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Super Punch-Out!! Discussion (Nintendo SNES) [game]
8.75/10 from 20 user ratings

Welcome to the official discussion thread for Super Punch-Out!! on the SNES!

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The sequel to the NES classic.

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Posted: 08/22/13, 23:41:58  - Edited by 
 on: 08/22/13, 23:42:26
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I finally got around to trying this game after getting it for free off Club Nintendo months ago. I made my way through the first two circuits today. It'll be interesting to see if the difficult ramps up. It's not nearly as hard as Punch Out! can be so far, but then Punch Out! probably isn't too hard for the first two circuits either.

The differences are interesting. Not having to figure out how to earn star punches definitely makes me feel like I have a better chance against the fighters the first few times facing them.
Posted: 08/22/13, 23:44:20
SPO is probably the easiest of the console games, but it still delivers a pretty good challenge the first couple times through, particularly among the final few boxers. Until the Wii PO came out, I was convinced the S-Meter in SPO was really the ideal way to go over the star system, but Next Level made me change my mind on that one. The S-Meter is great fun but it does end up making the game a little easy and straightforward if you have a good defense. The game has a pretty great "feel" to it either way and it's one of the ones I've probably played through a dozen times.
Posted: 08/23/13, 00:03:05
No, it is definitely easier than Punch-Out!!, and I feel like its easier to expect what is coming. That said, the guys get a lot trickier / dirtier, and Hoy Quarlow took me forever to beat. Also, Narcis Prince forces you to counter him, which isn't the easiest thing to do for a newer player.

The fights go a LOT quicker in this game than the NES. I had a time better than Nintendo Power for Piston Hurricane (00:06:11 vs 00:06:13; took a picture) and it was the coolest thing ever. That was until GD YouTube. I've looked since and wept.

I like the different ways of using your special punch stuff, too. While they were limited in the NES, you can go nuts in the SNES game. Rapid punches are cool, too!

How do you like the POV compared to the NES game?

EDIT- Oh, also, I'm one of the 3 NW'ers who has "100%'d" this game. If you need help, don't hesitate to ask.
Posted: 08/23/13, 00:05:59  - Edited by 
 on: 08/23/13, 00:07:30
Everything may be relative and such but my experience was that this game was definitely the easiest in the series. Still a lot of fun though, and the only Punch-Out!! game that I ever fully beat...
Posted: 08/23/13, 00:21:50

What do you need to do in order to 100% the game?
Posted: 08/23/13, 01:31:58

Oh, I just said I "100%'d" it. There isn't an official thing.

I've gone undefeated. Beat all the boxers. On time, I wanted to see what happen if you got to 100 Wins,..
So I beat the game 7 times in row. 112-0. Nothing happens, haha.

Can't do much more than that!
Posted: 08/23/13, 01:46:45
Before my Wii's cpu crashed a couple years back I got to the old chinese man with a stick. He beat my ass constantly. Who brings a stick to fist fight?
Posted: 08/23/13, 04:11:23
chrisbg99 said:
Who brings a stick to fist fight?

Hoy Quarlow.
Posted: 08/23/13, 04:40:06
My crowning achievement in this game was dropping the last opponent in roughly 30 seconds. Been too far out of practice to redo it, as my previous attempts have shown, but still...

Amazingly awesome game.
Posted: 08/23/13, 12:07:58
I hate to say it, but I think some of that clown's tactics may have been illegal.
Posted: 08/23/13, 18:48:55
I still haven't beaten Punch-Out. I might have to plug the Wii U into a CRT so I can get some more reaction time. It was pretty brutal trying to play that game on my old TV.
Posted: 08/23/13, 22:11:55
I can consistently get to Super Macho Man now, but man he's tough.
Posted: 08/24/13, 19:47:48

Learn his exercises!
Posted: 08/24/13, 22:51:41
Well I took him down, but it wasn't enough to unlock the final circuit. What a load of crap. I looked up what I have to do and it reminds me just how little video game developers cared about your time back then. First Star Fox 64, now this. Ugh.
Posted: 08/25/13, 02:29:14
Quit yer bellyachin'! Don't "Ugh." Super Punch-Out! It is not deserving of your "Ugh."!
Posted: 08/25/13, 02:34:17

Oh, you'll be fine, buddy. (Just redo each circuit to get a perfect record on that run, you don't need to re-do your entire file! You should be good in about 10 minutes per circuit..)

Star Fox 64 is different as you can't readily access anything (whereas you can with this game). You can't just go "alright, I wanna re-do Solar," and then you can. You gotta play through_every_single_stage.
Posted: 08/25/13, 02:34:39

But I have to replay those three assholes before Mr. S that I can beat every single time without worry just to get one shot at him. It's boring.
Posted: 08/25/13, 03:15:14

Eh, "time attack." If you can squash 'em fast, whats the issue? A Round 1 KO is about..20 seconds? C'mon, Jargs, I'm in the T-Bun camp on this one..

You can do it, buddy!

--Is Mr. Sandman an issue for you? He fights pretty similar to Bald Bull (with exceptions). And if you haven't done it yet, if you can COUNTER when guys get all wobbly with a Super Punch, you can probably keep 'em down. Practice your timing on BOB__CHARLIE.

Posted: 08/25/13, 03:21:20

I think Mr. S referred to the World Circuit champ in this case.

But yeah, Time Attack is the way to go! Fight him a couple times until you can safely TKO him without a problem, then do it for real in the Circuit mode. Thankfully, you don't have to get a perfect run on Special Circuit, since it's the toughest set of boxers...
Posted: 08/25/13, 03:29:49
Oops yea I mean SMM. Mr. S gave me trouble in the original.

But Time Attack is a good idea. Should be able to get where I can beat him consistently.
Posted: 08/25/13, 03:52:11
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