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Well guys, I hate to ask it, but is the Wii U in trouble? [roundtable]
I don't want to be one of those guys.

You know, the guy who says "I used to be the biggest Nintendo fan but their latest system is too [pick one] (kiddie/casual/rehashed)."

I think most of us can agree that Nintendo really needed to bust out some killer Wii U software for E3, and they didn't quite deliver on that front. But fortunately, Microsoft's major mistakes and Sony's responses to it took the heat off Nintendo. But with MS finally eating crow and realizing the problems, the XBone has a decent chance of doing fine this gen. So what we're suddenly left with is Nintendo looking a little shabby by comparison now.

Nintendo's Wii U had kind of a slow launch, but that's par for the course, so I wasn't really worried. Even when Rayman was delayed and third parties were jumping ship, I still wasn't worried. Because Nintendo's systems thrive on first-party software, and even when third-party support was at its worst, we still got some amazing times with the N64 and GameCube. So I always figured, at worst, this is what the Wii U would be if the support wasn't there.

Here's what troubles me, though: the N64 thrived on brand new experiences with 3D worlds, and the GCN thrived on being a significant increase in power from the N64, allowing for some truly ambitious steps forward for a lot of series (Metroid Prime, Wind Waker, SSBM). The Wii U's GamePad should be that trump card...yet nothing Nintendo showed at E3 actually used the thing! Beyond that, it seems like they're pulling their 3DS strategy with the Wii U--new Mario 3D World, new Mario Kart, new DKCR--but with home consoles, people really expect more than that. It doesn't feel like they've really stepped up their game in a significant way, and I think that's pretty troubling for their future.

So what can Nintendo do to turn this around? Are they even capable of bringing next-gen experiences to their platform? I'd say yes, by merit of how great Pikmin 3 is turning out, but it's a tough sell when the rest of their lineup has been another New Super Mario Bros, another Mario 3D Land, a DKC game that barely looks better than Returns, and a slightly-improved Wind Waker port. Nintendo has always marched to the beat of their own drum, but I'm seriously worried that they're becoming out-of-touch with what Nintendo fans want out of their home consoles, which is a first.

Anyway, what do you guys think? How can Nintendo turn this around? Am I overreacting? Sorry to make this place all IGN-y today, but I love this friggin' company and I can't help but be a little nervous about their major game lineup.

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Posted: 06/20/13, 18:34:20  - Edited by 
 on: 06/20/13, 18:34:13
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I honestly think Nintendo is pushing out the safe games now, to get some software out there well they work on their more ambiguous and risky software. Seriously the next 10 months of the WiiU has a pikmon game, Wonderfull 101, WWHD, DKTF, SM3DW, MK8 and more that's a lot of quality software. If Nintendo can drop the deluxe down to 250 or 300 with a great pack in(pack in Nintendo land still, with NSMBU), it could sell a lot this xmas. You Got 3 key stables releasing around Xmas. That is gonna move systems for families. Now well they are hitting these quick and safe titles out of the park, they can take their time to work on the risky newer version like they are doing with Zelda. You don't think Nintendo is working on a new Mario some where?

I have been a Nintendo Fan since the NES. GCN and WII it wasn't my fave console that was my Xbox and 360, however after 8 years of shooters, its nice to play my Wiiu in HD. Im am in platformer heaven and pure game play bliss. No more shooters or games where its run to point a to b hit a few buttons to kill a guy and watch a new cut scene every 10 minutes, I'm looking at you AC3. Something About Nintendo games where its just sweet and simple gameplay, not filler.

Will other people get excited Like I am for the Wiiu fall line up? I dodnt know, but I do know me and my Familiy sure are and ill be playing 4 Player Mario :)
Posted: 06/29/13, 22:25:31
I think they've played it safe, but really, they've played it too safe IMO, because I'm not sure many of their games in 2013 really tell people that they need to upgrade. At least not at $350. So by playing it safe, they're kind of being risky with things, haha, if that makes any sense.

Of course, with their new lineup, they're also going to have to actually market the Wii U. I think I've seen one or two Wii U ads anywhere. The only time I really see Nintendo pushing things is on their Facebook page.
Posted: 06/29/13, 23:01:47
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