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Massive Layoffs at IGN, Complete Shutdown of 1UP, Gamespy
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February 24, 2013, 18:48:59
Now that IGN, Gamespy, and 1UP are all under the same parent company, Ziff Davis (former publisher of Electronic Gaming Monthly) has decided to proceed with massive layoffs at IGN, plus the complete shutdown of 1UP, UGO, and Gamespy

Jeremy Parish said:
Today, Ziff-Davis announced that as part of a restructuring of its new property IGN Entertainment, three of IGN's smaller secondary sites -- namely, 1UP.com, Gamespy.com, and UGO.com -- would be "winding down." As is often the case with such reorganizations, some of 1UP's staff was laid off while others will be moving over to work as contributors at IGN.com. No timeline was given for 1UP's closure or if its servers would continue to run indefinitely.

Jeremy Parish leaves a touching farewell in the link above.

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Posted: 02/24/13, 18:48:59    
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@ludist210 I'm only speculating that the people currently on staff haven't been given a pink slip. Not that I want anyone to lose their job but based on that sarcastic, misleading report I don't know if the Nintendo section is the best fit. While I prefer the fansites IGN is a mainstream voice for many gamers and I'd rather see someone evangelizing the games and systems than PUNK Nintendo fans.

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 on: 02/26/13, 22:56:09

Some long-time IGN employees such as Colin Whatshisname have been let go. He was a huge Mega Man fan as I recall. So yeah, some IGN people got laid off as well.

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 on: 02/26/13, 23:03:28
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