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*Nintendo Direct today - Aug.7th*
New details on this year's announced Wii U and 3DS games.

7am PT
3pm GMT



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Posted: 08/06/13, 18:59:45  - Edited by 
 on: 08/07/13, 17:00:15
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Eh I'm pretty sure the PS4 has quite a lot on the Wii U, unfortunately.
Posted: 08/07/13, 04:20:46

A lot of that is true, but I think an important thing to remember is that lower prices are just more enticing to consumers. If someone HAS TO HAVE Mario 3D World or DKTF right when they come out, sure, Nintendo will sell some Wii Us. But for the majority of people who're interested but haven't bought yet, they might be like "Ehhhh...maybe...those games look good but I'm not sure it's worth 350 + 60 (per game) yet." After all, a lot of people can only afford a single game or two with the system, so a price drop would certainly help push more systems. The trick is finding the best place in the bell curve to make the most profit from systems moved + net gain, and I think that sweet spot is quite a bit lower than 350 bucks.

Besides, Nintendo has to fight this rampant negativity in any way possible. Even if they make slightly less from a drastic price drop, it's of the utmost importance that they get Wii Us in people's houses so that third parties can stop making a stink about a small userbase!
Posted: 08/07/13, 04:21:13
Yeah Sony made a big deal about being able to stream PS4 games to the Vita, but it's hardly a mainstream feature or a big selling point, it's just a check box that probably less than 5% of gamers care about, it's like SmartGlass, who really cares? Also, it's not really a 1:1 comparison because the Vita is a standalone system that plays it's own games, the WUG is not. For me personally, as someone who already owns a Vita, I see the streaming as a neat side-feature, but I have to ask myself if I will ever really use it and the answer it probably not. I'm much more into the cross-buy feature where you can play the same game at home or take it with you on the train etc. and sync your saves. Transfarring if you will. Exactly like MH3 on the 3DS/Wii U, that's a much more compelling feature to me and I hope to see more games like that on Wii U and PS3/4.

Posted: 08/07/13, 04:22:12  - Edited by 
 on: 08/07/13, 04:24:18
Valid point. I think Sony might be pleased if 5% of the people interested in a PS4 cared enough to go out and buy a Vita too. That would probably account for a significant bump in sales. SmartGlass is even more worthless though since I don't believe you can even play the games on that.

A Wii U price drop is going to happen eventually, I just think they're going to try software bundles first before taking that step.
Posted: 08/07/13, 04:39:32
DeputyVanHalen said:
Or $300 more if you want it to do what the Wii U can do.

But does anybody really want a system that does what Wii U does? I bought the thing because I'm a Nintendo fan and it's the price of admission in order to keep playing their software. I have actually never felt so "meh" buying a new system as I was on that launch day. A large part of that is probably that I am older and have bought many gaming platforms in my life, but it's also that the system doesn't do anything particularly exciting over the PS3 that is sitting next to it. The Gamepad is pretty neat, and I like it, but it's not a game changer.
Posted: 08/07/13, 04:47:30
deathly_hallows said:

The GCN was way more advanced relative to the technology of it's time yet it only cost $200.

How much did the 500 MHZ PPC750CXe (what the Gamecube's CPU was a derivative of) cost in 2001 and how much did the 1.25 GHZ triple core PPC750 (what the Wii U's CPU is a derivative of) cost in 2012? I bet it's closer than you'd think.
Posted: 08/07/13, 04:56:31

No way, Jose. It's nothing like what you said. Your solution is 200 hours of Monster Hunter? That's akin, using your example, of saying there's nothing to eat in the fridge because ALL that's in the fridge is rounds of Sharp Cheddar cheese and you already ate a lot of Cheddar last week (generation) when you ate (played) a ton of cheese (Monster Hunter Tri).

Monster Hunter is ONE GAME. One game should never make a system, and when I rented and played MH it was literally exactly the same experience I had for the first like 7 hours of MHTri last gen. But in HD, which was nice, but come on! I've been there and done that!

Look, I'm all for heralding Nintendo for being a great developer and publisher and creator of awesome stuff, but it's not unfair to admit that the Wii U was released too early and the library so far sucks beans. It won't suck beans after this holiday season and into 2014, but we aren't living then, we're living now.

And I'm not going to complain or continue arguing, I'm just going to finish by repeating that GAMES sell systems, not price or hardware or stuffed unicorn pre-order bonuses, and the Wii U is severely lacking games- which is being fixed in the next few months but sales suck because of that previous lack of great titles to play. TITLES WITH AN S, so no one fun game almost identical to a fun game that came out years ago doesn't count.

Now I'm going back to watching the stupid Pirates fall to the stupid Marlins and not be able to score with the freaking BASES LOADED AND NO OUTS.

Come on, my friend. You and I have been Nintendo fans long enough to know the low install base being the "reason" 3rd parties aren't coming on board is complete and utter BS. Nintendo cuts the price, sells more consoles, and nothing will change in that department, except Nintendo will be losing money they'd have if they'd wait. I think it's time we accept it and move on, just like the 3rd parties have. They don't want to compete with the world's best developer, so they go where Nintendo isn't.

EDIT 2: The Pirates won on a walk-off homer while I was over here complaining and being a jerk. The lesson here is A) Don't give up on your team and B) Stop complaining here and being a jerk. Sorry bout that, I was fuming from that bases loaded situation. I blame baseball, and PEDs, and A-rod.
Posted: 08/07/13, 05:00:45  - Edited by 
 on: 08/07/13, 06:11:25

I wanted a system that gives me something to comfortably browse the internet with on the couch and play games in bed or on the couch without using the TV. Those features aren't enough to sell me on the system alone, but luckily it also has Nintendo games on it.
Posted: 08/07/13, 05:06:53
It's got more power that's for sure, but as you said DVH, how much of it is needed in order to create an enjoyable experience? Sure AA and great lighting and shadows is nice, but it's not needed all the time. I think the main thing that is going to differentiate games on the consoles this gen will be the x86 architecture that the Xbone and PS4 have compared to the Wii U.
Posted: 08/07/13, 05:14:32
Unfortunately we will see it a lot of the time, and it's gonna be painful thanks to asshole third parties.
Posted: 08/07/13, 05:45:33
There are big games coming out, but if we even have to ask "Are these enough to sell lots of Wii U's?", then I think a price drop has to be the correct answer. The system is doing poorly enough that I think they'd be wise to hedge their bets. Big games + price drop. They dropped the price on the 3DS before/around the time 3D Land and Mario Kart 7 came out, and it worked out crazy well for them. I know it worked for me, at least.

IMO, they shouldn't drop the price in SPITE of big games coming out - they should drop the price BECAUSE they have big games coming out. They could sell some more Wii U's at the current price, sure, but is it worth it in the long term? They need to get these things out there, and they need a price that stays competitive in the marketplace. I don't think it's wise to underestimate how important Nintendo's price advantage was with the Wii.

@Mr_Mustache Regardless of whether or not this is Nintendo's most advanced console, they're not selling many units. That's why they need to lower the price. The 3DS was Nintendo's most advanced handheld ever, and Nintendo lowered the price on that, and look what happened there. The price drop in conjunction with solid game releases shot the 3DS off like a firecracker.

$350 is a lot to ask of people (especially in this economy) when the console doesn't seem to do a whole lot more/better than consoles released 7 years ago. Yes, it's more powerful, and yes, it has the Gamepad, but to the casual observer, the Wii U doesn't offer people much over what they already have, aside from the fact that Nintendo games are eventually coming out for it. People just don't really see much value in the Gamepad, and Nintendo definitely hasn't done the best job of showing gamers why it's worth the price of entry. It's just a hard sell at $350. I certainly wouldn't have gotten a Wii U if I didn't have a ton of store credit at Gamestop.
Posted: 08/07/13, 06:14:45  - Edited by 
 on: 08/07/13, 06:21:56
Nintendo's going up against the PS4 and Xbox one. Like it or not, the Wii U will be lost in the media frenzy that is those 2 consoles, big games or not. A price drop would definitely give them attention... and hopefully positive at that. Seems everyone turns everything into a negative these days, no matter what Nintendo does.

If Pikmin 3 is any indication of what we can expect for software quality though, this holiday season should be a treat for Nintendo gamers. Let's just hope it's enough to give them the boost they need. Things could be pretty terrible if they still don't manage to sell the Wii U to gamers.
Posted: 08/07/13, 06:55:08
Whether it happens this year or next, I believe the drop has to be down to $250 w/ game. Wii U's price is totally out of line.
Posted: 08/07/13, 06:56:47  - Edited by 
 on: 08/07/13, 06:57:36
I know we had the discounted VC games but if we see a price drop I really want an ambassador program for the Wii U. Not so much for the games but for the Ambassador Certificate along with a sense of entitlement and bravado that comes with being an Ambassador.
Posted: 08/07/13, 07:06:24
Super Mario Galaxy still looks better to me than a lot of 360 games. Nintendo will always make sure their titles look the best.
Posted: 08/07/13, 07:17:06
For someone that hasn't had a console in awhile theres a lot of games I'd want to play on my Wii U. Price cut!!!!

Games I'd want that are out this year:

Wind Waker HD
Super Luigi U (already beat bros u at my friends)
Monster Hunter U
Arkham Origins
COD Ghosts
DKC Tropical Freeze
Lego City
maybe Injustice
Rayman Legends
3d World
Watch dogs
Duck Tales Remastered
Nano Assualt Neo
Zen Pinball 2
Trine 2
Splinter Cell

AND theres all of these indy games coming AND apparently unannounced 3rd party games coming to Wii U.

Hell, when the 3rd parties are saying the system needs to sell better for them to put multi platforms on the system.....NINTENDO NEEDS TO DO WHATEVER IS FN NECESSARY TO GET THIS SHIP SAILING. They really need to pull all of the stops maybe even be cut throat. Collaborations, maybe a pay out or two to get some exclusives... more commercials and ADs just fn everywhere since no one seems to know what I'm talking about when I bring up the Wii U.

Its not just a lack of games.... no one knows the damned thing even exists!!
Posted: 08/07/13, 07:46:35  - Edited by 
 on: 08/07/13, 07:47:08
@Wellsy529 It also isn't helped by the fact that Wii U games are still lumped in with Wii games, just as DS games are still lumped in with 3DS games. Is this the fault of retailers? Or does Nintendo have to send out reps to the stores to make sure that their games are displayed properly?

I dunno, but if I was someone high up at Nintendo and I saw the state of the shelves at Best Buy or Target, I'd find whoever was responsible and set them straight. It's a disgrace what some of these store shelves look like.
Posted: 08/07/13, 07:58:50
So we all going to be up in chat for this?
Posted: 08/07/13, 11:33:15
Fuck I doubt I'll be able to wake up for this. Just before my wake up time.

Hope there's some bombs tomorrow.
Posted: 08/07/13, 12:05:28


Posted: 08/07/13, 14:40:54
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