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Shovel Knight Discussion (Nintendo Wii U) [game]
8.91/10 from 18 user ratings

Welcome to the official discussion thread for Shovel Knight on the Wii U!

To start, please add this game to your log, add it to your collection (if applicable), and (when you are ready) rate it using the link above!

Welcome to the official Shovel Knight thread! Shovel Knight is currently expected to hit the Wii U and 3DS eShops, as well as Steam, in Winter 2013.

Click here for the official Shovel Knight Kickstarter page.

Shovel Knight was successfully funded on Kickstarter on April 13.

Can you dig it?

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Posted: 09/11/13, 04:13:58  - Edited by 
 on: 09/11/13, 04:18:56
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Yeah, I know. It's just kind of weird to have an incomplete version of a downloadable game on a cart.
Posted: 06/05/16, 02:01:51
I can't seem to unlock Plague of Shadows.
I beat the game waaaaaay back in the day, and I've tried the secret code. On the 3DS, the attack button is Y, so I hold Y, input the code, then release Y. Nothing happens.
What is wrong with meeeeee???
Posted: 06/06/16, 05:09:33

What's the method supposed to be? I never got around to unlocking it either but I beat this on Wii U ages ago and I'd love to get into the DLC. I didn't know there was a specific unlock method.
Posted: 06/06/16, 05:10:54
It turns out I need to download the newest version from the eShop. Kind of confusing since there's an "update" option within the game itself that tells me my game is up-to-date.

If you've beaten the game, the Plague of Shadows mode should be available to you... After you update.
Alternatively, there's a secret code to unlock the mode, but you shouldn't need it.
Posted: 06/06/16, 05:24:06
I've downloaded the update data and for some reason it's not installing. Is there some way to manually install update data?
What's going onnnnnnnn!??!?!
Posted: 06/06/16, 05:40:14
@ploot I don't know but it didn't work for me either so I needed to use the "secret code".
Posted: 06/06/16, 06:35:31
From the newest KS backer update...

Remaining Stretch Goals Progress Update

-- Were working on two new campaigns: Specter Knight and King Knight.
-- Were also working on two new modes: Body Swap and Battle Mode!
-- No estimated release date for any Update quite yet.
-- Campaigns will not be releasing at the same time. Specter Knight will be released first!
-- New campaigns will come with new Feats and Challenges for the new campaign character!
-- Just like Plague of Shadows releasing with Challenge Mode, were planning to release one of these new modes alongside each campaign.
-- Battle Mode is being designed as a single screen, multiple controller, multiplayer mode and is currently not planned to arrive on handheld versions of the game. Well be sure to announce if there are any changes on that front.
-- Of course, much like Plague of Shadows, all of the upcoming Shovel Knight stretch goal content will be free updates on all platforms!

Other details:
-- Specter Knight campaign will be released first, then King Knight
-- The wait between these updates should be less than the 14-month gap between Shovel Knight and Plague Knight
-- Fangamer is doing a limited print of a physical edition for Vita ($25, early October, pre-orders highly encouraged)

More details, mostly about how Specter Knight plays, can be seen on the Yacht Club website.

Posted: 06/21/16, 20:55:05  - Edited by 
 on: 06/21/16, 21:01:24
Specter Knight looks awesome to play as!
Posted: 06/22/16, 03:16:06  - Edited by 
 on: 06/22/16, 03:16:52
Official Poll: What Game Should Yacht Club Games Make Next?

Were always kicking around ideas for what kind of games wed want to make one day! What would you like to see us tackle next? Do you want more Shovel Knight, or something new? Games are complex creations with many elements...so were just going to cleverly collapse these down to something you might already know!

Note: All games would be in a retro graphical style, similar to Shovel Knight.
Note2: This is a suggestion poll to help us see what you might be excited to see!
Posted: 06/24/16, 17:33:09
I voted! Primarily wanted to see a Super Mario RPG or Zelda from them.

However, AWESOME on that DLC. I didn't catch wind of that yet. Nice!
Posted: 06/24/16, 22:48:04
Voted. I'd love to see them tackle a Mega Man-style game.
Posted: 06/24/16, 23:06:37
I keep trying to get back into this game only to remember how massive the stages are and rapidly lose interest.
Posted: 10/25/16, 23:19:19  - Edited by 
 on: 10/25/16, 23:19:34

Too much of a good thing?
Posted: 10/29/16, 23:01:10
I guess we can post about Specter Knight here? Just beat it today, really fantastic add-on, as usual. Yacht Club Games keeps outdoing themselves and I had no issue to double dip for this on the Switch. They deserve it
Posted: 03/08/17, 06:05:28

I double-dipped too...totally worth it. All three games are absolutely fantastic.
Posted: 03/08/17, 16:55:57

Yeah, playing as Specter Knight is awesome! I was worried that I only liked playing as Shovel Knight, since playing as Plague Knight never really "clicked" for me. His jump was too low, controls too floaty, and the bombs he uses as an attack weren't...visceral enough for me. I think that's the word I want to use. Like, it was too passive to be used as an attack. Shovel Knight was very head-on, and controls like I expected him to. Plague Knight was basically the opposite. So the idea of playing as another member of the "Order of No Quarter" had me a bit apprehensive at first.

But dude. Specter Knight is fantastic! His attacks are fast, I love his aerial attacks, and wall-running...the new sub-weapons are great, too. Just awesome. I might even like playing as Specter Knight more than Shovel Knight, which is saying a lot. Plus that run animation? Ha! What do you think you are, Specter Knight? Some kinda ninja? LOL. So cool. Love it.
Posted: 03/08/17, 17:06:47
I'm definitely going to grab the Treasure Trove on Switch, but I'll wait for a sale, since I have the original on 3DS.

It would have been nice to get a discount for accounts which already had the 3DS or Wii U version.
Posted: 03/08/17, 20:56:55
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