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*Nintendo Direct today - Aug.7th*
New details on this year's announced Wii U and 3DS games.

7am PT
3pm GMT



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Posted: 08/06/13, 18:59:45  - Edited by 
 on: 08/07/13, 17:00:15
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If there was no competition against the Wii U, yeah. I think a lot of people would buy it tomorrow if all those games suddenly came out. But the Wii U is going up against the Xbone, AND the PS4, the latter of which is not only far more powerful (allegedly) but also a mere $50 more. And the Wii U doesn't have those heavy-hitters coming out this winter, either. The best exclusive games are Donkey Kong Country: Tropical Freezie: Not Looking All That Different From Returns and Super Mario Non-Stereoscopic 3D Land 2 + Cats. Which I don't know, may or may not be big system sellers. I'd wager they're not systems sellers like F-Mario Kart Zero and Super Smash Bros. Look We Have Megaman In This Game would (or will).

Grr, now I'm upset with you because now I want to live in that crazy fantasy world of yours where I can buy the new Smash Bros. tomorrow along with the new Legend of Zelda...!
Posted: 08/07/13, 00:05:08
-JKR- said:
Nintendo has no games on the Wii U.

why buy a Wii U? Like, WHY? What is there so compelling that you'd want one?

You're making me barf in my mouth.

I wish all of you freakin' jerks got Monster Hunter. It should be MANDATORY. You shouldn't be allowed to TALK about the "lack of games" until you've put 200+ on Monster Hunter 3 U, not "Monster Hunter Tri," or "Freedom Unite," or some Bullsh on Playstation. I'm talking about 3 U, on the Wii U, released THIS YEAR.

Beyond annoying.

Its like saying there is nothing to eat in the fridge because a) you don't like fruit, b) you hate the taste of milk, c) not much of a pudding guy, d) don't eat leftovers, etc. etc. etc.
Posted: 08/07/13, 00:09:03
Usually it goes without saying. Read it like this: "There are no games [I'm interested in] on the Wii U". Monster Hunter isn't for everyone, even I can see that, and I love the game. Nintendo's own output has been horrid thus far, I think that's what most people are getting at. Luckily, that is all about to change.
Posted: 08/07/13, 00:45:58

Well, I used to (believe it or not) despise the RPG genre. It is now far and away my favorite type of game. How did I find this out? A hint: it wasn't from NOT playing them.

If MH3U can so EASILY sop up hundreds of hours, I'm sure someone can find enjoyment in it. The Demo is BALLS (AGAIN) unfortunately.
Posted: 08/07/13, 00:51:22

World of WarCraft has people dumping hundreds of hours into it but do you see everyone here rushing to buy it?
Posted: 08/07/13, 01:23:39

Some people play it. I know a lot of people play Minecraft here, too. I think we even had an NW Minecraft server?

World of Warcraft isn't on Wii U either. If it was, I'd probably take a look at it.
Posted: 08/07/13, 01:39:09
Sorry but based on that shit demo and awful control (camera mainly) I'm really turned off the series. And how many have been the exact same game with a new coat of paint?

Maybe I'll wait for the actual realized sequel to get into that series. But prob not. Whole thing seems so lifeless and boring. Also, too confusing.
Posted: 08/07/13, 01:52:19

*sigh*, THATS the DEMO. You have no idea how sad this is as fans of the series to hear this stuff. Anand feels the same way. Its like, like..."here, listen to The Beatles," as a Demo, and you get Revolution 9. Not representative of them at all.

You lose SO much stuff by not "actually playing the game" and going right into the Demo. Nothing you do matters in it. There is no variety. And you aren't playing with "you," you're playing with "someone who I don't give a Rat's Ass about." It is so hard to explain to someone who doesn't actually play. Monster Hunter doesn't behave like a Platformer or an RPG where characters have backstory and a personality. You play with "you," and "you" are what you make yourself to be. Again, super tough to explain.

EDIT- And as far as "same game with a new coat of paint," yes, 3U did have a lot of the same stuff that Tri did...but I haven't done ANY of that stuff in over 200 hours. I've also eclipsed my Total Hours mark that I had on the Wii game. Looking back at the Wii game, it seems like there were hardly any different Monsters in it. So many different variants now, its crazy.
Posted: 08/07/13, 02:09:32  - Edited by 
 on: 08/07/13, 02:11:46
GameDadGrant said:
Here's what I want to see out of this Direct:

* Wii U Price Drop
Yep. The rent is too damn high. Nintendo wants to skimp on graphics hardware and storage space yet still charge a premium price, they can't have it both ways! If they want to follow the "Wii" strategy the price is looking about $100 too high*.

*at least $50, c'mon!
Posted: 08/07/13, 02:49:36  - Edited by 
 on: 08/07/13, 02:51:15
I honestly don't think that a Price Drop would do too much. First of all, the Wii U is REGULARLY bundled with $50 gift cards, and the games are often super cheap now, so it's already had a soft price drop, in a sense. Second, do you remember when Nintendo kept dropping the Gamecube price out of desperation? It didn't do much but breed even more desperation.

The Wii U is already cheaper than the competition. A solid bundle along with the system sellers already on the way and a strong "look at our awesome second-wave games vs. their launch lineup crap" marketing push would be a much more healthy way to move systems.
Posted: 08/07/13, 02:58:42  - Edited by 
 on: 08/07/13, 02:59:06

Also helpful: if Nintendo fans aren't all BANKING on a Price Drop and waiting for what may never come.

This is the most advanced console Nintendo has ever released; why SHOULD they do a Price Drop?
Posted: 08/07/13, 03:00:40
It's not cheaper than the PS3 and 360 and that's what people have been comparing it to and one of the main reasons it's sold so poorly (IMHOAG ((In My Humble Opinion And Guestimation))*.

*can you do that, double parentheses?**

**don't get me started on brackets I refuse to use brackets.

The GCN was way more advanced relative to the technology of it's time yet it only cost $200.
Posted: 08/07/13, 03:08:08
A Nintendo platform hasn't bombed this hard since the Virtual Boy and the PS4 is right around the corner... a much more technologically advanced piece of hardware for $50 more? Yes, the Wii U does need a price drop desperately.
Posted: 08/07/13, 03:55:37
Or $300 more if you want it to do what the Wii U can do.

I doubt we'll see a price drop too soon though. I fully expect they'll try bundling another game in first. I'll be very surprised if they don't at least include NSMBU in the deluxe bundle too by the end of the year.
Posted: 08/07/13, 04:03:05
How much does the Wii U cost it you want Kinect features?
Posted: 08/07/13, 04:07:09
The price of a Shitbox One.
Posted: 08/07/13, 04:09:13
So $850 all together? A steal!
Posted: 08/07/13, 04:11:13
I'm just pointing out that Sony made a lot of things that they will promote and already have promoted as major features of the hardware into expensive extras in order to make that $400 price point. The majority may not care, but it is true.
Posted: 08/07/13, 04:12:16  - Edited by 
 on: 08/07/13, 04:13:06
I wouldn't say the PS4 is much more technologically advanced until we can fully see what the Wii U can do at full power.
Posted: 08/07/13, 04:12:52
Well it definitely has more power, but I want to see how much of that is overkill. We know the Wii U can do 1080p at 60 fps. For games that aren't taking place in gigantic open worlds, there really shouldn't be a terribly obvious difference just by glancing at them. Now it's very possible that PS4 and Xbox One games can keep that with a lot more going on or with a much larger world, but at what point does it stop mattering?
Posted: 08/07/13, 04:16:17
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