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Project X Zone Discussion (Nintendo 3DS) [game]
7.45/10 from 4 user ratings

Welcome to the official discussion thread for Project X Zone on the 3DS!

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So! This game just came out on 3DS today. Hit both retail shops and the digital eShop storefront. This is essentially THE 3rd-party game, since it includes characters from Namco, Capcom, and SEGA's history and mashes them all into one big SRPG-type game.

Who has picked this bad boy up? Did you go physical or digital? How far have you played, and what are your thoughts on it? Sound off below!

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Posted: 06/25/13, 22:51:12  - Edited by 
 on: 06/25/13, 22:52:57
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I've got nothing to say about this game, except every time I see the title it reminds me of a hair rock song my friend made up in the 6th grade.

"Dyin' of radioactive ooze in the X-Zone!"

I guess you had to be there.
Posted: 06/25/13, 23:42:35
It's on my "To Buy" list. I liked the demo...I think North America is getting another one on Thursday.


The title reminds me of the best video game review to ever grace this website.
Posted: 06/25/13, 23:44:26
I'd think about getting it on the Wii U. As it stands..pass. Ah well, Grant will just have to soak up the T&A for me.


Is the X-Zone the same place as the Negative World?
Posted: 06/25/13, 23:56:17

It was funnier when I could actually give it a 10/10. But I suppose that did make a mockery of everything.


Maybe. It depends on if we're all dying of radioactive ooze in here, I guess.
Posted: 06/25/13, 23:58:49

kriswright said:
Oh, and I didn't mention this, but I pronounce X-EMN using the 'xe' dipthong you get from the word 'xenophobe'.

So, that's right, it roughly rhymes with "semen".

The More You Know.

Posted: 06/26/13, 00:08:54

Thanks. I've sorta wondered if I should have posted that at all, and now you've brought it into a second thread - one that's going to be relevant for the next few weeks. Thanks, buddy!

Posted: 06/26/13, 00:13:53
I may get this game eventually. Not now though. Still haven't even played Fire Emblem yet.
Posted: 06/26/13, 00:23:49
This game is absolutely on my "someday" list. I feel bad for the devs/pubs because I feel like no one is going to buy it at launch and they are gonna think it's a terrible failure. And then 6-10 months from now everyone's gonna buy it but it will be too late by then... the failure label will already be ingrained in the business and media worlds.

Of course, I played the demo and..... meh.... I just don't know who these people are or what games they're from! But, I'm excited to find out one day!!
Posted: 06/26/13, 00:32:57

Well... I... bought it... today. Should I be ashamed of myself?

*runs out of thread*
Posted: 06/26/13, 00:34:25

What? NO! You should be extremely proud! I wish I (and everyone) could afford to support cool 3rd party titles like this one at launch!
Posted: 06/26/13, 01:15:19

Get a jerrrrrrrrrrrrb!
Posted: 06/26/13, 01:36:43

I have several! But adjunct college professor and freelance web designer/developers make peanuts.

... and I can't pay for my video games in peanuts.
Posted: 06/26/13, 07:14:26
I spoiled them...twice. Bought the limited edition collector's edition, and downloaded the one I'm actually going to play. I plan on selling the collector's edition for 99.00, which means I will be paid 25.00 to play the title. Eventually.
Posted: 06/26/13, 10:11:23

Too bad they didn't make a version of this for Wii U. Lord knows that system needs good games on it. Although? Speaking of cross-over games, when's that Fire Emblem/Shin Megami Tensei game for Wii U supposed to come out? The one Iwata showed in that Nintendo Direct back in...January, I think?


I don't want to spoil the reference, but...the pronunciation of "Project X Zone" is actually "Project CROSS Zone." .....not sure if your friend from sixth grade was singing about dying from ooze in the "EX-ZONE" or the "CROSS ZONE."
Posted: 06/26/13, 14:35:12
This game is so much better than the demo lets on. Just a heads-up in case anyone got put off by the demo they release a couple of weeks ago. The full game is the real experience, and is better for it. Hopefully the new demo (coming tomorrow?) can do a better job of "selling" the game.
Posted: 07/01/13, 18:49:42

I liked the first demo. I'm just broke right now.
Posted: 07/01/13, 18:55:17
Put in more time in it to day and I'm loving this a lot more. I was expecting something more serious in tone but it's very hilarious at times. It made me laugh so much a few times... but I seriously don't know if it's intentionally being dirty or not. Whatever it's doing, I'm loving it I had to stop at a line and look at it several times and was just shaking my head and laughing. Incredible music too!
Posted: 07/02/13, 04:25:06
I've (finally) finished up Fire Emblem: Awakening, so my "plate" is clear once again. I'm going to tackle this game next. Wish me luck!
Posted: 09/20/13, 22:37:37
Finished the game a few weeks back. It's a lot of fun, but a crapton of battles to go through. All the character interactions are quite fun to read, so I liked mixing up my teams a lot.
Posted: 09/20/13, 23:29:22
I tried both demos, found it too simplistic and boring, and didn't know who almost anyone was. Pass.
Posted: 09/21/13, 01:46:19
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