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Art Academy: SketchPad Discussion (Nintendo Wii U eShop) [game]
8.77/10 from 3 user ratings

Welcome to the official discussion thread for Art Academy: SketchPad on the Wii U!

To start, please add this game to your log, add it to your collection (if applicable), and (when you are ready) rate it using the link above!

I'm no Miiverse artist myself, but I imagine some of you guys could do amazing things with this app.

If you did, share some of your work here with the browser version of Miiverse!

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Posted: 08/10/13, 02:59:07
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I personally wouldn't care that you're sharing your special style. We can all begin to adapt our own once we have some ground work. Maybe that's why having Pogue in here or the various comic-book artists around here would be a benefit too. We'd see different styles and be able to learn the basic similarities.

I vote for this! And apparently there is some kind of an audience.
Posted: 08/13/13, 13:53:59

Posted: 08/13/13, 17:23:01
Pic doesn't work. Edit: NM. Holy God. Some of the photorealistic ones are eerie. There's this other one with a cat that looks like a photo. It's obscene.

I found the most impressive piece on Wii U I've seen yet. Freakin' gorgeous. He's Japanese. He can't not be a concept artist or something. Some boy riding a future bike or something and I believe it says Wii U in the pic. Gorgeous colors too. Damn I wanna be on that level so bad.

Thanks! Yes and no. Subconsciously or not, he's sort of inspired by the child version of me. I guess he represents my...imagination and my dreams and fantasies, now and as a kid. Probably not describing it well enough but I believe the similarities to me emerged subconsciously. And I think it's kinda cool to have a piece of me in my art. Everyone who sees this character always comments how he somehow looks like me now or as a kid. It wasn't MEANT to be, I didn't sit down and say I'm gonna make a kid version character of me, it just ended up happening. But I can't escape the comparisons so I guess it's true. So I guess that's the story.

ps. There's actually a bit more to it. I always wanted to draw this character growing up, but I never could. You could see in early drawings in elementary and grade 8 and such that I was trying to "find" his character. So he's also actually many years of discovery. He is also inspired by characters like Goku, Shinji, Link, Ash, etc. I want him to be the quintessential "shonen" character.
Posted: 08/13/13, 18:05:17  - Edited by 
 on: 08/13/13, 18:15:47

Same here. Back to practicing we go then. :)
Posted: 08/13/13, 18:14:56
This is such a nice use of lighting. Very interesting pic.

Posted: 08/14/13, 05:13:37
Woah that is amazing. Great job man, keep it up!
Posted: 08/14/13, 05:19:32
I used to LOVE to draw and was ok I guess never took formal classes or anything except a collge class and some highschool classes but when I saw people drawing crazy shit like that....thats when I kinda gave up on it and felt there was no way I'd be that good
Posted: 08/14/13, 07:17:35
It slightly hurts to work on a computer/photoshop for hours. I might get used to using art academy eventually.
Posted: 08/14/13, 07:45:24

No matter what you do, there will always be someone better. If you just look at them and quit, you give up on living completely. Conversely, if you use their skill to drive your progress, one day you'll be making masterpieces that people adore, and in the end if you're making those people happy does it really matter if you're as great as Leonardo DaVinci?
Posted: 08/14/13, 14:49:29
Drew something more complex than a box.

Again, I'd love some tips or a "learning session" from one of the artists on this forum. Whether it's cartoons, comics, traditional art, pixel art, etc. It'd be sweet since we have common tools to work with.
Posted: 08/15/13, 06:14:51
You sound serious. I'm happy to help with whatever I can. I'll do some simple stuff tonight for you. Wish videos were somehow possible. Like, recording actions done on the Gamepad. That'd be incredible.
Posted: 08/15/13, 07:21:28
I have an embarrassingly bad "tutorial" for you. It sucks.

It's kinda hard to do it on there though, and tough for space. But I did what I could and I'll only improve from here on out.
Posted: 08/15/13, 08:26:11
I'd be happy to have any tips. And again, even progressive images with descriptions would be useful. I took a Drawing class in college but i have since forgotten much of the lessons. In the image above I just wanted to draw a mushroom, easy enough, but then I was thinking about coloring and such so I tried to make the background less distinct in my lines but also darker in colors. I remember that white smudger stick but I guess I also need to understand the three tools we have at our disposal on this thing. Also, the cartridge and the other kind of paper/tools. Where's Nintendo's explanation on all that? Does one exist?
Posted: 08/15/13, 13:39:13
It's already up on Miiverse :) My crappy tutorial that is.

Yeah, I actually don't get how people made some of these paintings. I really don't get how the colors work on there. An explanation would be nice.
Posted: 08/15/13, 17:43:43  - Edited by 
 on: 08/15/13, 17:45:12

I'll check it when I get home then. It was nice to have Colors 3D because of the video feature.
Posted: 08/15/13, 18:15:43

Here are a few articles I wrote that might be useful, though they are obviously more about the process than this program:
Foundations: Start Here
Change What You Want!

And the whole section on drawing here: http://www.animatorisland.com/category/drawing-tips/

Of course I don't claim to be any kind of expert, I have a LONG way to go. Still, as I learn I try to post what has helped me so others might find it easier along the way. :)

For more of the "how-to" of this program in particular, I think the upcoming series Nintendo is releasing will benefit us all.
Posted: 08/15/13, 19:18:35  - Edited by 
 on: 08/15/13, 19:19:31
This coming from the guy who does pixel precision on a 3 inch canvas with a stylus??
Posted: 08/16/13, 01:12:59

This one of mine turned out neat. It's with charcoal or whatever. I'm not sure what the thing is called. The letters could have been better but they remind me of Banjo-Kazooie. The heart shape was a first draft. It turned out so good I think!
Posted: 08/16/13, 02:11:38  - Edited by 
 on: 08/16/13, 02:50:18
Yours? Very nice! Teach me how to "paint"!
Posted: 08/16/13, 02:25:50

Oh, yeah I should say it is mine. I didn't sign it this time because I didn't want to ruin it with an attempt. Since it's so damn hard to erase lol, like life.

What I did here was lesson number one in your school, where I drew lines using small lines. I'm still amazed at how the heart shape turned out. Then I penciled in the letters. Then the zig zags.

Once done. I began coloring in the letters with different colors but I wanted it within that range. Then the background. then the zig zags. Charcoal colors in pretty well but I left the green background base to show through the blue. I just colored it in from there. Zoomed in of course to make it easier.

I used the smudger on the white parts to blend it and then I ended up using lighter versions of the colors the letters had to add something to them. The heart I colored in for a while being sure to fully do it. Then I used blues to outline everything and a lighter blue for only the heart outline. Lastly, I used light pinks to bring some lighting/depth to the heart crease because coloring it initially lost my lines I made to give it that. All in all I enjoyed how it turned out.

I did it thinking of my girlfriend, but it was funny in an ironic way as my best friend was talking to me the entire time about how she had to break up with her boyfriend. They've been on a break so I mean, she's just gotta do it officially. It was just ironic discussion for the painting period.
Posted: 08/16/13, 02:49:53
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