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The Wonderful 101 Discussion (Nintendo Wii U) [game]
8.53/10 from 11 user ratings

Welcome to the official discussion thread for The Wonderful 101 on the Wii U!

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So the game is out in Europe. Anyone here pick it up yet? I'm waiting for the North American release.

Like I said on a different thread, this is a kind of game that's hard to explain. It "looks" like Pikmin but plays like a 3D beat'em up. The game didn't really click with me until I tried the demo. Now I'm really looking forward to it.

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Posted: 08/24/13, 08:16:04  - Edited by 
 on: 08/24/13, 08:18:35
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Oh, fun. I've been going at it for 30+ minutes and still nothing
Posted: 06/23/14, 22:20:15
@VofEscaflowne Oh yes, this is the reason I stopped playing this game. I am right where you are too, and can't do anything. I just read on your Miiverse thread you need 100 heroes, I "Wonder" if that is the case

Edit: Oh, and by stopped, I don't mean forever, I just put it down out of frustration, and hadn't gotten back to it since MK8 and LoZ:WW I'll definitely come back to, I've enjoyed it quite a bit so far.
Posted: 06/24/14, 00:44:06  - Edited by 
 on: 06/24/14, 00:50:13
Haha just saw your reply. I hope this is the only part of the game that isn't very clear as to what you should be doing. It is a very fun game so far though!
Posted: 06/24/14, 00:55:23
Also even if you have 100, you may need to draw the line twice.
Return the stick to the neutral position, then draw another identical line.

I got stuck at the same spot.
Posted: 06/24/14, 03:56:56

You can see a bit that I'm at the left side of the screen at the exit there. The rest happens on the GamePad and after opening the door to the exit, that's where that robot came in. Now it won't stop firing

EDIT: Oh figured it out. Sword is always the answer
Posted: 06/29/14, 16:56:25  - Edited by 
 on: 06/29/14, 17:14:33
@VofEscaflowne Oh jeez, another spot I was stuck in for way too long.
Posted: 06/29/14, 17:28:01
I'm kind of confused as to why this game didn't sell more. Wii U owners were begging for great games at that point and it's easily one of the system's top games. What gives!?
Posted: 06/29/14, 21:53:20
@VofEscaflowne It wasn't called Mario 101. *shrugs*
Posted: 06/29/14, 22:03:15
Because it's not an easy genre to get into and reviews weren't the best.
Posted: 06/30/14, 11:12:30
I finally played this the other day after months of owning it and am very confused... I need to watch a how to actually play this game video on Youtube. Hah. It helped with the demo all of those months ago.
Posted: 06/30/14, 11:24:40

Just make sure to buy the items that let you dodge/reflect attacks. The demo had you starting with them but there's no way to avoid when starting the game here. Also, there's an item that lets you draw faster with the analog stick. Just remember to equip them after you buy it though. It works way better to draw with the analog stick IMO and becomes very quick to pull off combos once you get used to it.
Posted: 06/30/14, 15:52:35
Yeah, definitely missed those blocking and dodging techniques! Thanks.

I'm going to really dive in once I beat Shovel Knight.
Posted: 06/30/14, 20:18:52
Jumping from what Vof said, I recommend that you save your crafting materials to make Wonder Cards. With a Wonder Card, you can purchase any one ability, upgrade, or item for free.
Posted: 06/30/14, 23:33:57

Oh I'll have to check that. I haven't bothered spending anything on materials since using items lowers your total score but never noticed anything about creating a Wonder Card. I should have a ton of materials now too!

Oh and the more upgrades are available, the more this is reminding me of Bayonetta. It's like Viewtiful Joe in style mixed in with Pikmin's armies, Bayonetta's combat style and Okami's drawings. The more I play, the more I just enjoy the heck out of it.
Posted: 06/30/14, 23:37:24
I beat it. Wow, this game. So damn crazy and good
Posted: 07/02/14, 00:30:41

*flips a thumbs down into a thumbs up*

You've defended Dearth from a bunch of Jerks! Congratulations!
Posted: 07/02/14, 11:12:03  - Edited by 
 on: 07/02/14, 11:25:28
Finally started this game after many many months. I'm only about an hour in, seems pretty neat so far though. Albeit I kind of feel like I have no idea what I'm doing. I keep seeing stuff pop up on screen that I learned new moves, but I never know how to do them?! And it seems like a lot of enemies just have these nearly impossible to dodge attacks? Is there some way to dodge besides just getting out of the way?!
Posted: 10/23/14, 03:53:17

You can purchase skills. There's one that lets you dodge so buy that as fast as you can.
Posted: 10/23/14, 03:58:02

Some attacks can be deflected or countered. It's been a while, so my memory could be off, but I remember that there are cues based on enemy colors that let you know what kind of attack you're supposed counter with.

Red is hand
Blue is sword
Green is Gun...

and so on. For example, one boss shoots a giant blue beam at you that can be deflected with the sword. Learning these kinds of tricks is important for doing well in the game. None of this is explicitly explained to you; it's something you have to pick up on your own. If you aren't having much fun with the game, there's a good chance it could be because its cues and strategies haven't clicked for you yet. Give it some time and don't give up. Look up a guide or technique video if you need to. Some good tips have been posted on the previous page of this thread. Wonderful 101 does not teach you about itself, but once you figure things out it becomes very fun.
Posted: 10/23/14, 04:30:36  - Edited by 
 on: 10/23/14, 04:33:42

Like @Hero_Of_Hyrule suggests, the game has a pretty steep learning curve and you'll likely feel a little lost for a while, but give it some time and, eventually, it'll click and become a very rewarding experience.
Posted: 10/23/14, 06:40:33
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