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Art Academy: SketchPad Discussion (Nintendo Wii U eShop) [game]
8.77/10 from 3 user ratings

Welcome to the official discussion thread for Art Academy: SketchPad on the Wii U!

To start, please add this game to your log, add it to your collection (if applicable), and (when you are ready) rate it using the link above!

I'm no Miiverse artist myself, but I imagine some of you guys could do amazing things with this app.

If you did, share some of your work here with the browser version of Miiverse!

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Posted: 08/10/13, 02:59:07
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@-JKR- yup, you're right. But yea once you stop doing it long enough then you're just kinda like not finding time to do it. Any serious drawing I did like 10 years ago in college. But it sorta led me into graphic arts and doing shit in photoshop so I still love and appreciate art and doing digital stuff sometimes but hand drawing I dunno...
Posted: 08/16/13, 05:39:33


Just drew this earlier. It's the main character from SteamWorld Dig for the 3DS
Posted: 08/19/13, 22:17:22  - Edited by 
 on: 08/19/13, 23:04:55
Posted: 08/19/13, 23:05:50
Had to repost it cause I forgot a detail to it. I like how it looks though! Still not sure how to use the colors and tools effectively but I'm getting a bit more comfortable using it.
Posted: 08/19/13, 23:13:32

What did you do to create this? Which tool set/paper type or whatever?
Posted: 08/19/13, 23:55:03

Pastel paper and then pastels for drawing. I have no idea what the difference is when using different types of paper. I imagine it differs when coloring/smudging but it seemed to work well. I guess it's not really shocking considering the paper type though
Posted: 08/20/13, 00:00:27
DANG this program is hard to work in, lol. I have gotten extremely lazy and reliant on layers and the undo button in Photoshop.

Working on a piece now (if you are a friend on the Wii U you can see the work-in-progress) and hopefully by the end of the week I'll have something fun to post. It may not be a masterpiece like some of these on the previous pages, but I think it will make people smile. :)
Posted: 08/20/13, 23:11:38  - Edited by 
 on: 08/20/13, 23:12:08

Ditto but in regards to Colors 3D.
Posted: 08/20/13, 23:19:20
I do that because the gamepad is so comfortable. >:u
Posted: 08/21/13, 00:10:45
Only things I hate are smacking the buttons (which totally messes you up) and the lack of the undo button (wtf are they thinking?).
Posted: 08/21/13, 00:28:54

The thought process was probably "You can't undo in real life." And I tend to agree with the choice as annoying as it is. On canvass, which this is trying to imitate, there's no going back. In the long run, it makes you a more thoughtful artist.

Also lots of screaming and cutting yourself.
Posted: 08/21/13, 00:58:50

On canvas, you can't simply erase your mistakes either
Posted: 08/21/13, 01:05:16

Chase McCain (WIP)

I liked how this one's turning out so far. I need to touch up a little and then I might put his shield/badge behind him.
Posted: 08/21/13, 03:27:35
Flawed thought process, and I considered that.

And you wanna know the REAL reason why? At the least, you can recover from touch screen fuckups, of which I've had many. Accidentally hitting two points and smearing the entire screen with an accidental line, and no way to fix that? Idiotic.
Posted: 08/21/13, 04:09:41

Welcome to the real world of painting. :P


True enough! I hadn't thought of that one. It would always leave a smudge with an eraser. For shame, Nintendo...
Posted: 08/21/13, 17:15:27
I don't think my canvas goes apeshit in real life if I accidentally touch 2 points.
Posted: 08/21/13, 21:24:59  - Edited by 
 on: 08/21/13, 21:28:46

True but for that human error alone they can't take away the whole point they're trying to make, of making it more authentic. It's up to the user to just be careful while using a tablet for this. It's unfortunate but I don't blame them if this is what they were trying to achieve.
Posted: 08/21/13, 21:48:06
My first Sketch Academy drawing. Using the pastels and stuff feels weird coming from Painter and Photoshop (yes, I'm a lazy bastard), but holy crap this is fun! Such a great app at such a low price.

Posted: 08/21/13, 21:57:37

Very weird, but nicely done!

The tangent of the sleeve to skull-cranium bugs me a lot. It would be stronger if the skull was a bit larger and overlapped the foreshortened arm in a less "straight line" way. I guess on both sides of the cranium.

Awesome job on the deer head.
Posted: 08/21/13, 22:00:45
Perhaps. I actually wanted the skull smaller to begin with, making it more of child's skull, but most of this thing was kept the way it turned out as I went along. That alone is a pretty big deal to me, not having the conveniences and security of professional software, and learning to like that.
Posted: 08/21/13, 22:14:10
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