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Steamworld Dig for 3DS! EDIT: It's out, and it's a sleeper hit! EDIT: Wii U-bound!
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March 14, 2013, 22:09:02
It's scored a 9 on NWR, and is reviewing pretty well at other sites too. The game is very fun and very well made, I highly recommend!

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Looks great! Future apocalyptic robot western!

Official quote from the game's website:

"Not another 3D effect showcase nor a cheap port; we’re making an Actual Game™! :)"

SOURCE: Kotaku


DrFink addition: Announced, I believe, through social media today (6/5/2014) is the fact that Steamworld Dig is coming to Wii U!!

Image & Form to DrFinkelstein on Instagram (in comments) said:
"There will be some new features and tweaks but essentially it'll be the same SteamWorld Dig we all know and love :) /Julius" ... "I can't tell what exactly will be new but I promise it will be unique in some aspects."

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Posted: 03/14/13, 22:09:02  - Edited by 
 on: 06/05/14, 23:48:27    
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Far too low for me, just spent like 10 straight minutes trying to find a comfy way to grip the 3DS and use the D-Pad and I just can't do it! There's no console left to grab when you use it! I HAVE BIG HANDS!

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 on: 12/06/13, 03:28:41
I just downloaded the Vita version, really interested to see how they compare! And psyched to play through the game again from scratch!

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 on: 03/19/14, 06:14:20
deathly_hallows said:
I just downloaded the Vita version, really interested to see how they compare! And psyched to play through the game again from scratch!

I'm wondering if I should buy it on the PS4 or 3DS. Does having a second screen help a lot in this game?

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 on: 03/19/14, 06:45:55
The 3DS version is the best, of the two I've played. Having the 2nd screen is immensely helpful, this game was designed to played using a map at all times, and the mini-map on the Vita version just doesn't cut it. On the PS4 it would probably be a little better because it would be higher-res and on a bigger screen, but of the two handhelds I think the 3DS version is by far the best. Also the 3D is really cool, with crazy parallax scrolling, everything about this game is just so perfect on the 3DS!

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 on: 03/19/14, 13:34:25
Update on the Vita version:

I'm about halfway through the game, and I've died a bunch of times, which is weird, I don't think I ever died on the 3DS version, maybe once in the very beginning. Maybe they increased the difficulty?

All in all it's still good on the Vita, but something is lost in translation, I highly recommend anyone with a 3DS play this game on the system it was designed for. None of this Steam nonsense, even if it's on $1, it's better on the 3DS!!!!

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 on: 03/22/14, 17:27:04

Haven't played the 3DS but I didn't miss a second screen with Steam. It was a fantatic experience on my Mac while using a Classic Controller Pro.

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 on: 03/22/14, 18:33:33
DrFinkelstein said:

Haven't played the 3DS but I didn't miss a second screen with Steam. It was a fantatic experience on my Mac while using a Classic Controller Pro.
Ignorance is bliss!

I kid, I'm sure it's fine, but on the 3DS it just feels so right.

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 on: 03/22/14, 20:23:56
@DrFinkelstein Yeah I never really had to use the map when playing on PC since I could see basically the entire play area, horizontally. And on the rare occasion when I did need it, it was right there in the corner of the screen anyway.

Having a comfy controller instead of the thin, angular 3DS is also a huge bonus.

I'm sure it's solid on any platform, though. Even the Virtual Boy. ESPECIALLY the Virtual Boy.

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 on: 03/22/14, 20:30:44  - Edited by 
 on: 03/22/14, 20:31:32
Well I think the 3DS is comfy so that's never a deciding factor for me on the quality of a game. So I'd still recommend that anyone new to this game play it on 3DS, unless of course you have a comfort issue with the 3DS hardware itself and simply don't like playing games on it. Regardless, whatever system you play it on this game is amaaaaazzzing so it's really just splitting hairs.

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 on: 03/22/14, 20:36:42  - Edited by 
 on: 03/23/14, 15:38:25
OMG I forgot how addicting this game is, the feedback loop is so satisfying, dig/upgrade/dig/upgrade I just want to dig and dig and dig!

I'm at the point now where you get that special thing, that thing that makes it a lot easier to find other things, and now I want to find all the things, like... all of them, every single one! I did this on the 3DS version too, 100% completion!

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 on: 03/23/14, 15:42:30
I'm not sure if I actually enjoy this game. The combat feels so random and I'm dying a lot, and it's tedious backtracking to pick up your bag of goods. Furthermore, cashing in requires backtracking and then more backtracking to get to where you are. So it's easier to just hang on to stuff until the next warp point. But your bag fills with stuff so easily. Eh... it's interesting, but I'm not exactly sure if I'd call my experience "fun" so far. I'll play a bit more.

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 on: 03/24/14, 18:37:23

You can place your own warps, so definitely use those to move back and forth quickly.

Posted by 
 on: 03/24/14, 18:59:32
Yeah, I realized that - comes in really handy. I need to buy a few more from the shop.

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 on: 03/24/14, 19:36:32
Picked it up on PS4 today. I like it a lot so far. Sort of a Metroid meets Terraria. I opted for buying it on the Playstation because it was cheaper and it was crossbuy meaning I would be able to play on both Vita and PS4. I cannot seem to figure out how to transfer the save across the platforms. Does anyone know if that is something that isn't supported or what? It's not a huge deal as I could just remote play in and play it that way but it seems kind of silly when the game is on the handheld already.

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 on: 03/25/14, 00:35:07
Don't waste too many orbs on portals, you'll want them later for the high-end upgrades. Just try to dig better tunnels (always have a highway - a long straight shaft) that allow you to ascend to the surface faster, and know that as you get more powerful you'll get a lot faster.

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 on: 03/25/14, 01:18:42  - Edited by 
 on: 03/25/14, 01:23:11
I'm playing this on the 3DS and LOVING LOVING LOVING it.

I don't see a lot of questions saying stuff like "I AM STUCK," although I may have skipped a few pages in the middle. I'm hoping someone can help, and that this question has not already been dealt with.

After getting the Metal Detector, I returned to the top level and grabbed all the metal and orbs that I had missed, and went into each cave to see what might still be there... Then I ran into a problem. I wish I could be specific about the level number, but I eventually reached a cave (near the bottom but before Vectron) from which I had already gained its key ability (and, sigh, I don't remember which one) but when I returned, it had a bunch of purple symbols that had been indicating "ore or orbs are here!."

I have no idea how to reach them. This is one of the Mushroom caves (I think there are two???), but with the Metal Detector on, there are a LOT of symbols forming a huge "left arrow shape" in the far upper left of the map (and one or two more in areas that I don't think I found during my first visit -- "DOPE!! I got the ability" and then I'd leave).

Are these purple symbols always indicative of ore or orbs? I have no idea how to get up there... Prior to reaching the mushroom area, there are four upper platforms, which I can reach with Steam Jump. Two of them have barrels. But even while up there, I don't see where I can go or how to get there..

Frustrated. Okay... I can probably just forget it, but I'm a really stubborn girl.


Thanks so much!!

P.S. Sorry about the length of this post... but I wanted to be as specific as I could. Not sure if I accomplished that.

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 on: 05/04/14, 20:43:22  - Edited by 
 on: 05/04/14, 20:45:28

Welcome to Negative World!

Now to answer your question, As you progress through the game you'll get an ability which will allow you to get up there easy-peasy. You'll need the Steam Jump with the upcoming Static Dash. Though technically you can Sequence Break it by using dynamite to blast yourself up then use the Steam Jump. It might be worth the attempt.

Those purple symbols should always indicate orbs and what's up there should certainly make your ore-desiring-self happy. Give this a try and let me know. I haven't played the game since I beat it twice that weekend way back in February so my mind's a bit fuzzy.

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 on: 05/04/14, 21:42:21  - Edited by 
 on: 05/04/14, 21:50:07
I bought the game awhile back for the 3ds and I highly enjoyed what I've played so far. I think having the second screen helps, plus I love the 3d effect. Evenso, I recommend this game on any platform!

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 on: 05/05/14, 11:12:35
Welcome to Negative World, glad you're enjoying one of the best games of the past year!

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 on: 05/05/14, 15:33:22

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 on: 06/05/14, 17:07:24
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