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The Legend of Zelda: The Wind Waker HD Discussion (Nintendo Wii U) [game]
9.51/10 from 19 user ratings

Welcome to the official discussion thread for The Legend of Zelda: The Wind Waker HD on the Wii U!

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The game doesn't release at retail till early October, but gamers can begin playing this title soon if they buy a special edition Wii U next week. That said, Welcome to the official discussion thread for The Legend of Zelda: The Wind Waker HD! Whether you're someone who played and beat this game back in 2003, or maybe you're new and eager to get your Link wet, come here to discuss the game!

IGN.com just released their review and I believe that makes it the first review score for the title. What did they give it? You might not be surprised, but you can look at their review here. For the lazy,... 9.8/10

I have fond memories of picking the original game up from my non-standard Gamestop the night before release. They opened the doors at 10pm and let us get the game early just as the box literally arrived. I don't understand why things went down like that but I was always proud that I was nerdy enough to have been the first person to leave that Gamestop with Zelda that night. Now, I have it pre-ordered at another Gamestop, my normal one, because I want that badass statue offer. As Carlosrox continues to point out, the game looks beautiful and now that I've had an awesome Samsung HDTV for a little less than a year now, I am excited to finally embrace HD with Zelda and see how beautiful this game is at 40 inches and 1080p.

Bring it on Nintendo. I have what it takes.

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Posted: 09/18/13, 05:44:01  - Edited by 
 on: 09/18/13, 06:03:36
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Posted: 09/28/13, 02:12:10

It's easily one of the most fun features in the game.
Posted: 09/28/13, 05:36:40
Everytime I see a new Zelda game I get disappointed that it doesn't have the same art style as Majora's Mask.
Posted: 09/28/13, 08:43:47
This experience/game is pure fucking magic.

I'm writing this from my leather chair where I sit and play beautiful virtual art. I can pause my amazing game and share pics or come online with a couple button presses.

The Wii U is so fucking awesome.
Posted: 09/28/13, 15:37:45
Time to bump with a bunch of jaw dropping Miiverse pics.

Edit: That's a huge dump of my Miiverse pics. Truly couldn't and can't help myself. Something so gorgeous just must be shared.
Oh and believe me when I say these pics do no justice. With a near PERFECT resolution and little aliasing, this whole game looks like sheer GLASS on your screen. So imagine these same pics looking PERFECTLY CLEAN. With even more bursting colors!!

I take your MM art style and raise you one WWHD!

Posted: 09/28/13, 23:55:34  - Edited by 
 on: 09/29/13, 00:14:30
My god this is beautiful. I just started playing and it is amazingly lovely.
Posted: 09/29/13, 00:47:00
Just you wait til you get to where I am. Was waiting for these parts and knew they'd be incredible. But I still had no idea.
Posted: 09/29/13, 00:47:59
It just fills my heart with glee to see people so happy with the graphics of the game after being one of the seemingly few people who smitten right away with the style back in 2001. I may like TP more as a whole but TWW is just a better looking game.
Posted: 09/29/13, 01:13:20

Already got 5/8 Triforce Shards and I haven't even hit the two Sage temples.
Posted: 09/29/13, 01:31:02  - Edited by 
 on: 09/29/13, 01:32:31

Carlos! Stop turning us (me) on!

chrisbg99 said:
It just fills my heart with glee to see people so happy with the graphics of the game after being one of the seemingly few people who smitten right away with the style back in 2001. I may like TP more as a whole but TWW is just a better looking game.

As a man who enjoyed the graphics originally, I too am pretty psyched to see the love that it now receives. It's like a decade later people finally got over themselves and learned to at least appreciate the intention if not more.
Posted: 09/29/13, 01:46:05
I knew this would be a joyous event for me!!!

The realization of a dream! I feel like I'm playing Zelda 1 in 3D!!!
Posted: 09/29/13, 15:59:03
I never got why people hated the graphics. When I first saw the game it was when my Mother bought it home and all I saw was a Zelda game which is all I needed.
Then I never played it till last year. I was a slow child...

Wind Waker looks good, Majora's Mask has a great direction though and if it was HDified then...then...
Posted: 09/29/13, 16:13:53  - Edited by 
 on: 09/29/13, 16:15:32

I never understood the adverse reaction to the graphics, either. Maybe Nintendo fans were afraid of being stigmatized by Kiddiemageddon at that particular point in history. I dunno, though.
Posted: 09/29/13, 16:50:03
I want and expect a Majora's Mask sequel since Nintendo eventually always listens to its fans. Eventually. But they do, so it's comin'. Remakes n redo's n sequels will never stop.
Posted: 09/29/13, 16:50:48
Majora's Mask DESERVES a sequel. Have you read 'The Message of Majora's Mask'? It's a fairly old article thatis from one of the big Zelda sites but it goes indepth into the mythos of Termina.
Posted: 09/29/13, 16:53:34
Majora's Mask just needs to be spun off into its own series. Each game about a different society that gets tainted and troubled by the Mask's trickery. Every game would have a different villain using the mask in different ways.
Posted: 09/29/13, 19:27:24
Termina is just a world designed by Majora so she can toy with Link. Many examples of this are given in game. Like in the first cutscene, Link falls down a large hole like in Alice in Wonderland.
Fun fact: From in game evidence, Majora is a Sun Diety while Fierce Diety is a Moon Diety. This explains their rivalry and why Fierce Diety is so powerful against her.

The Message of Majora's Mask is the article I was talking about.
Posted: 09/30/13, 06:40:42  - Edited by 
 on: 09/30/13, 06:44:23

I never had anything against the graphics in and of themselves, but a LOT of people saw the 2000 Spaceworld demo between Ganondorf and Link and figured that would be the style that we were getting for the new game (i.e. Evolving from OoT/MM into what we eventually got in TP.)

When 2001 rolled around and we got the first screens of what would become The Wind Waker, it was kind of a rude shock. I know I sure as hell wasn't expecting it. I suspect most of the 'Celda' backlash came from similarly shocked people.
Posted: 09/30/13, 08:55:10

Well... jokes on them. That Spaceworld demo looks like chud today and Wind Waker looks stylish as ever.
Posted: 09/30/13, 14:56:22
I like the Spaceworld demo, It had a good style for a Zelda game that I think would suit the Wii U.
Posted: 09/30/13, 15:03:02
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