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*Nintendo Direct today - Aug.7th*
New details on this year's announced Wii U and 3DS games.

7am PT
3pm GMT



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Posted: 08/06/13, 18:59:45  - Edited by 
 on: 08/07/13, 17:00:15
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@Mop it up

The Mario/Luigi/Peach inclusion in SSX On Tour was pretty great! I vaguely remember the basketball inclusion. I like the inclusion into Nintendo versions of 3rd party titles.
Posted: 08/07/13, 23:09:46
I got the Animal Crossing Plaza and... yea, not very exciting. I thought you'd at least be able to walk your Mii around like in Nintendo Land but, no, it's like Wara Wara Plaza instead.
Posted: 08/07/13, 23:38:37

They said in the video it was just Wara Wara Plaza with AC assets! Sounds like someone didn't watch the video. :P

I agree, though, it would have been nice if you could run around like NintendoLand. Even in Wara Wara Plaza as well. Fun little easter egg if they had included it.
Posted: 08/08/13, 00:06:07
Mop it up said:
@Infinitywave This reminds me of the late GameCube years when Nintendo was putting Mario into everything, including some snowboarding game and an NBA title...

Ah yeah, that was back when EA and Nintendo were on better terms. Mario, Luigi, and Peach being playable characters in SSX: On Tour and NBA Street: Vol. 3 was pretty cool. As an added bonus, there was even an extra course in SSX that was dedicated to Nintendo, and thus a Gamecube exclusive. It was neat.
Posted: 08/08/13, 00:11:58
I'm super hyped for Phoenix Wright 5, the Layton finale Azran Legacy, as well as the Phoenix Wright crossover. 3DS is going into beast mode.
Posted: 08/08/13, 00:16:36
Layton vs. Wright!
Posted: 08/08/13, 13:58:21
I kind of feel like starting Professor Layton and the Diabolical Box. Maybe I'll do that.
Posted: 08/08/13, 21:28:08
Hell yes! Best Layton, IMO! Although I haven't played the latest one yet.
Posted: 08/08/13, 21:33:05
Secret_Tunnel said:
I kind of feel like starting Professor Layton and the Diabolical Box. Maybe I'll do that.
Yes, you do that. Incredible game.

r_hjort said:
Hell yes! Best Layton, IMO! Although I haven't played the latest one yet.
My man. Miracle Mask is outstanding...love the changes to the formula they made for 3DS.
Posted: 08/08/13, 21:36:58
To me, Miracle Mask's only flaw was that the ending was incredibly obvious from the beginning. It had great puzzles, as always, but was the worst mystery out of the bunch imo.
Posted: 08/08/13, 21:43:30
Well, yeah. I liked the story a lot though. The ending is just a part of the big picture, which includes young Hershel's adventures, among other memorable moments, wrapped in an incredible presentation fine tuned to the 3DS hardware. And it sets the stage for the awesome finale. Can't wait!
Posted: 08/08/13, 21:49:37
I played Curious Village about a year and a half ago and decided that that was enough for me, but I'm in the mood for another one.

Also, this video seems relevant to the price drop vs. more games discussion. Nothing we haven't heard before, but still worth the watch (mainly just because all those Wii U games look so pretty...):

Posted: 08/08/13, 21:51:17
Really need to get that now that there's so much Layton on the way! It's bittersweet having so many Layton games coming while knowing it's the end. @Secret_Tunnel
The sequels to Curious Village really expand upon everything in big ways, especially puzzle designs. You'll love it!
Posted: 08/08/13, 21:53:14
I think I fell out of love with my dear Professor when they (miserably, pointlessly, horribly, I-hate-them-for-it) took it into 3D instead of using the beautiful 2D sprites. I just can't get behind the new, uglier look. I rarely worry about graphics that much in any game, but the animator in me can't stomach this one. I know the cut scenes are still 2D (THANK GOODNESS) but they are so far and few between.

The only time I've ever been unhappy with the existence of the 3DS. Only time.
Posted: 08/08/13, 22:03:33
But the models look so good in 3D.
Posted: 08/08/13, 22:05:07

For 3D models.

Which is still 1/100th as good as 2D looks.
Posted: 08/08/13, 22:07:08
Yeah, it still wasn't a bad story, but all the others did a decent job of keeping me guessing up to at least near the end and I missed that. Still a great game though.
Posted: 08/08/13, 22:09:45
I haven't seen enough of Layton in 3D to say anything about that specifically, but I agree with you in general. I hate when they replace hand-drawn, beautiful characters with those cheap looking 3D models, like with Ace Attorney. Much of Layton's charm was its kinship (is that a word? Tired and swedish over here) with Triplets Of Belleville and other such movies. Sure, that had some 3D effects to, but you know what I mean.
Posted: 08/08/13, 22:09:55

Yes the word "kinship" is the right one, and yes you're absolutely right about the charm of things like Triplets. Good gracious was that a pretty film. Weird, but pretty. Did you see The Illusionist? I thought it was even better. The animation of the rabbit was insanely good, and so appealing. Just fantastic.

I'll keep coming back to Layton (with less enthusiasm in 3D) so long as the cut scenes remain 2D, because WOW are they gorgeous. I could sit and watch them all day.
Posted: 08/08/13, 22:25:48
Yeah, I saw The Illusionist a while back since I like both The Triplets and Tati, but I felt it was a tad too melancholical for my tastes, or at least for my expectations. Still liked it a lot, though.
Posted: 08/08/13, 22:52:04
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