to glare at my machine, teary-eyed with frustration, wondering why IT won't let me upgrade to a civilized version of Flash.
Posted: 10/01/13, 16:18:20  - Edited by 
 on: 10/01/13, 16:44:24
So yeah, just reminding...chat
Posted: 10/01/13, 16:46:29
Shadowlink said:
So yeah, just reminding...chat

Joining now...
Posted: 10/01/13, 16:53:14
Arg, heard new Zelda was shown? Or maybe just A Link to the Past 2...either way can't wait to see something.
Posted: 10/01/13, 17:33:02
Just LTTP2 info.

This one was small on new announcements. Other than a delay for DKC. Which was disappointing.

It was big on gameplay related puns, though. So 10/10.
Posted: 10/01/13, 17:34:02
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