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The Wonderful 101 Discussion (Nintendo Wii U) [game]
8.53/10 from 11 user ratings

Welcome to the official discussion thread for The Wonderful 101 on the Wii U!

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So the game is out in Europe. Anyone here pick it up yet? I'm waiting for the North American release.

Like I said on a different thread, this is a kind of game that's hard to explain. It "looks" like Pikmin but plays like a 3D beat'em up. The game didn't really click with me until I tried the demo. Now I'm really looking forward to it.

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Posted: 08/24/13, 08:16:04  - Edited by 
 on: 08/24/13, 08:18:35
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Downloading now. Can't wait.
Posted: 09/16/13, 05:20:25
The game's Miiverse count is over 3,000. Is that any indication of the game's success? Or just fervent Miiverse posters?
Posted: 09/16/13, 07:19:15
Played the first 2 chapters. Is it normal to die at least 3 times per level, or am I bad?
Posted: 09/16/13, 07:33:44

I've been doing better than I expected. Have you played the demo? That helped me. Make sure to get the "block" move from the store, and learn what counters what attack. An enemy rams you or is about to shoot something at you (glows gold)? Block with L2. About to shoot a laser (glows blue)? Pick up your sword.
Posted: 09/16/13, 17:53:19
That's one thing I noticed in the demo - if you can pick up on the color of objects, it'll probably make your life a lot easier (this blue crane needs to have the sword attack performed, this red crate needs the hand, etc). Does that hold true the whole game?

I say this not owning the game...just curious. An outsider looking in :)
Posted: 09/16/13, 18:02:05
I haven't played the whole game yet, but it holds true for the first chapter at least. Not every weakness is color-coded though.
Posted: 09/16/13, 20:25:22
I'm glad I played the demo first or else I'd be so confused. I just reached operation 1-C, really enjoying the game so far.
Posted: 09/17/13, 05:26:41
I've just gotten Wonder-Pink and her whip. I guess it's in character because who else but a queen of bondage would carry a whip, but I could have done without the panty shots.

Gameplay-wise, I'm still figuring out how to use it. The first enemy they throw your way is full of spikes and, like many enemies, has a glowing spot on his back, which I kep aiming for.

That made the battle drag on forever. The game kept telling me to use the whip to take off the enemy's spiky plates, without telling me how. Turns out, you HAVE to attack him from the front. Whipping it destabilizes it, and then a second attack will latch on a plate and take it off.

In that same mission, I faced off a boss that brought the framerate to its knees. Kind of disappointing.
Posted: 09/17/13, 19:10:51  - Edited by 
 on: 09/17/13, 19:33:28

Maybe it was Wonder-Pink who brought the Wii U to its knees? No one / nothing is safe!
Posted: 09/18/13, 02:56:09
I'm having a Me Party here. A party of one.

Recently got the hammer. Not sure how much of the game is left. I've decided to stop going back to previous levels to grind and explore for now, because it looks like some secrets you cannot find unless you have weapons that you gain much later. I've bought the treasure detector in the Wonderful Mart, and there are tons of spots where it starts pinging, and there is nothing I can do to reveal the secret. Circling, using the hammer, the whip, etc. Nothing seems to work. I have to assume I just don't have the required ability yet.


Ha! The game behaves generally when she's around, so no. That boss had a certain aspect to it that I don't want to spoil that explains why the system would start chugging.
Posted: 09/20/13, 20:59:34
@Guillaume Looks like progress wise we're roughly the same. I just finished Operation 3. Did you figure out a reliable way of drawing the hammer? That's the one I seem to have some trouble with, which makes my fights with the turtles drag.
Posted: 09/21/13, 21:22:20
When you hear P-Star ping the Treasure detector, just draw the biggest hammer you can and pound the ground there. You'll see the item pop out nearby, usually from the middle of a circle or a crack in the ground.

As for drawing the shapes themselves, I find drawing them diagonally from one corner of the input panel to the other to work pretty well. Otherwise, equip Unite-Charge, draw a small shape, and charge it up with the 'A' button.

This is definitely a story you'll want to play more than once through. There's a bit of a Mischief Makers vibe in that you can go back to any episode and play it individually, especially the operations that change the whole genre of the game while preserving the skills you've learned.

Hey, what's your favourite Unite Morph? Mine's chocolate.
Posted: 09/22/13, 13:06:31  - Edited by 
 on: 09/22/13, 13:08:20
@Dark Weres

Ah, thanks! Good to know.

I haven't had time to play the game this week-end and I have to prioritize Pandora's Tower this week. Can't wait to jump back into it though!
Posted: 09/23/13, 19:34:58
I've put a bit more time into it and got to 1-C, but I am really enjoying the game so far. It's so fun and different from anything else I've played in quite a while.
Posted: 09/23/13, 19:37:49
It gets more and more different as you go along. This game is basically he Platinum portfolio with the Wonderful101 narrative to hold it all together. It's got one or two big Nintendo shout-outs as well.
Posted: 09/24/13, 11:56:13
I finally tried the demo of this game. It kind of just tosses the player into things, so I have no idea what's going on and what are the motivations of all these little dudes. I can see why some people have had trouble grasping the game, but it isn't as confusing as I thought it might be from what I had heard. The tutorials should come a little slower or have some way of pausing to see them, but aside from that it's mostly adequate. It never told me about the dodge button though, which I didn't discover until near the end of the demo, so I got hit a few times since I had no idea how to avoid it.

I didn't use the gun power since it was so slow, but the sword and the red hand were fun. I'm still not sure what tossing guys at enemies with the X button is supposed to do, though, and I have no idea how to use items picked up with Y. The game looks to be a decent mix of action and simple puzzles, if the demo level is indicative of the rest of the game. The one mission from mission mode might be more interesting if I played it with others. Since there's a "very easy" option then I may get the game sometime down the line when it's cheap, but aside from the style it didn't seem that interesting to me.
Posted: 10/22/13, 00:35:08
I started this game up the past couple of nights, up to Operation 2-B. Really enjoying it so far. My first impressions were that it had a lot of the similar trappings of all of Kamiya's games since Devil May Cry, but at least in the early going, seemed really chaotic and it was not necessarily standing out on the gameplay front. But as I continue to play, I'm having a lot more fun with it.

There's definitely a learning curve, but at some point I got accustomed to the speed at which everything was happening around me, and I've been able to mix up my attacks more frequently and with greater success. Whereas I was doing a lot of scrambling and button mashing early on, now that I know how to defend myself a lot better, I've gotten to where I feel a lot more in control during combat scenarios. Consequently, whereas I got mostly Bronze/consolation trophies in the first operation, I've been getting mostly Golds/Platinums in the second operation. And it's damn fun once you finally know what the hell you're doing.

There's also been quite a bit of variety to spice things up between the standard battle arena missions, and the boss fights have been very good. I love how they've continued the idea of the "Boss Mission" from Bayonetta, where the battles are grand spectacles that are almost entire levels in and of themselves. That was one of my favorite aspects of Bayonetta, and I can't wait to see where they take it from here.

Only thing I don't really care for at this point are the long dialog stretches between missions. I think they are going for a Kid Icarus: Uprising-style of humor, but it has mostly fallen flat, which doesn't help when some of these segments drag on for a while. They really break the flow of the game, at least so far.
Posted: 12/12/13, 06:07:35
Started tonight.

Understatement: It takes some getting used to.

Posted: 12/29/13, 11:08:05
Started playing this game at last (I didn't play the demo that much so I'm going into this game a bit cold) and have made it up to operation 001-C.

This game is crazy! Yet the more I play, the more I am having fun with it.

First off, I love the humor. The voice acting, the narration at the start of the game, it's just genuinely good. I love the characters, and I know there will be a lot more going forward. I think I am enjoying the dialog a bit more than you seem to indicate, @TheBigG753.

As for the chaotic nature of the game: what really helped me get going with the game (so I actually knew what I was doing) was paying close attention to all the little tutorials that pop up one after the other. Using the Unite Morphs, interacting with the environment using the circle move, using offense and defense effectively against some of the tougher enemies, are just a few of the things you have to come to grips with. Plus, you can review it all in the little tutorial section of your menu.

So many enemies! This game really keeps me on my toes, because otherwise, you're in for a world of hurt.

And the boss battles are awesome. Even though I've only seen a handful, they just make me go wow.

This game has cool Miiverse integration, like giving you pre-drawn 'Wonderful Ones' (the heroes) to use in Miiverse posts like this one:

I found a secret mission but couldn't finish it (strict time limit). Miiverse post.

I loved it when I found out what GEATHJERK stands for (the bad guys). Oh my, this game is ridiculous, in a good way.
Posted: 01/03/14, 18:50:02  - Edited by 
 on: 01/03/14, 18:50:58

Neat! I gotta pretty much re-do everything I've done so far. Maybe I'll get on it again tonight. HMM.

Any more beginner help you can think of? I felt like I was just punching/slashing at the air, nothing really felt focused.

EDIT- OH! Does it REALLY matter which guy you have leading your charge? I had Wonder Beer as my main guy (instead of Wonder Red) and I changed him back quick because I didn't know what would happen. Whats the poop scoop?
Posted: 01/05/14, 00:57:49  - Edited by 
 on: 01/05/14, 00:58:32
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