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Capcom announces Ducktales Remastered for XBLA, PSN, Wii U from WayFoward
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March 22, 2013, 19:24:36
Some interesting news for all you DuckTales fans out there...

OpRainfall said:
Ducktales Remastered was announced by Capcom today at PAX. It’s being developed by WayForward, all the sprites will be hand-drawn and strewn about a 3D world, Disney’s authentic voice-actors will all lend a hand in making this game everything it can be, and the game’s original 8-bit songs are going to be remastered by WayForward’s Jake Kaufman.

Also interesting to note is that the game will feature authentic Disney voice acting...so get ready to hear some new dialogue from Launchpad, Huey, Duey, Luey, and Uncle Scrooge himself.

Headed to XBLA, PSN, and Wii U eShop this summer for $15. Capcom's Ray Jiminez says "It will play just like you remember."

Let's all hope we see a trailer as PAX progresses!!!

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Posted: 03/22/13, 19:24:36  - Edited by 
 on: 03/22/13, 19:27:22    
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what could only make this better is that this game is Ducktales 1 and 2 together.

I don't think the ducktales dvds are finished. I remember someone complaining that they didn't release the last volume? alot of people want the soundtrack for the show. For obvious reasons

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 on: 03/23/13, 17:49:00

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 on: 03/23/13, 18:43:56
I believe Ron Jones had the soundtrack up for free download on his website some years back (which is where most of the YouTube uploads come from originally, if I'm not mistaken), but Disney told him "hey, you!" or something scary like that, and he had to take it down. I emailed him about it a few years back, and while he was very nice and awesome in his response, he couldn't hook me up with anything for obvious reasons.

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 on: 03/23/13, 19:00:30
@GameDadGrant Hey I never said it doesn't look cool. It's more a matter of principle. I think the whole HD remake thing is just a way to give us what we already had / have at a premium price without much on the publisher side. Everyone wins, I guess. Except the people who want less old, more new.

But then when they start pricing these games the same way that they would price a brand new game... it just makes me cringe a bit. If they Metroid Zero Mission the heck out of it, sure. But I kind of don't think that is what is happening here.

Wellsy529 said:
what could only make this better is that this game is Ducktales 1 and 2 together.

Or at least this.

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 on: 03/23/13, 19:05:34  - Edited by 
 on: 03/23/13, 19:06:50
This is a lovely bit of news actually. Let's see if we can get the whole line-up (Chip N Dale, etc.)

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 on: 03/23/13, 19:22:08
@Zero Mmm... Not quite, man. Most HD "remakes" are just old PS2/Xbox 1 games in higher resolution. Stuff usually isn't totally redrawn and redone and new content is almost never EVER added. Remaking an NES game is a way bigger deal.

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 on: 03/23/13, 21:41:17
@Xbob42 I guess so, but still... it's not at all the same as making a new game, right? And most new 2D games that release digitally cost around $15 nowadays.

I'm not saying that 2D games should all cost $15. Some justify bigger price tags. But the average 2D 3-4 hour long game is $15 tops nowadays. And these are new games, not old games with new graphics and sound.

I'm curious what new content is being added. Do you guys remember how short most of these old NES platformers actually were?! 3-4 hours might even be a bit generous.

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 on: 03/23/13, 21:51:16

This isn't the exact same situation, but for some reason the conversation revolving around $15 for a downloadable 2D game reminded me of this old strip from Penny-Arcade.

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 on: 03/23/13, 22:18:40
@GameDadGrant But we're not just talking about some new game, we're talking about a visual / sound upgrade of a game that would otherwise cost $5. That's triple the price for... the same game looking / sounding nicer? I'm not so on board with that.

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 on: 03/23/13, 23:46:37
Shadowlink said:

Also lol @ Tim Schafer's 'Please stop emailing me for a quote'. Reminds me of Kris's comic

Me, too.


Ha! Like the Salt 'N Pepa song!

Chillin', chillin', mindin' my business!..

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 on: 03/23/13, 23:55:23  - Edited by 
 on: 03/23/13, 23:57:03

Yeah, I know. That's why I said this "isn't the exact same situation" in my post. You just...reminded me of the comic strip, is all.

Also? I imagine some of the "extra" cost of the game has to do with re-signing the license with Disney. Pretty sure that didn't cost a penny.

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 on: 03/24/13, 02:40:17
It's not an just upgrade, an upgrade is like the Wii U version of Need For Speed Most Wanted, it's an entirely new game built from the ground up, I seriously doubt they used any code or assets from the NES game. This is like Peter Jackson's King Kong, yes it's a remake of movie from the 1930's, but that doesn't mean it didn't have the same effort and budget as a new movie.

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 on: 03/24/13, 05:04:16
@deathly_hallows I dunno man.

“It’s going to play just like you remember.”

I get that it's going to take some more programming but I'm not getting a "remake" vibe at all. I'm getting the vibe that this is basically going to be the game we know, with better graphics / sound. Maybe some new stuff added, but I wonder how much.

I feel like I'm raining on the parade though and that's not my intention so... carry on!

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 on: 03/24/13, 06:33:24
Zero said:
I get that it's going to take some more programming but I'm not getting a "remake" vibe at all. I'm getting the vibe that this is basically going to be the game we know, with better graphics / sound.

Isn't that the definition of "remake" though?

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 on: 03/24/13, 16:09:39
I think I get what Zero is saying, there is no time, effort or other resources going into level design, that work is already done and really in a platformer that is where the majority of time should be spent imo. If it was a sequel to the original game with all new levels and a very light sprinkling of new mechanics I would say yeah $15 great but as it stands I hope the new content is worth it. I will probably buy it though, I love Ducktales and I don't want to fail this test.

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 on: 03/24/13, 18:58:27
I dunno, if an architect hands you a blueprint for a house it still takes a lot of effort and money to actually build it. Especially if original design is engineered for a 1,000 sq. ft. house made of wood, but you're adapting it into a 100,000 sq. ft. house made of glass on the fly.

I would agree with Zero more if this was a $50 or $60 game, but since it's $15 I really don't agree with the complaint. $15 is not that much money for a game with the kind of production values this game apparently has. Of course I also get the argument that production values don't matter and there is no need to remake the game at all, just play the 8-bit game. Personally I often like it when classic games get remade because I like to see how newer generations of game-makers with more advanced technology interpret the game worlds of yesteryear, I loved the 3DS version of Ocarina of Time for example, and that was $40 (worth it).

Posted by 
 on: 03/24/13, 19:11:56

Hm, I'm not sure if Ocarina of Time 3D was really worth the $40, but...it sold pretty well, so obviously the market thought it was priced right. (and heck, I bought it, so what do I know)

I'll say two things: the price probably has to do with the license from Disney. And we have to remember Zero is really stingy with his money. He won't even pay full price for BRAND NEW games, lol!

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 on: 03/24/13, 19:30:13
I don't think $15 is unreasonable at all. I'm sure the cost is related to the license, and the voice actors, and what looks like decent production values. It's not like it's a full priced retail release or anything, $15 is more than fair (IMO).

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 on: 03/24/13, 20:51:33
@GameDadGrant I guess it depends. Are the rereleases of Star Wars 4-6 with the better graphics / sound and new CG and such "remakes"? I don't think so, I'd just call them upgrades. To me a remake needs some kind of actual rewriting of the core content... story, etc. in movies, and gameplay in video games.

Of course, there is no set definition, and certain things kind of ride the line between upgrade and remake. Resident Evil on Gamecube, maybe? But I never played the original so I really don't know how much was changed.

I don't consider HD "remakes" at all though. And if they technically are, then I think we need a new word for products that actually make substantial content changes. Someone brought up Peter Jackson's King Kong, that wasn't just the old movie/s with a new coat of paint, it was pretty much a brand new everything using the same basic storyline.

@deathly_hallows Prices are kind of relative, I guess. Like, I can see the "who cares it's only $15?" argument, like at that low of a price nothing really matters. But I dunno, I kind of think it does? I'm not made of money! I'm a tightwad! We're getting bigger (presuming here, depending on how much new content is added) digital downloads that not only have the HD graphics / sound but are also brand new games with tons of design effort put behind them and blah blah blah and, for the most part, $15 has been the "high end" there. $20 on occasion, but generally $15. I don't think this is like saying hey cell phone games are $1 everything should be $1 or anything, because if we're honest, most cell $1 phone games aren't comparable to best digital downloads. But when I look at what I've been getting for $15 (and often $10) as digital downloads historically, it's tough to get too excited about playing an old NES game in HD for the same price.

I might change my mind if a shit ton of new content has been added. We'll see.

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 on: 03/24/13, 22:32:13  - Edited by 
 on: 03/24/13, 22:38:01

Yeah, there are differences between a "remake" an "HD port" and a complete "retake." Older PS2 games re-released on PS3, for example? (see: God of War Collection, ICO Collection, Sly Cooper Collection) Those are simple HD ports. Same games, same content, same everything pretty much. Just slightly better looking. And I put the emphasis on "slightly" - those PS2 games have the same geometry and everything. The textures are just up-res'd. For a Nintendo example, consider the Metroid Prime Trilogy compared to their GCN counterparts. (of course, a bit more work went into those since those have Wiimote controls)

Resident Evil on Gamecube is a complete reTAKE. The game barely resembles the original game it's based off. About 70% of that game is brand new, and of course the graphics are way, WAY better. The script is entirely re-written, new voice acting, FMV, etc. It's basically a new game. For a Nintendo equivalent, see the differences between Starfox on SNES and Starfox 64 on N64.

A "remake" is a game that is basically the same game as before, but much better looking and sounding. However, there is virtually no new content. For a Nintendo equivalent, consider Super Mario All-Stars and the original NES trilogy.

That's how I see it, anyway.

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 on: 03/25/13, 00:00:11
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